Alexander Dreymon & David Dawson To Star In BBC Two’s ‘The Last Kingdom’

Alexander DreymonBBC Two has locked down the core cast for The Last Kingdom.American Horror Story alum Alexander Dreymon and Ripper Street‘s David Dawson are to lead the cast of the 8 episode series, which is being co-produced by BBC America and has been described a the UK’s attempt at Game of Thrones.

The Last Kingdom is set in the year 872 when many of the separate kingdoms of England have fallen to the invading Vikings, with only the great kingdom of Wessex left standing and defiant under the command of King Alfred the Great. The drama follows Uhtred, the son of a Saxon nobleman who is orphaned by the Vikings and then kidnapped and raised as one of their own. He finds his loyalties tested and must choose between the country of his birth and the people of his upbringing.

Alexander Dreymon plays series lead Uthred; while David Dawson has been cast as King Alfred the Great. Rounding out the cast is Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner), Emily Cox (Circle of Life), Matthew Macfadyen (Ripper Street), Ian Hart (The Bridge), Tobias Santelmann (Kon-Tiki), Thomas W. Gabrielsson (A Royal Affair), Peter Gantzler, Joseph Millson 24:Live Another Day), Alexandre Willaume (Over the Edge), Rune Temte (The Accident) and Henning Valin Jakobsen (The Killing).

David DawsonThe series is based on Bernard Cornwell’s best-selling franchise The Saxon Stories, which was adapted for television by Good Cop scribe Stephen Butchard. Downton Abbey producers Carnival Films are producing The Last Kingdom, which the BBC said would combine real historical figures and events with fictional characters. Chrissy Skinns is set to produce, while Gareth Neame, Nigel Marchant and Stephen Butchard are the executive producers. Prey helmer Nick Murphy is attached to direct multiple episodes.

“Cornwell’s Saxon novels combine historical figures and events with fiction in an utterly compelling way. In the hands of Stephen Butchard we believe it will make original and engrossing television drama” said Executive Producer Gareth Neame. “In part the epic quest of our hero Uhtred, it is also a fascinating re-telling of the tale of King Alfred the Great and how he united the many separate kingdoms on this island into what would become England. Our cast has been drawn together from eight different European countries, providing us with the unique opportunity to create a truly international show, tap into a rich seam of talent and bring them to a new global audience.”

The Librarians – Dec 07, 2014 TNT (US)

This one looks like it could go either way.  LOL     


‘The Librarians’ follows on from the hit TNT TV Movie’s. The show centers on an ancient organization who are hidden beneath the Metropolitan Public Library. The organization are dedicated to protecting the unknowing world from the magic that is all around them. The show follows Flynn Carsen (Noah Wyle) who has been the librarian for the past 10 years, however things are getting too much for him alone to handle and so four new librarians from around the world have been hired – Eve Baird (Rebecca Romijn), Jacob Stone (Christian Kane), Cassandra Cillian (Lindy Booth) and Ezekiel Jones (John Kim). Looking after the new team, is caretaker Jenkins (John Larroquette). Noah Wyle will appear in a recurring capacity, whilst Bob Newhart and Jane Curtin are set to reprise their movie roles in a guest capacity.

My Old Lady – BBC Films

My Old LadyMathias (Kevin Kline) is a down-and-out New Yorker
who travels to Paris to liquidate a huge, valuable
apartment he has inherited from his estranged father.
Once there, however, he discovers a refined old woman
Mathilde (Maggie Smith) living in the apartment with her
daughter Chloé (Kristin Scott Thomas). Mathias quickly
learns that the apartment is a “viager” – an ancient French
system for buying and selling apartments – and that he
will not actually get possession of the apartment until
Mathilde dies. While working with a Parisian real-estate
dealer (Dominique Pinon), to sell his contract for the
apartment, Mathias discovers that Mathilde and his father
were lovers for more than 50 years.
STARRING Kevin Kline, Kristin Scott Thomas and
Maggie Smith, Dominique Pinon, Stéphane Freiss
with Noémie Lvovsky
SCREENPLAY Israel Horovitz based on his play
Très chère Mathilde
PRODUCERS Rachael Horovitz, Gary Foster,
Nitsa Benchetrit, David Barrot
Joe Oppenheimer, Charles S. Cohen, Daniel
Battsek, Mike Goodridge, Israel Horovitz,
Raphaël Benoliel, Russ Krasnoff
SALES AGENT Protagonist Pictures


BBC Films presents in association with Protagonist Pictures
and Tumbledown Productions Limited A Deux Chevaux/
Katsize Films Production in association with Krasnoff/Foster
Entertainment An Israel Horovitz Film
A Paris-based dramatic comedy marking the
feature film directorial debut of internationally-
acclaimed playwright and screenwriter Israel
Horovitz, who has adapted his award-winning
stage-play for the screen

Margaret with the Red Book pt 13

Margaret with the Red Book
Margaret with the Red Book

A John Thornton / Margaret Hale Fantasy Novel

Download PDF of this book for $3.00 US – Paypal


Chapter Seven


Margaret’s second month had ended and she was beginning to feel better about her life. A few men that had come to Miss Leeds took notice of her and had asked if she was a new girl they could try. Margaret blushed from head to toe when Katie had mentioned that around the dinner table one evening. All the girls seemed to pitch in and created more embarrassing remarks. In a way Margaret felt flattered that she was possibly attractive enough to have a man want her for the evening. She never felt or even thought to be the type that might inspire lust, but then she remembered Trevor. He found something within her that interested him. She knew she could never find any involvement in the girl’s way of life, but she was seeing some very nice gentlemen now and again. Even though one of them would never look at her in a serious manner other than for pleasuring him, it did lift her spirits to know that maybe someday she could start another new life somewhere with no past. She still had not looked at what Lord Robert had bestowed upon her because she wanted to take some time in trying to make it on her own, even if she was destined for a lonely life.


One evening Margaret sat down and gave a serious start to her book, laying out her intentions and hopes for the book



The Red Book
by Eve


Chapter One: In the beginning . . .

For my male reader, you shall no doubt laugh at the title of this book. Many of you are familiar with a book of red color which was written in French with many sexual illustrations that have no doubt brought you some success with the females of this world. That would be a marvelous experience for you and your partner, but there is much more that you and your lady, your wife, your mistress, or your whore can master. That is my intention with this writing. I have kept the cost of this book very low so as to get it into the hands of all men whatever their income. It is that important to me for men and women to come out from the dark ages.

When you walk into that Men’s club for an hour of finding sexual satisfaction, how do you feel when you walk out of the door? Satisfied? I hope so. You know doubt paid for the pleasures you received.

Being a woman author, I am going to assume by the time you have read this far, you think I am going to tell you how selfish you are for buying a woman. Well, I am not. There is much to be gained from both sides of the sexual barrier and I am here to enlighten both men and women of the needs of both.

You may ask who am I? Who is Eve? I call myself Eve because I want to be the first woman to undo centuries of myth, denial, and unspoken desires. I want all to taste the fruit that hangs from the pleasure tree for man and woman.

Yes, I said a woman. Has not that been every man’s dream to have a lust filled woman in his life? If you did not marry such a woman and your marriage is dissolving around you, have you ever asked why? Of course, you have. You loved your lady once upon a time but now find that she is unresponsive to your sexual needs. Did you know she has sexual needs that go unattended? I did not think so. Centuries of misconception has shaped our attitudes. It is no one’s fault that lives today. I shall not go into how I feel this all began, but I can try to explain how the myth can end.

I was brought up a lady, well educated even to the point of finishing school. I had a whole beautiful life that beckoned me after graduation. I was innocent of the world outside my home and school. Men were just becoming an important factor in my life. I, like most women, found a man’s advances too forward and I was not ready for his lustful attentions. We were warned from small girls of what men were like and what they wanted from us. We never heard the other side of the story. We never dared believe that we could have such sensual tremors that shook our body to, yes, the core. If they did occur, they were quickly squashed. We felt dirty, unnatural, ashamed of ourselves. Myth breaker number one: Women are by nature a sexual active healthy being. They have sexual urges which are inherent in every species that roams this earth. These are truths that are only found in the darker side of life where there is no embarrassment, no inhibitions that have held most women hostage by their own body since the dawn of time.

During school, I fell into disgrace through no fault of my own. I had been beaten into a life of lost innocence. With the money my family had, I found solace that I could at least live within some small comfort in my life because surely no man would want me as I was. I was wrong, which I shall explain later. When I returned home from school, more misfortunes awaited me. Through the death of two of my family members, my entire dowry, monies and jewels were entailed away from me since I was not at the age of twenty one. I shall not go into the horrid and vulgar life I was forced to endure over the next year with a distant family member who garnered all of my inheritance. I had to find a way out, but what does a young woman do without money and is forced from her home by a male family member’s advances. You probably see where I am headed. You never get a chance to get on your feet. If you have no money and no family what is left for you. How do you build your life from nothing? There is but one way to live, you sell yourself to keep from starving.

I was fortunate to find my former governess who took me in. She was, by that time, managing a very elite Gentleman’s Club. She gave me shelter. She picked me up, clothed me and began the long journey to return the pride in myself. I did not have to sell my services to stay there. She found other work for me. From growing up in a gentleman’s home to finding myself living in a gentleman’s club – a brothel –, for that’s what it was, brought real life into focus as nothing else could. Seeing both ends of life changes a person.

This book is a true account of what my life has been like until this book is published. The names and places have been changed for obvious reasons, but they are nonetheless truthful accounts of the men that visit the brothel and the women that found their way there. You shall read true accounts from each of the women that work there. You shall also learn the ways to engage your partner into a satisfying and sexually rewarding life for both of you.


Women must know that men have needs and that is a biological fact. Men are not to be chastised for eventually finding outlets to relieve themselves. This is a healthy and normal male reaction to the way he was made. I would tend to think the Master Planner of our race, our God, purposely made men this way to ensure continuation of the species, whatever species it is.

Men need to know that the women in their life have needs too but they must be coaxed into understanding that it is completely natural for them to reveal that. Their journey to a sensual and fulfilling experience lies more between their ears than between their thighs. We need emotional assurances to begin our journey into sexual freedom. I believe God made them that way to be the check and balance of the species. The male must have it, the female must think about it. But she has to learn to know that thinking and reacting to pleasures of the flesh are normal for all living beings on this earth.

Why is chastity so important in the woman you want to marry? Why is it not important for the man to be chaste? Why the double standard? Is it fair? Why is a man complimented on all of his female conquests, yet the woman’s life could conceivably be over for giving her heart and body to a man she thinks loves her.

Why cannot we see the ridiculousness of this asinine one way world? Did we not learn fairness as young children. When you can answer this, we shall be able to start to change the thinking and the happiness of many women and their men.

The walls have grown thick over the centuries. It is time to chip away at them. They must fall.

And so I begin my tale . . .

Margaret was surprised when Isabelle came to her interview with her story in hand. She had been given notice that she would be first of the girls to be interviewed but Margaret thought she would be doing the interview. Rather than keeping to the format she had planned, she took Isabelle’s words and wrote them verbatim.


Colette’s Story


“My name Colette. My mother left my father when I was six years old. She just could bear him no longer. My father had made her life one continuous nightmare. She just left me, left everything behind. My mother was rich. She lived like a princess until she met my father. He was a puppeteer at festival. He captured her eye from the first moment she saw him. They were both very young and passionate. It started with sweet glances and smiles then it developed into meetings and warm innocent kisses. She was the one who offered him marriage. He told her that he could not provide her with the life she was used to. She told him that love was the thing she had always searched for and by giving her true love; he would be giving her the world. My mother was desperate for love; true love. She had been engaged to a man before my father. He was wealthy but he had not really cared for her. He only proposed because she was beautiful and from a wealthy family like himself. He did not really do anything wrong but she just felt that he did not really care for her; he never paid enough attention or even did anything special for her and she had always been obsessed with love and romance. She was disappointed with her wealthy but coldhearted betrothed and so she left her first fiancé. Her family who loved and spoiled her stood behind her decision to leave the first but not in her decision to be with the second. She thought she had found true love in my father but she was wrong. My father only married her for two reasons; first was lust as she was really beautiful even much more beautiful than me. And second was money. My father hoped that my mother would come to him with a full pocket but my mother, to make a statement, left all her money for her family without any argument. She did not ask them for anything and even the money that was rightfully hers, she gave up thinking that true and unconditional love has finally arrived in the shape of my father … My father discovered her doings the first day of marriage and that was when the problems started.

“My mother loved my father truly and so she stayed and put up with him although he used to fight with her all the time and he spent nearly all of his time out of the house. She knew he cheated on her and she still bore everything and always gave him second chances. They did enjoy a little of quiet and loving time of course; that’s how I was conceived but troubles and fights grew worse with time. Once when I was six years old my father came back home after two days absence with a prostitute by his side. My mother of course lost her mind; she could not bear to see him with another woman in her house; in their house. They started fighting which made my father’s whore run away and that infuriated my father. He was drunk of course and out of his mind. He screamed at my mother saying that she cost him his pleasure. He had already paid that prostitute and had not enough money for another woman. He forced my mother to sleep with him and when she refused he forced her even more and he beat her. After he raped her she left immediately. He did not try to stop her. I ran after her and begged her to take me along. She did not even look at me and when I kept following her she turned around, looked at me furiously and slapped me hard. Then she wept for about an hour with me sitting by her side. She stood up suddenly and left and threatened that if I followed; she’ll slap me again and even harder so I had no other option but to go back home to a bad drunk father.

“I heard that my mother returned to her family and that they took her back and she was wealthy again. I searched for her and visited her when I was thirteen in the hope of being snatched away from the misery I lived in my father’s house. She refused to see me. She only sent me an envelope with the maid and I was asked to leave and never come back. I left crying and when I got back home I opened the envelope. I found a big amount of money and a note that said. “I am so sorry, I cannot; you remind me too much of him”.

“My father entered the room and saw the money in my hands. He hit me and took it all before I even knew how much it was. He took the money and left. One year later I left my father for good and started searching for work and I chose this in particular.  

“I was not forced into this situation. I put myself in it willingly. Do I regret it? Yes I do, sometimes more than others. However, I still think that if I go back in time and have a choice I would choose this again. It is the easiest, simplest way of living. It is good to know what exactly is expected from you and know that you do it perfectly. It is good to know that you achieve your goals and that you do what is anticipated very flawlessly.

“As a child, I saw my father with so many prostitutes and he gave them ALL of his attention. That made me believe that being a prostitute is very special and lovely, which it is in some certain way no matter what people think. I am special, in my own way. I give pleasure to men, so many men come seek my help and they find it. Prostitution is my job and I am excellent at it and that is something worth being appreciated for. I receive perfect treatment in this house and I worked hard to get here. It is not only my beauty that got me here. It took a lot of hard work to be considered a … prestigious prostitute. My early life was extremely hard. I have always wanted to become a prostitute; a woman who is loved and appreciated as I used to believe from what I saw when my father brought them home. He treated them in a most special way and that made me think they were special and loved; little did I know that a prostitute is never really loved. My mother was “a lady” and she left. Those who were low, those whores stuck around by my side and my father’s. They always came to our house and they talked to me, they never beat me or even scowled at me. While I was alone, living with a cruel father, motherless; I had those nice ladies giving me warm smiles and gentle looks every once in a while. I remember one in particular. She used to bring me chocolate and strange looking but delicious sweets that she got from her wealthy clients. She was always loving and caring. I have the same profession now but the difference between she and I is that I am a high class prostitute and I only work with high class men. My father was vile, he was nothing, he did not even have money and I still cannot figure out why she worked for him. I sometimes wonder if It is possible that she loved him but how can that be, he isn’t lovable. I myself have never fallen for a client; I am very professional you see. I had an agreement with Madam when I first came here that if I ever ask to give up a client for personal reasons I would be granted that and she agreed. Whenever I feel anything for anyone I ask her to move the client to another … sister immediately. That’s why I am really comfortable here and I am simply … relaxed.

“It used to be harder in the past before I came here. I had troubles with my Madam. Only one client refused to let me go. He’s the reason why I am here now. You see I used to work in another house far away from here. It was more or less the same but the Madam was different; much more restricted and … well, she was heartless and I did not mind that until it affected me personally. I asked her to give this client who seemed to develop feelings for me to another but she refused, she said that it is not up to me to choose clients, clients choose me and I have to accept. When she refused to pass him on to another I ran away as far as possible from him. I worked in the streets for a while and that was horrible, until one night Madam found me. She spoke with me for a long time and listened to my story. She felt with me and I felt that she empathized somehow. She told me that my face must not be wasted like that and so she invited me to this house and after a while I proved my skills and qualifications and so I was hired.


“She paused for a second thinking and recalling the client she left. Her mind was still thinking about him.”


“I left him behind, I ran away just like my mother did. Only my mother ran away out of misery and despair but I ran away from love. How about that? I think that was me confessing for the first time that I loved him. I did, I loved him deeply and that’s why I had to go. You see I was not sure why he wanted me; was it because of the pleasure I have given him or the beauty that my face and body held, like he always told me, or was it real love that conquers all and defeats the most challenging dilemmas? Anyway I could not be with him; impossible. I’d rather be a treasured prostitute than a loathed lady.

“I do get satisfaction from my profession. Not all the time surely but I do sometimes enjoy it. I am not ashamed to say this; yes I did enjoy the company of some men. Although I am a whore they did not treat me like one. They appreciated my beauty and my … skills. They were gentle, and I was attracted to them and I enjoyed my nights with them as much as they did with me. I despise the girls sometimes. I hate how some of them think they can just do this as if it was an easy job. They sometimes ignore important details and they think that men shall accept them no matter what. They do not understand the pressure that this profession forces on you. You see why I am a high class prostitute; because I do understand it. My clients go crazy for a look or a smile, let alone a night of pleasure with me. There is good and there is excellent. Most girls here are good but I am excellent and I am proud of it. Yes I am, I am proud of myself… not always though. I sometimes think about how it would be had I chosen a different path. I sometimes look at women in the streets even those miserable poor ones and I wonder how they feel being pure and … honorable.


“Colette paused for a moment and suddenly changed the subject as if she was trying to deny her remorse and shame,” Margaret thought.


“They get jealous too and they fight a lot, my sisters I mean, when Madam isn’t here of course. In front of her they act all quiet and … perfect because they know that Madam only chooses the best and she would throw anyone of them out if they were not quite up to it and if they do not behave in a certain way.

“I too feel jealous sometimes. I am a human you know and I do have feelings no matter what people believe about us; we are humans. A new girl came about three months ago. She reminded me of myself when I first left my father’s house. Youth was shining from every part of my body. Do not try to tell me that I am still young because I know that I am but I also know that I am not as young as … she is at least. More clients are coming for her and I fear losing some of mine for her benefit. She’s so confident and secure like I used to be. I still am that way but I sometimes get too tired and I just want to give up and let go. Observing her makes me worried. I worry about my future. Whenever I look at her I remember how I used to look and how dramatic the changes have been so far. Time passes and things change; this fact makes me anxious.

“When I was a child and planning to become a nice and special lady as I used to think this was, I did not know about the reality of this situation and how deceiving looks can be. We look extravagant and … happy but are we really, do we feel inside what we reflect on the outside?


“She lingered for a while and her eyes seemed to be thinking secretly and I knew that her answer to the question was negative”


“As I said before I would choose this again even a million times. There are some parts that I hate though and I think humiliating but I try to ignore it. Becoming pregnant is the part I really dread. I do get why it is such a big concern; not only for us and for Madam but also for our clients. You see our world is a secret, It is like a fantasy world that does not exist anywhere else, and pregnancy shall cause troubles and it might reveal this secret world. I would love to have a child and I shall.


“Colette once again looked around her and kept her voice down as she spoke of this mischievous plan.”


“One day when I am … not young enough for this I shall start working hard on getting myself pregnant and then I shall run away before Madam suspects it or discovers it. I hate to do this to her as she has always been marvelous but I do not think she’ll be there when I am too old. When I do not bring as much income as I do now. I have to have someone and I shall.


“She spoke as if she controlled her destiny and knew what would happen, as if getting pregnant was in her hands”


“I am most comfortable here at this house. As I told you my madam is very professional and the girls here are all sweet… most of the time at least. They cannot bother me anyhow as I am special and important. See how easy it is for me to say this. I can say that I am important and respected and mean it and feel it. I am not shy or embarrassed to say this here because it is true; I am special here and I m respected here. Had I stayed with that fool of a client I would have been just a nobody who is treated badly and disrespectfully all the time. He would have left me with time. He would not bare a life of shame with me. I am sure he found another beauty who is also respectable to be with. I am sure he’s forgotten all about me by now.


“ Margaret noticed as she spoke about this, her eyes got swollen but no tears came as if they were used to suppressing sadness and putting on a happy and positive face”


“Some clients sometimes ask me to do things for them, dress in a certain way and I usually do not mind. I actually prefer being in a different character than my own when I am … working. It somehow makes things easier and … less stressful. One time a man came and asked for me in particular. He said he had seen me in a café and followed me here. I always go out and have some time of … peace and … fun, if that’s possible, with some girls but I do not go out a lot. I hate the way people look at me especially women, married women. They give me negative feelings, distracting and I cannot deal with that. The clients know that we are not allowed to meet them outside this house and believe me they do not mind. They do not want to be seen with us because it is a condemnation and I … I understand that in a way but it still makes me resentful sometimes and it makes me perform with spite but I fight hard the urge to scold them and throw them out of here.

“Anyway he told me when we were alone that I looked exactly like his wife whom he had lost in some tragic accident … … He came to me so many times I lost count and he paid good money even more than he was asked to. He used to get ecstatically happy here. He was nice to everyone and he tipped all the girls. Everyone liked him and felt happy whenever he was around. He did not want to … share my bed every night. Sometimes he just wanted to talk and have a drink with me. That was fantastic for a while. He brought me a full wardrobe of his wife’s clothes and asked me to wear them and them alone. I did not mind that at all, on the contrary I was happy. It felt nice even to pretend to be someone’s wife. That was the closest thing I have ever experienced of the feeling of being someone’s wife.


“Colette repeated ‘someone’s wife’ as if it gave her some kind of pleasure.”


“But after a while things started making me uneasy. It was like he completely lost his mind. He called me by her name; Charlotte her name was. That bothered me. I think it reminded me of the fact that I was only pretending and getting paid to do it. It was not true. Such a man would never even think about marrying me. I asked Madam and begged her to spare me from that client. I tried to explain it to her and tell her how painful it was for me but I could not so I lied and told her that the man was crazy which he kind of was but I exaggerated it to her and made it seem much, much worse than it really was. I could not let that experience affect me so. I could not allow one bad experience to ruin me and my career. So I ended it just like I ended the one possible true love in my life.

“I sometimes think about my mother. Does she still live; does she ever think about me? If she knows what I do for living how would she feel? I sometimes wish for her to know and feel guilty and be tormented. If I ever meet her I shall let her know that she is the cause of my destruction, she is the reason why I wasted my life like this and she should be sorry for her unforgivable acts.

“I used to say that I am satisfied and I am, I really am; quite contented but now after going through this with you I kind of regret my life and the path I have chosen. Would I advice anyone to do what I did … … No, absolutely not. My advice would be that you should do anything, anything to stay as away from this profession if possible because It is like poison; it kills you before your time comes. And if doesn’t kill you it wears you down.


Marco Polo – Trailer #2

Premiers on Netflix Dec 12, 2014


“Marco Polo”, the legendary pioneer and explorer from the 13th century, will have his tale told in an epic new scripted original series, as announced jointly by Starz, LLC, President and CEO Chris Albrecht, The Weinstein Company’s Co-Chairman, Harvey Weinstein, and Electus Chairman and Founder, Ben Silverman. “Marco Polo” is written and created by John Fusco (Hidalgo, Young Guns, Thunderheart, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron – Academy Award(R) nomination for Best Screenplay). It will be executive produced by Harvey and Bob Weinstein (The Weinstein Company); Ben Silverman (Electus), as well as Fusco. “Marco Polo” is Fusco’s fantastical martial arts epic, chronicling the famous adventurer’s early years in the court of Kublai Khan. Acting as the ruler’s spy, ambassador and explorer, Marco treks across the Far East and returns with tales of his journeys. In a court filled with political betrayal and forbidden relationships, Marco must use his martial arts training to survive, but it is his ability to enchant Khan with imaginative tales of his kingdom that is often his best tool to stay alive. (Source: STARZ)


Dearest, loveliest Meg – Part Thirty-Four



Chapter Thirty-Four

Before I could even draw another breath, Douglas enfolded me into his arms. I settled comfortably against him and, while I began tugging at the bows of my dressing gown, Douglas hissed in sudden disagreement.

“Oh no, my little vixen! Uncovering your exquisite body will be my privilege!” His voice was shaking with suppressed need. An answering tug of desire sprang to life low in the area between my thighs and heat suffused me as Douglas carried me to his bed. He placed me on my feet then shook off his trousers. My eyes roamed over his bare form; what they saw pulled at every nerve in my body! Oh, sweet Heaven, he was magnificent!

With few manipulations, Douglas undid the fastenings of my dressing gown and pulled it from my frame. As his fingers loosened the bows of my nightgown, he held my gaze with his own – a very earnest one.

“My love, are you certain of this? You can only pull away up until a certain point, Margaret. Beyond that point, I will no longer be able to draw back. Do you understand?”

“I do, Douglas. I do not want you to hold back any longer. I want you completely as my lover and beloved.” I almost lacked the breath to finish my sentence!

Soft flicks of his fingers removed my gown from my shoulders and it slid silently to the floor. Douglas’ gaze reflected my own as he let it roam over my naked body.

“Sweet Mother of God, Meggie … you are exquisite! I have imagined you in my dreams but nothing could have prepared me for this lovely sight of you.”

Warmth and desire spiralled up from low in my belly and my toes curled with need. My stomach seemed to be sucked empty with ache as my eyes roved over Douglas, head to toe and back. I extended a trembling hand to him and he took my hand to lace his fingers through mine. Without words, he led me to his bed and invited me to lie down between the silk sheets and rest my head upon the silk-rimmed pillows. Easing down beside me, Douglas settled his long, lean body against mine – a complete unison of touch.

He leaned upon his elbow and slowly began roaming his free hand over my now very trembling flesh, from my cheek and neck, to the swell of my breast and the flatness of my stomach to the curls of my womanhood; his touch sparkled fire all the way down. I caressed his shoulder in needy return and revelled in the long, smooth muscles of his torso under my palm. A sudden urge to kiss him flushed over me and I succumbed, attacking his mouth with a fierceness I did not know I possessed. In the blink of an eye, his arms were around me with a grip as tight as I could stand! His tongue ravished mine in a dance of love as old as mankind and I pressed myself against him in a desperate need to get as close to him as was possible. Mounting need made me wriggle and writhe against the hardness of his manhood until I was almost driven over the edge with impossibly hot desire. Oh, this play of flesh was delicious! I never could have suspected this!

Suddenly, he was on top of me, and, for an instant, the weight of him pressed the breath out of me. Then I instinctively adjusted my position to accommodate my body under his pressure and it felt marvellously good! Under my own eager volition, I parted my legs and arched up to be even closer to him. Blood pounding in my ears and a sweet ache churning in my belly, I felt my heart stop when the tip of his length probed for the opening of my secret place. I moved slightly and, all of a sudden, felt it slide inside and fill me completely and somewhat overwhelmingly. I gasped when a sudden sharp pain made me clench my inner muscles in response.

“Shhh, shhh, my heart, lay still. It will only be a moment, the pain will pass,” he most lovingly whispered. His lips soothed mine in a deep, warm kiss and I relaxed again as I returned his kiss. The pain subsided as abruptly as it had come. It was replaced by a strong, throbbing sensation of sweet, churning desire. I moved my hips up and down, seeking a position that brought me closer to Douglas than I ever felt before. He gasped and uttered a low, long pleasurable groan.

“Meggie, I cannot keep back … I must have you now, my sweetling.”

“Have me, then, Douglas, my love … please …”

Douglas’ hands slid around to cradle the back of my head and again he kissed me while his hips started to move gently against mine. Every move of his powerful body brought on a sensation of ever growing and well-being of excitement. The rubbing of his hard chest against my peaked, oversensitive nipples not only increased my desire but also, at the same time, pained and pleasured me to the extreme. I was driven higher and higher on the waves of seething pleasure and suddenly, was pushed over the edge into a sea of swirling, bright white lights. I was spun into the spiral, warm, exquisite ripples of delight drowning me! It was impossible bliss! How could I recover from this? Did I even want to?

Douglas’ hoarse cry reached the depths of my isolated bliss and I felt his body stiffen and harden as he ground his hips against mine under the strength of his long-lasting release. My inner muscles responded as they clenched around him and, once again, a fresh wave of pleasure rippled through me. It was even more exquisite than the first and I threw my arms around his lean waist to keep him close to me. My face resting against the hollow of his shoulder, I inhaled his unique, manly scent, saturated with the flavour of orgasm. I desperately longed to preserve the marvellous sensation! He collapsed on top of me with a gasp for breath, hurting me a little with his dead weight, yet I did not care. It felt so good, so right.


We stayed in that divine position for a while, revelling in each other’s warmth and closeness. Then Douglas’ mouth was upon mine and he whispered:

“Am I crushing you, my sweet? I will move away and …”

“No!” The thought was simply unbearable! I did not ever want him to move away from me and abandon me to loss and cold!

Douglas chuckled and the low rumble sent a new stir of pleasure up my body.

“I will be of no use to you, darling, for quite a while. I need to recover a bit.” And, with a sigh of utter well-being, he rolled over onto his side and drew me to him, so that I covered him now. Our bodies had, however, disconnected which filled my eyes with sudden tears that spilled over and down my cheeks.

“Do not weep, my sweetling. I know you must be in a bit of pain but it will not stay that way. The sexual deed becomes easier in time until there is only pleasure.” His big hands gently caressed me as he said this.

How could I put this remark to rights and tell him that it was the unbearable loss of him that prompted my tears? He would think I had become a sorry wanton under his lovemaking and that would not do. Or would he?

“I should scold you, my rakish lord, for not giving me all this sooner! How could you keep this heavenly experience from me? Shame on you, my lord!”

Douglas quickly stole a kiss from me and then grinned wickedly.

“So you liked it, my vixen? Well, why am I not entirely surprised about that? I knew from the start what a shameless creature you were! You and those cornflower blue eyes of yours, fluttering those lashes at me and beguiling me unabashedly from the first moment we met! Maybe I should punish you for seducing me tonight and send you to your room, right now!” He could not hide his impish grin!

“I am not moving from this bed, Douglas Spencer, and neither can you. Now, show me that I am about to shackle myself onto a real man and not a mere green boy!” I had to suppress my laughter.

Before I could finish my sentence, I was again back on the mattress and immediately convinced of the strength of my beloved’s bedside skills.


First look image at BBC America’s ‘Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell’


Image Credit: BBC America

BBC America released a first look image for Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, a seven-part original drama series based on the bestselling novel by British author Susanna Clarke, premiering in 2015. The series, set in a reimagined 19th century England, was adapted to the screen by Peter Harness (Wallander, Is Anybody There?) and directed by Toby Haynes (Dr. Who). It stars Eddie Marsan (Ray DonovanThe World’s End) as Jonathan Strange and Bertie Carvel (Les MisérablesMatilda) as Mr Norrell.

The Hugo Award-winning novel, named Time‘s Novel of the Year when it was published in 2004, offers a fantastical alternate history of England during the Napoleonic wars—one in which practical magic, revered but thought to have died out, is brought back by the titular pair. Jonathan Strange contains elements of Romance and Gothic literature, as well as fantasy and historical fiction. BBC America sets up the plot for us in the press release:

“The reclusive Mr Norrell (Marsan) of Hurtfew Abbey stuns the city of York when he causes the statues of York Cathedral to speak and move. With a little persuasion and help from his man of business Childermass (Enzo Cilenti), he goes to London to help the government in the war against Napoleon. It is there Norrell summons a fairy ([Marc] Warren) to bring Lady Pole ([Alice] Englert) back from the dead, opening a whole can of worms…”

‘Cinderella’ trailer: Lily James and Richard Madden in new Disney movie

‘Cinderella’ trailer: Lily James and Richard Madden in new Disney movie

Downton Abbey 5 6 Rose
The first trailer has been released for Disney’s new live-action adaptation of Cinderella, starring Downton Abbey‘s Lily James.Directed by Kenneth Branagh (Thor), the movie also stars Helena Bonham Carter, Cate Blanchett and Game of Thrones actor Richard Madden.
Cinderella will be released in UK cinemas on 27 March 2015.

Cinderella will be released in US cinemas on 13 March 2015.

Watch the trailer…

The story of Cinderella follows the fortunes of young Ella (Lily James) whose merchant father remarries following the death of her mother. Eager to support her loving father, Ella welcomes her new stepmother (Cate Blanchett) and her daughters Anastasia (Holliday Grainger) and Drisella (Sophie McShera) into the family home. But, when Ella’s father unexpectedly passes away, she finds herself at the mercy of a jealous and cruel new family.

Finally relegated to nothing more than a servant girl covered in ashes, and spitefully renamed Cinderella, Ella could easily begin to lose hope. Yet, despite the cruelty inflicted upon her, Ella is determined to honor her mother’s dying words and to “have courage and be kind.” She will not give in to despair nor despise those who mistreat her. And then there is the dashing stranger she meets in the woods.

Unaware that he is really a prince, not merely an apprentice at the Palace, Ella finally feels she has met a kindred soul. It appears her fortunes may be about to change when the Palace sends out an open invitation for all maidens to attend a ball, raising Ella’s hopes of once again encountering the charming Kit (Richard Madden).

Alas, her stepmother forbids her to attend and callously rips apart her dress. But, as in all good fairy tales, help is at hand, and a kindly beggar woman (Helena Bonham Carter) steps forward and – armed with a pumpkin and a few mice – changes Cinderella’s life forever.

images_620x220_G_GameOfThrones_robb starkKenneth Branagh commented: “I reread the fairy tale when Disney first approached me about the project and was reminded of what an amazingly powerful story it is. It’s a classic piece of storytelling where the central character goes on a journey that we can really identify with, so the texture and landscape of a great story was wonderful to play with as a director….I was excited to have the chance to retell a classic story in a way which would be both appealing and have meaning for modern audiences…”



Lionsgate and BBC Films present in association with
LipSync Films A Potboiler/The Bureau Production
A Film by Alan Rickman
A female landscape-gardener is awardedthe esteemed assignment to constructthe grand gardens at Versailles, a gilt-edged position which thrusts her to the very centre of the court of KingLouis XIV. Can she overcome thechallenges of this new and complexworld, and the ghosts of her own past tragedy, to secure a future with the
man she loves?
Madame Sabine De Barra is an unlikely candidate for landscape
architect of the still-to-be-completed palace of Versailles. She
has little time for the classical, ordered designs of the man who
hires her; the famous architect Le Notre. However, as she works
on her creation, she finds herself drawn to the enigmatic Le
Notre and forced to negotiate the perilous rivalries and intricate
etiquette of the court of King Louis XIV. But Sabine is made of
strong stuff; her honesty and compassionate nature help her to
overcome both the challenges of her newfound popularity, and an
unspeakable tragedy from her past, to win the favour of the Sun
King and the heart of Le Notre.
Alan Rickman directs Kate Winslet and Matthias Schoenaerts in
this sumptuous period romance.
A little chaos
STARRING Kate Winslet, Matthias Schoenaerts,
Alan Rickman, Stanley Tucci
SCREENPLAY Alison Deegan, Alan Rickman,
Jeremy Brock
DIRECTOR Alan Rickman
PRODUCERS Gail Egan, Andrea Calderwood,
Bertrand Faivre
Avshalom, Patrick Wachsberger, Christine Langan,
Norman Merry, Richard Wolfe, Ray Cooper
SALES AGENT Lionsgate International
Release Dates
  • Portugal Mar 5, 2015
  • Australia Mar 26, 2015
  • United States Mar 27, 2015
  • United Kingdom Apr 17, 2015

~ Remembering Times Forgotten through Period Drama ~