The Spanish Princess

Charlotte Hope will be Catherine of Aragon!

I‘ve already told you before that after the success of The White Princess, which was probably one of the best epic series last year, Starz is making THE SPANISH PRINCESS sequel series also based on Philippa Gregory‘s books, and now they’ve announced the cast too led by Charlotte Hopeand our dear Elliot Cowan!


Continuing the saga of the Tudor dynasty, it will be a powerful, epic story that not only returns the audience to the world of royal court intrigue as seen

Alicia Boracherro, Elliot Cowan and Alexandra Moen will rule the courts

uniquely through the perspective of the women, but also sheds light on a previously untold corner of history – the lives of people of colour, living and working in 16th century London.


In the focus of it all is Charlotte Hope as young Catherine of Aragon! Promised in marriage to the future King of England Prince Arthur (Angus Imrie), Catherine is the source of curiosity, resentment and suspicion among

Olly Rix, Richard Pepper and Philip Cumbus will hunk up the cast!

her new family; the formidable Margaret Beaufort (Harriet Walter), Arthur’s guardian Margaret (Maggie) Pole (Laura Carmichael),   Arthur’s charismatic brother Prince Harry who will become King Henry VIII (Ruairi O’Connor), his sister Margaret (Meg) Tudor (Georgie Henley), their father

Alan McKenna, Jordan Renzo and Aaron Cobham!

King Henry Tudor (Elliot Cowan) and mother Queen Elizabeth (Alexandra Moen). Philip Cumbus will play famous Thomas Wolsey. When Prince Arthur dies shortly after their wedding, Catherine finds her future as Queen in question and at the mercy of a divided Tudor court under the threat of

Angus Imrie, Laura Carmichael and Georgie Henley!

enemies both abroad and closer to home. Catherine’s ladies will be played by Nadia Parkes, as Rosa, and Stephanie Levi John, as Lina de Cardonnes! Aaron Cobham will play a young soldier of the Spanish court, Oviedo. Alan McKenna will be Tudor noble Richard Pole with Richard Pepper as Thomas, Earl of Wiltshire! Our dear Olly Rix will play Edward Stafford and

Stephanie Levi John, Ruairi O’Connor and Harriet Walter.

Jordan Renzo will be Charlie Brandon. Daniel Cerqueira will be De Fuensalida, ambassador to England and loyal servant of Spanish Queen Isabella, played by Spanish star Alicia Borrachero! PS in other news from the period set TV series front, The Durrells is getting the fourth season, and there are rumours that Lord of the Rings series at Amazon might focus on young Aragorn, prince of Gondor!

MacBeth Film

Macbeth aired in UK cinemas in March
 MACBETH  entirely shot on green screen and reinvented by director Kit Monkman starring The Last Kingdom’s Mark Rowley! Monkman’s unique adaptation successfully bridges the gap between theatre and film by exploiting the capabilities of the green screen to portray the vast world of make-believe while maintaining the traditional values, language and themes of Shakespeare’s original theatrical play.
Super hunky Mark Rowley plays the lead role

Brilliant young general MACBETH pulls off a glorious victory in battle before returning to an indolent court where honours are dispensed by whim. Spurred on by prophesying drifters and an ambitious wife, MACBETH sets his sights on the throne. In Kit Monkman’s adventurous new adaptation, this compelling tale of unchecked ambition, soured friendship, lost intimacy and the descent into nihilismis encountered in a strange and claustrophobic territory partly conjured by the mind. The movie is currently available to stream and download on Amazon.


The hottest Avenger of them all, and also an amazing director in his own right, Chris Evans will star in Neill Blomkamp’s new disaster movie GREENLAND! Not much is known about the film, except that it will be a character driven, high concept narrative about a family’s fight for survival in the face of a cataclysmic natural disaster.

(Have no idea what circa GREENLAND is.)


Before this, you will watch Chris in THE RED SEA DIVING RESORT next to Alessandro Nivola, Michiel Huisman (talk about a hot hot hot cast) Greg Kinnear and Ben Kingsley, about the rescue of Ethiopian Jewish immigrants to Israel in 1981.

Chris Evans is leading Greenland!

May 28th – America’s Memorial Day

This is the day that we honor all of our brave men and women who fell in battle.  These are not necessarily period dramas, but true stories.



12 Strong



13 Hours The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi Trailer  (If you can only see one…see this one)



Zero Dark Thirty  – The day we found Osama Bin Laden



American Sniper



The Hurt Locker



Black Hawk Down




The Reclusive Aristocrat – Part Forty-Seven

Chapter Twenty (continued)

London, March 17th, 1816

He was right. Rowena agreed to depart for Leicestershire as soon as possible. While Trixie and Bessie started packing up their family’s belongings, Alex had one pressing matter to see to. Flanked by his loyal batman, he took his wife to the Wellington Barracks on Birdcage Walk, where he was about to receive his patent letters. He could hardly wait to finally come truly into his title after all this time.

Their carriage was allowed admittance and permission to halt in front of the large porticoed entrance. Alex followed Porter out and offered Rowena his hand to alight from the carriage. On his arm, she walked up the shallow stairs and into the grand hall, where they were welcomed by The Lord Chancellor. He preceded them to a large, richly furnished office, where a small gathering of gentlemen awaited them.

Even though she had been introduced to the Ton four seasons ago, Rowena had not met many of its male members, let alone their wives, since she had not been presented at Court. She did not know any of the impressive men to whom her husband introduced her. Of the five present, three of them were positively glowering at her, and she did not understand why. Anxiety clutched at her, but she lifted her chin.

There was, of course, Sir John Scott, the Lord High Chancellor, who smiled and kissed the back of her hand. “Dear Lady Ketteridge, it is a pleasure to meet you once again.”

He directed her to a tall, very erect, elderly gentleman of proud military bearing, to whom Alex, laying his hand on hers, led her with some ceremony.

“My dear, I am proud and honoured to introduce you to His Grace the Duke of Wellington, my supreme commander in His Majesty’s Cavalry. Sir, my wife, Lady Rowena Ketteridge.”

Rowena, her heart in her mouth, curtsied as deeply as she was able to. To her surprise, the famous duke raised her with a genuine smile on his austere features. His deep voice boomed over her in sonorous tones.

“Charmed, my dear, charmed. I am overjoyed that my excellent officer found happiness with the lady who captured his heart. Your husband, madam, is one of my best and bravest men. Treasure him, my dear.”

“I am deeply honoured to have been presented to you, Your Grace, and you are correct in your assessment of my dearest spouse. He is indeed my own and beloved treasure.”

“Well said, my dear. Come, I will introduce you to a few others.”

Wellington took her elbow and led her to the three aristocrats standing to the side of the room.

“Leicester, Nottingham and Carlisle, meet her ladyship the Countess of Ketteridge.”


Alex noticed the grim faces of his three peers with dismay and contempt. He recalled the conversation at the ball and now recognized the two men. Leicester and Nottingham were the ones he needed to put in their places. However, he had no need to do so immediately. The Duke of Wellington’s stern gaze brought them to heel, and they bowed and kissed Rowena’s hand in sufficient yet indifferent deference. Carlisle, on the other hand, was livid with fury.

Carlisle was in his fifties, of middle height and starting to be slightly portly. His white hair was still lush and curly, his nose was short and chubby, his mouth large, and his chin was starting to sag. His eyes were hazel under bushy white brows. Peter’s eyes had been darker, but even at his age of twenty-five, his eyebrows had already been abundant and bushy. The resemblance with his father had been remarkable.

Carlisle bowed curtly but did not look Rowena in the face, not until Wellington cleared his throat in obvious dismay. Alex felt his anger rise like bile, but then Rowena did something so stunningly unexpected that she literally took Carlisle – and himself – by surprise; she grasped the earl’s hand and spoke  to him.

What, for Heaven’s sake, was she doing? A man of Lord Carlisle’s rank was not to be accosted in such a way, and did his wife not know that? Unless … he was Johnston’s father and she … great Heavens, she was about to comfort him for the loss of his son. Alex again felt the green-eyed monster gnaw at his heart and hated himself for it.


Rowena felt tears welling in her eyes at seeing Peter’s father, who was clearly in mourning with a large black crepe band around his right arm. The poor man’s face was pale with sorrow.

“My Lord Carlisle, you might not be aware I was acquainted with your son Peter. My husband and I heard of his recent demise and want to offer our condolences.”

Alex knew he had to take control of the situation, so he quickly joined her and confirmed her words with gravity, for which Rowena was greatly thankful. She gave Alex her sweetest smile, suppressing the urgency to kiss him then and there.

Dear Alex …

Carlisle eyed her, first with suspicion, but then grudgingly asked. “Would you and the earl grant me a private conversation at Carlisle House on Park Lane tomorrow at noon, Lady Ketteridge? I am sure my wife would want to hear about her son.”

“We would be honoured, my lord,” Rowena replied, a warm smile lighting her face. Then the Lord Chancellor recaptured their attention with the order of the day, namely Alex’ receiving his letters of patent. The ceremony took little time.

Afterwards, when they returned to the hotel, Rowena was debating by herself on what she would tell Peter’s father, when Alex spoke to her in such a cold voice that she looked at him in surprise.

“What the deuce were you about in addressing Carlisle in that way?”

“Surely I need not explain to you why, Alex? He has just lost his son and needs comfort. Did you not see his pale face and obvious grief?”

“Grief? Fury is what I saw, Rowena. The man could have throttled you for what he deems was insolence. Men like Carlisle are powerful and do not care for mere females to speak to them without their husbands’ permission. I know you do not have a great understanding of Ton manners but surely you must know that, to say the least.”

Alex was distressed, she realized, and she took his hand to gently stroke it. “You have it right, Alex. I do not know a lot of the Ton, but I can see when someone needs comforting. The earl of Carlisle is very much in deep sorrow, and we must agree on what exactly we will tell him. Should we talk about Emma Rose, for instance? Should he know how his son died and what connection we suspect there is with Roderick? He will surely been informed about the desertion but I am unsure if he knows it was Peter was engaged, and if so, to me. So I am in need of your sound ability to judge the situation, Alex. Will you help me?”

A Beautiful Mind 2001

The true story of prominent mathematician John Forbes Nash Jr. is the subject of this biographical drama from director Ron Howard. Russell Crowe stars as the brilliant but arrogant and conceited professor Nash. The prof seems guaranteed a rosy future in the early ’50s after he marries beautiful student Alicia (Jennifer Connelly) and makes a remarkable advancement in the foundations of “game


theory,” which carries him to the brink of international acclaim. Soon after, John is visited by Agent William Parcher (Ed Harris), from the CIA, who wants to recruit him for code-breaking activities. But evidence suggests that Nash’s perceptions of reality are cloudy at best; he is struggling to maintain his tenuous hold on sanity, and Alicia suspects a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia. Battling decades of illness with the loyal Alicia by his side, Nash is ultimately able to gain some control over his mental state, and eventually goes on to triumphantly win the Nobel Prize. Based loosely on the book of the same name by Sylvia Nasar, A Beautiful Mind (2001) co-stars Paul Bettany, Adam Goldberg, Anthony Rapp, Christopher Plummer, and Judd Hirsch.

Russell Crowe
Ed Harris
Jennifer Connelly
Paul Bettany
Adam Goldberg
Judd Hirsch
Josh Lucas
Anthony Rapp
Christopher Plummer

In 2002, the film was awarded four awards at the 74th Academy Awards, for Best Adapted Screenplay (Akiva Goldsman), Best Picture (Brian Grazer and Ron Howard), Best Director (Ron Howard) and Best Supporting Actress (Jennifer Connelly). It also received four other nominations for Best Actor (Russell Crowe), Best Film Editing (Mike Hill and Daniel P. Hanley), Best Makeup (Greg Cannom and Colleen Callaghan) and Best Original Score (James Horner). At the 55th British Academy Film Awards the film won Best Actor in a Leading Role and Best Actress in a Supporting Role to Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connelly, respectively. It also nominated the film for Best Film, Best Screenplay and the David Lean Award for Direction.

At the 2002 AFI Awards, Jennifer Connelly won for Best Featured Female Actor. In 2006, it was named No. 93 in AFI’s 100 Years… 100 Cheers. In the following year, it was nominated for AFI’s 100 Years…100 Movies (10th Anniversary Edition). The film was also nominated for Movie of the Year, Actor of the Year (Russell Crowe), and Screenwriter of the Year (Akiva Goldsman)