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12/25/19 A Christmas Carol (BBC)
BBC are looking to adapt a series of Dickens’ works beginning with A CHRISTMAS CAROL which will be adapted into three part mini series by Tom Hardy’s production house, Ridley Scott and Steven Knight of Peaky Blinders. The story of Ebenezer Scrooge, the miserly cold hearted boss, who is visited by four ghosts from the past, present and the future, on a freezing Christmas Eve, and must face up to how his self interested, penny-pinching behaviour has impacted his own life and those around him, leaving him in a paranoid bubble of fear, will air on Christmas 2019! This Christmas, meanwhile, will see The Miniaturist and new Little Women mini series airing on the small screens in Britain.
2018 A Discovery of Witches Matthew Goode and Teresa Palmer in the lead roles as a vampire and a witch who fall in love with each other while hiding their true identities. She is a history professor and he a scientist who join together to decode a powerful manuscript which could bring peace between their kinds. The series, which will air sometime next year, will also star Alex Kingston as her mother a powerful witch, and Lindsay Duncan as his vampire mother who hates witches.
A Very English Scandal British politician Jeremy Thorpe is accused of murdering his ex-lover and is forced to stand trial in 1979.
Aftermath, The In the aftermath of World War II, a British colonel and his wife are assigned to live in Hamburg during the post-war reconstruction, but tensions arise with the German widower who lives with them.
Aspern Papers Adaptation of a Henry James novel, starring Vanessa Redgrave and Joely Richardson.
2018 Black 47 Set in Ireland during the Great Famine, the drama follows an Irish Ranger who has been fighting for the British Army abroad, as he abandons his post to reunite with his family. Despite experiencing the horrors of war, he is shocked by the famine’s destruction of his homeland and the brutalization of his people and his family.
2018 Caesar A chilling film adaptation of Shakespeare’s shocking tale of ambition, betrayal, murder, and the supernatural.
 2019 Carnival Row
In the series that follows the investigation of a string of unsolved murders that are eating away at whatever uneasy peace still exists, Orlando Bloom will play the man in the center of it, Rycroft Philostrate, a police inspector investigating the murder of a faerie showgirl on CARNIVAL ROW. Rycroft is not supposed to care about the death of another faerish refugee, but he does, and getting to the bottom of what happened to her will come at a big cost.   TV series 9 Episodes
Catherine the Great Biopic to be directed by Barbra Streisand.
2018 Chaperone, The The period movie The Chaperone will take place against the backdrop of the tumultuous times of the early 1920’s. A Kansas woman is forever changed when she chaperones a beautiful and talented 15-year-old dancer named Louise Brooks to New York for the summer. One of them is eager to fulfill her destiny of dance and movie stardom; the other is on a mission to unearth the mysteries of her past.
 09.21.18 Colette The story of a marriage, Colette shows the lengths one woman must go to escape her husband’s control and claim her voice as an artist.
2018 Damsel
Robert Pattinson playing Samuel, a wealthy and influential pioneer who traveled across west American Frontiers to marry love of his life Penelope (Mia Wasikowska). Along the journey, he was aided by a drunkard and a miniature horse named Butterscotch. As Samuel continued on his quest, he encountered many obstacles and soon the lines between heroes, damsels and villains are blurred.
2018 Festivals circuit
2018 Das Boot 8 episode TV series  (Germany)

A sequel to Das Boot (1981).

East of Eden Jennifer Lawrence stars in this adaptation of a Steinbeck novel.
Emperor Action epic about a young girl who seeks revenge on the holy roman Emperor Charles V for the death of her father.
Endeavour Season 5
6 episodes. Circa 1968
11.16.08 Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2
 The next installment of the Harry Potter series set in 1920s America.
Fever BBC America is to produce a small screen adaptation of Mary Beth Keane‘s novel FEVER into a period set mini series starring Elisabeth Moss! It tells the story of the first known healthy carrier of typhoid fever who became known as “Typhoid Mary”as she spread typhoid across the burgeoning metropolis of early twentieth century New York. unknown (in talks)
 2018 Flying Horse Gary Oldman’s first film as director in 20 years, and only his second ever, is a biopic of the pioneering 19th-century photographer Eadweard Muybridge, focusing on the affair between his wife, Flora, and Harry Larkyns, the theatre critic he kills. No casting confirmed, but Oldman had been chasing Ralph Fiennes and Benedict Cumberbatch. The man himself will play Muybridge’s prosecutor.development unknown – Star, Writer, Produce: Gary Oldman
11.08.19 Death on the Nile Kenneth Branagh directs and stars as Hercule Poirot in a remake of the Agatha Christie myster
2018 Harlots Season 2 of the dueling 18th-c. whorehouses returns
11.09.18 Holmes and Watson A humorous take on Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic mysteries with Will Ferrell as Sherlock.
2018 In Like Flynn Biopic of Errol Flynn’s roust-about early life in Australia, as an adventurer, opium smuggler, gambler, street fighter, womanizer, and gold prospector.
2018 Les Miserables Non-singing BBC miniseries based on Victor Hugo’s novel. 6 episode mini
05/13/18- 05/20/18 LIttle Women Set against the backdrop of the Civil War, the story follows sisters Jo, Meg, Beth and Amy March on their journey from childhood to adulthood. With the help of their mother, Marmee, and while their father is away at war, the girls navigate what it means to be a young woman: from sibling rivalry and first love, to loss and marriage.
2018 Lizzie A psychological thriller based on the infamous 1892 murders of the Borden family
2018 Man in an Orange Shirt Set in 1945 and 2018, the new period drama will star Vanessa Redgrave (Julia, The Gathering Storm) as a grandmother who is trying to cope with the fact that her grandson is homosexual. In his first screen drama, best-selling British novelist Patrick Gale tells two gay love stories, 60 years apart – stories linked by family, and by a painting that holds a secret that echoes down the generations. Charting the challenges and huge changes to gay lives from the Second World War to the present, the two-hour film explores a forbidden relationship made impossible by illegality and societal pressure and contrasts it with present day romance which, while the external constraints have fallen away, is a minefield of internalized issues and temptations.
11/02/18 Mary Queen of Scots Film biopic of the Scottish queen starring Saoirse Ronan.Mary Stuart’s attempt to overthrow her cousin Elizabeth I, Queen of England, finds her condemned to years of imprisonment before facing execution.
07/06/18 Mary Shelley “The love affair between poet Percy Shelley and 18 years old Mary Wollstonecraft, which resulted in Mary Shelley writing Frankenstein.”
Medici: Masters of Florence S2 Jump forward in time about 20 years for season two to tell the story of Lorenzo ‘the Magnificent’, and we’re actually anticipating that that will take two seasons.”2017 on Netflix
2018 New Amsterdam 2018 A historical adventure about New York City when it was a Dutch settlement called New Amsterdam, discovered by Henry Hudson and run by the infamous Peter Stuyvesant. Famke Janssen star.
Old Man’s War OLD MAN’S WAR is set centuries in the future where older citizens are given a choice: age and die on Earth or join the military in the interstellar Colonial Union, which will transfer their minds into battle ready versions of their own younger bodies. The story follows 75 year old widower John Perry, who, in his amazing new body – Perry, discovers he’s a natural fighter and leads his platoon through gruelling battles against hostile alien races. But when he meets a soldier who looks like a younger version of his beloved deceased wife, everything Perry thought he knew about his new life, and the war he’s fighting in it, is turned upside down.
2018 Peterloo 2018 A drama based on events surrounding the 1819 Peterloo Massacre where British forces fired on a peaceful pro-democracy rally in Manchester.
 2018 Picnic at Hanging Rock ‘Three schoolgirls and their governesses mysteriously disappear on Valentines Day in 1900.’ Miniseries based on the book.

6 Episode series  (AU)

2018 Poldark Season 4
Fall 2018
Radioactive Biopic based on the book, “Radioactive: Marie & Pierre Curie: A Tale of Love and Fallout.”
Robert The Bruce Angus Macfadyen will lead epic drama ROBERT THE BRUCE playing the famous warrior who took the Scottish crown.
Rogue Male A hunter attempts to assassinate a dictator, but fails and is captured and tortured. He successfully escapes back to England, but enemy agents and police are on the hunt for him. Benedict Cumberbatchunknown (being scripted in Feb 2017)
Strange Angels A rocket scientist in 1940s Los Angeles is secretly the disciple of occultist Aleister Crowley.
Swords and Sceptres A tale of women’s empowerment, Swords and Sceptres tells the true story of Lakshmibai, the historic Queen of Jhansi who fiercely led her army against the British East India Company in the infamous mutiny of 1857. Rupert Everett, Derek Jacobi, Johdi May, Nathaniel Parker
The Black Count The story of Thomas-Alexandre Dumas, the first black soldier to become a brigadier general in the French military
The Chaperone In the early 1920s, a Kansas woman finds her life forever changed when she accompanies a young dancer on her fame-seeking journey to New York City.
The Custom of the Country Edith Wharton novel, Scarlett Johansson is attached.
The Devil in the White City An architect works to build up the 1893 Worlds Fair, while a serial killer uses the fair to attract and kill women.
2018 The Durrells in Corfu Season 3
Fall 2018
2018 The Favourite Queen Anne of England, Sarah Duchess of Marlborough (Rachel Weisz), and Abigail Masham (played by Emma Stone).
The Gilded Age A look at life of millionaires living in New York during the 1800s. Julian Fellowes

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

A writer forms an unexpected bond with the residents of Guernsey Island in the aftermath of World War II when she decides to write a book about their experiences during the war.
2018 The Happy Prince The untold story of the last days in the tragic times of Oscar Wilde, a person who observes his own failure with ironic distance and regards the difficulties that beset his life with detachment and humor.Rupert Everett, Colin First, Emma Watson.
2019 The Laureate  A married couple on the brink of disillusion allows a stranger to live with them in their idyllic cottage. Will this stranger push their fragile state over the edge?
The Living and the Dead Set in 1894 in Somerset, a couple who have moved into a new house but strange and dangerous paranormal goings-on start to plague them.
The Mad Whale “Inmates at a women’s mental asylum stage a theatrical production of Herman Melville’s ‘Moby Dick.’”Completed 2017
2018 The Man Who Killed
Don Quixote
An advertising executive jumps back and forth in time between 21st-century London and 17th-century La Mancha, where Don Quixote mistakes him for Sancho Panza.
The Marquis “The doomed and passionate relationship between the Marquis de Montespan and his wife Athénaïs, who became mistress to Louis XIV.”
The Merlin Saga ‘Variety’ reports that Ridley Scott is in talks to direct Disney’s THE MERLIN SAGA which is eyed as a possible franchise based on 12 books from T.A. Barron which he started publishing back in 1996! He would also produce it with Lord of the Rings‘ and Hobbit‘s Philippa Boyens writing the script! Similar to the popular BBC series from a decade ago, THE MERLIN SAGA depicts the origin story of a young wizard Merlin who would go on to become the mentor of the classic literary character of King Arthur. It is even more interesting that Disney is preparing another movie from this universe – a live-action version of SWORD IN THE STONE which Ridley could also produce.
The Name of the Rose A monk investigates a series of mysterious deaths at an abbey. Television adaptation of Umberto Eco’s novel ‘The Name of the Rose’.
The Nightingale 1825 Tasmania. A young convict woman seeking revenge for the murder of her family, takes an Aboriginal male outcast with her through the interior and gets much more than she bargained for. Sam Claflin
2019 The Personal History of David Copperfield Charles Dickens’ semi autobiographical chronicle of the life of the iconic title character, and now it has been announced by ‘Variety’ that Dev Patel will take the role of the titular hero. The story follows Copperfield as he navigates a chaotic world to find his elusive place within it. From his unhappy childhood to the discovery of his gift as a storyteller and writer, all the while on a journey full of life, colour and humanity.
2018 The Seagull Adaption of the Chekhov play set in the 1900s, starring Elisabeth Moss and Saoirse Ronan
09/19/18 The Sword in the Stone A live-action remake of the Disney film.
2018 The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle Robert Downey Jr. stars as the man who can talk to animals.
The Warrior

The Story of the Warrior

will be set against the backdrop of the brutal Tong Wars in San Francisco’s Chinatown in the late 1800s! The cast is led by Andrew Koji as Ah Sahm, a martial arts prodigy who travels from China to San Francisco and ends up becoming a hatchet man for the most powerful tong in Chinatown! (c.late 1800s)

2018 The Woman in White

A TV miniseries adaptation of Wilkie Collins’ classic gothic novel

2018 Tolkien

J.R.R. Tolkien, a lovelorn soldier on his return from the Great War, creates the fantasy series “The Lord of the Rings

2018 Vita and Virginia It’s the fascinating true story about the love affair between socialite and popular author Vita Sackville-West and literary icon Virginia Woolf.Lesbian
2018 Woman Walks Ahead In the 1890s, Catherine Weldon travels to paint Sitting Bull’s portrait and gets involved in the Lakota struggle over land right
07/30/18 Wuthering Heights Wuthering Heights is a wild, passionate tale of the intense and demonic love between Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff, allegedly a Gypsy foundling adopted by Catherine’s father. After Mr Earnshaw’s death, Heathcliff is degraded and humiliated by Catherine’s brother Hindley and wrongly believing that his love for Catherine is not reciprocated, leaves Wuthering Heights, only to return years later as a wealthy and polished man to find he is too late and that Cathy has married Edgar Linton. He proceeds to exact a terrible revenge for his miseries.Unable to bear being parted from his love he curses her on her deathbed to never rest and always be with him and so begins 20 years of her haunting his every waking and sleeping hour. A tale of love, hate, horror, haunting, but most of all a story about human nature. Emily Bronte wrote the greatest , most terrifying love story of all time.