After I Married Mr Rochester – Part Eleven

Chapter 11 – Peril and predicament   I had to get away before that man Beaver returned! My bonds were not that tight but they were behind my back. I tried to wriggle them more loose but it only gave me more pain in my shoulders. After a while I gave up and looked about me. Outside it was dark so I guessed it must be later than five in the afternoon, but I had no inkling how late it really was. I had been unconscious, and there was no way of knowing how long . Blanche must have drugged … Read more

After I Married Mr Rochester – Part Ten

Chapter 10 – Poor, plain, obscure and little It dawned on me that Blanche Ingram, this pretty little doll, this daughter of the aristocracy must be deranged, possibly even mad. The glint in her eyes made run shivers down my spine and, I knew that if I wanted to survive this, I had to be clever. Nobody had any inkling as to my whereabouts because they thought me on an errand. I had not even told Alice Fairfax. Therefore she would not begin to have concerns before dinner time. Edward was still lying prostrated with fever, he would not miss … Read more

After I Married Mr Rochester – Part Nine

Chapter 9 – True colours   I was cooling my heels for more than a quarter of an hour when the drawing door opened to let Blanche Ingram and Edwina Blackthorn in. I had barely the time to look at the slender, dark-haired young woman with the remarkable green eyes when Miss Ingram exclaimed, “You? What are you doing here? Where’s Edward? We were expecting Edward, not you!”” Her companion turned to her in something of a panic. “Blanche, we can’t … we mustn’t …” “Hold your tongue, Edwina! I will do the talking as I am in charge of … Read more

After I Married Mr Rochester – Part Eight

Chapter 8 – Sins of the father Immediately, I knew this letter was meant to be trouble. It was extremely improper for an unmarried young woman to be writing to a married man, as propriety dictated that she should write to his wife instead. I quickly propped the letter into my skirt pocket and went looking for Alice Fairfax. Our excellent housekeeper was overseeing the kitchen activities regarding preparing lunch, cleaning silver ware, readying fire places and tending to household linen, all these tasks performed by a small staff of five maids. It occurred to me that we would need … Read more

After I Married Mr Rochester – Part Seven

Chapter 7 – Edward’s tale  “After you left, I was a wreck, Jane.” Edward paused to draw breath and grasped for my hand which he clutched hard. “I lived like someone who was clubbed on the head; numb, lethargic, and utterly miserable. I roamed the Hall and the lands around it for hours and hours. I yelled at everyone who dared speak to me. I did not eat, could not sleep, found no rest or solace. My heart seemed to have died within my breast, my mind to have fled from my head.” “Edward …”, I whispered, but he silenced … Read more

After I Married Mr Rochester – Part Six

Chapter 6 – Torn by doubt     I could scarcely believe it! There I was sitting beside my husband’s sick bed, staring at his prostrated body; Edward was still deeply sunk in unconsciousness. We had been married for only one day … During the long hours of my watch, I relived the terrifying events at the Hall. I was not shaken by Mason’s behaviour – no, not at all. In fact, I pitied the man; he had lost a beloved sister in a most atrocious way and he obviously was still in shock over it. Not for a moment … Read more

After I Married Mr Rochester – Part Five

Chapter 5 – In dire straits     “Mr. Mason!” I exclaimed, shocked by the vicious tone of the words uttered by Bertha’s brother Richard. “Ah! The faithful yet wayward governess has finally found her match. You always were his most ardent supporter, were you not, Miss Eyre? You obeyed his tiniest command and worked yourself into exhaustion covering up his wicked deeds.” Mason came nearer to where we stood, hand in hand. Only now I took notice of Edward when his hand pressed mine like a vice. His face was ashen, his lips were grey and in his eyes … Read more

After I Married Mr Rochester – Part Four

Chapter 4 – Ghosts from the past   A stray ray of sunshine through a gap in the curtains woke me at dawn and first I was disorientated by my surroundings. A most peculiar sound, one I was not accustomed to, startled me; soft snoring and a warm breath on my bare shoulder. Cuddled up against me, my Edward though still sleeping, had taken full possession of me. One arm and one leg, both naked, were wrapped around me. My heart leapt at the sight of him; he had thrown away the covers, allowing me to admire the view of … Read more

After I Married Mr Rochester – Part Two

Chapter  2 – Jane, I want a wife …     “Edward!” Blanche Ingram’s voice cut through the hum of voices in the hall. Its shrill loudness made my husband turn his head in astonishment. A smile appeared on his face, and his eyes shone with a wicked pleasure. “Blanche, you sly little thing, is that you? Well, I never! So you have come to admit defeat then, have you?” I gasped in surprise at Edward’s mischief, but Blanche’s silvery laugh showed that she wasn’t going to be insulted! “Now what made you think I have ever been interested in … Read more

After I Married Rochester – Part One

This story is a continuation of Jane Eyre 2006, starring Toby Stephens and Ruth Wilson. Jane has finally married her Rochester, a man scarred by what happened before. In the great fire that destroyed his ancestral home, Bertha, Rochester’s first wife had perished. Rochester is badly burned and has lost his eye sight. Posted every Saturday by Lucia Swiers in Jane Eyre 2006.  Chapter 1 – The first day of the rest of my life So, it was done. This morning, my dear Edward and I were finally joined in holy matrimony. After all the suffering we endured, after all … Read more