I Killed Him – pt 27

Chapter Twenty Seven John and Frederick talked into the night, finalizing plans. Both agreed the pressure and anxiety were reaching an alarming pace, but nothing would stop them now, except death – for someone. They would have a meeting early the next day with the others; tell them all they knew and set the last plans of participation. Everyone would meet at the office around ten in the morning, including Branson. As the plan seemed laid out, all the men would meet in the morning. Afterwards, Frederick would continue to scout Hartford. At four in the afternoon, everyone would meet … Read more

I Killed Him – pt 26

    Chapter Twenty-Six Frederick watched as Hartford fell in step with the workers entering Marlborough Mills. Hartford pulled his cap down over his eyes and his clean cut hair in the back. A whistle blew somewhere on the property, and hundreds of people exited the sheds, thus blurring Frederick’s view of his quarry. Finally, he knew he had lost him. He would have to stand and wait for the crowd to clear out before finding him again. Frederick inched over towards the house, so he’d know if Hartford tried to enter there. He waited.   Margaret, went to the … Read more

I Killed Him – pt 25

    Chapter Twenty Five “John, I cannot possibly pull that over your head.” “Here. You sit on the edge of the bed. Part your legs a little bit so I can get close enough for you to pull it over my head.” Margaret did as she was told, ensuring her nightdress was pulled down properly. John snuggled between her knees and lifted the bottom of his shirt to give her a start. As he felt it being pulled from his body, he was exhilarated. No one had done that for him before tonight. When the shirt was removed, Margaret … Read more

I Killed Him – pt 24

Chapter Twenty Four Grant Hartford was nearing Milton after giving his horse to a young lad along the road, a mile or two from the third station from London. From there, he walked to the nearest station and boarded the train. He had hired a coach to take him from the train station three stops before Milton. He knew his training, and should the Army be now warned about him, he knew how they would think and react. He paid the driver good money to keep his mouth shut should he be asked about him. Grant had the driver drop … Read more

I Killed Him – pt 23

Chapter Twenty Three There were now eight men gathered in a small room at the precinct. John, Frederick, Maxell, Adam, Branson, Nicholas, Detective Boyle and Inspector Mason all were jammed close in the interrogation room. “Who might you be?” Asked Detective Boyle of Nicholas Higgins. “He’s my friend and business partner,” said John. “He knows of all of this, has assisted in the relocation of Frederick’s fiancé, and will be involved in Margaret’s protection on the mill grounds.” Boyle looked at Mason for reassurance and saw an affirmative nod. “I don’t think I’ve ever had a case that proceeded as … Read more

I Killed Him – pt 22

Chapter Twenty Two   That sat together in silence. Margaret knew beyond all doubt that pleading with John would be hopeless. She would do the same thing if she were in his place. Actually, she realized she could do the same thing in her own place. She knew that she could lose John for the sake of herself. Margaret couldn’t live with that. She had to find a way to keep him from possibly being hurt or worse. He could be killed. He could be hung. Begging, pleading, crying, groveling, sulking, threatening to commit suicide, may all have to come … Read more

I Killed Him – pt 21

Chapter Twenty One It was well past dark when Greta assisted Margaret to the parlor. “Mrs. Thornton, you have had your evening pill, correct?” “Yes, Greta, before my bath. You are excused for the evening. Should something come up that my husband cannot assist me in, or I prefer to have your help, I will ring, but don’t look for it.” “Goodnight, then, to the both of you.” John and Margaret said their goodnights to Greta. He turned off the gaslights and banked the evening fire. Even though it was nearing fall, northern England was cool and damp in the … Read more

I Killed Him – pt 20

Chapter Twenty   “Margaret, how did you sleep my love? Was the bed comfortable?” “It was comfortable but a bit lonely.” John kissed her. “There are two people downstairs waiting to see you. One is your nurse. I think her name is Greta. The other person is a surprise.” “Now, you know Mr. Bell isn’t going to be a surprise. Has the detective left?” Margaret asked? “Yes, everyone has left except your guest. Should I carry you or would you like to try the steps.” “I’m feeling good after my sleep. With your help, I’d like to try a few … Read more

I Killed Him – pt 18

Chapter Eighteen John opened the door to the Shaw’s and a smartly dressed young man with perfect posturing in a red-coat. No one was going upstairs until he knew who this man was. “Good afternoon, Miss Shaw, Mrs. Shaw, and you, sir, are?” Maxwell extended his hand. “I am Maxwell Lenox. I am betrothed to Edith.” “Oh yes, do come in. I am John Thornton, husband to Margaret Hale Thornton,” he said for good measure. As the four came up the steps, John asked, “Are you the brother of Henry Lenox?” “I hope you will not hold that against me, … Read more

I Killed Him – pt 17

 Chapter Seventeen Margaret tried to reach for the parcel that Edith had left at the foot of the bed. John retrieved it for her. “What’s this,” he asked. “My frock to wear home and some undergarments. I won’t wear the corset, of course.” Margaret stalled as she waited for the obvious to be mentioned. “Don’t be alarmed, my love. I will dress you since there will be no corset.” “But . . .” “But nothing, my dear sweet wife. You can deny me nothing, remember?” John said to smooth the sticky moment for Margaret. She smiled, through her weeping that … Read more