I Killed Him – pt 10

Chapter Ten Captain Hartford returned to post with explanations to his Commander. He had entered his Commander’s office with great hesitancy only to be buoyed by the fact that nothing seemed out of order. Surely, there would be a severe questioning session if Miss Hale or Detective Boyle had come to him with any suspicions. Grant wondered how long it would be before Miss Hale was found, dead or alive. She had to have taken her own life as she admitted she had been thinking of doing. There could be little hope of reconciliation after all this time, if she … Read more

I Killed Him – pt 9

Chapter Nine Dr. Wagner saw the break in her face as some or all realization began to sweep over her. Margaret turned her face into John’s chest and wept loudly. John kissed her softly on her hair. “Can we have time alone,” he asked. “I want to get her through this part, myself.”   John waited for the room to empty and the door to close. Margaret was clutching feverishly at his arm that held her hand. He could not allow her to back away from him now. Although she hadn’t heard the worst, maybe she didn’t have to. “Margaret. … Read more

I Killed Him – pt 8

Chapter Eight Captain Grant Hartford was attempting to move about his study in an upright position. Having his trousers fully closed compelled him to walk stooped over so that the fabric didn’t chafe against his injured manhood. If marrying Margaret Hale was now definitely out of the question, he felt like killing her. Tomorrow he would return to his barracks and resume his duties. His manservant knocked on his door and entered. “A Detective Boyle to see you, sir.” “A Detective?” “Yes, sir. Shall I show him in?” “Yes, by all means.” Hartford didn’t like the sound of this, but … Read more

I Killed Him – pt 7

Chapter Seven John took the hospital steps two at a time and used his long legged gait to reach Margaret’s room quickly. Arriving there, he was not permitted entrance. He stood by the door pacing until he knew the reason why. In what seemed like half an hour, Dr. Donaldson emerged from the room. “Why may I not enter?” John asked Donaldson “John, she is waking. The doctor is performing some initial tests before she tires. For what she’s been through, I think she looks good. She remembers little right now but knows she is here in Milton. I am … Read more

I Killed Him – Pt 5 (ep2)

John met up with the day’s presiding Magistrate and told him of some personal issues that had to be resolved. He apologized, telling him to fill his bench time for the next few weeks. John had thought over his resignation from the bench and decided that if he wanted to serve papers against this Captain that it would be better to maintain his Magistrate title. It would lend more weight. Knowing of the whereabouts of Margaret’s brother would not cause him to resign in any event. That particular arrest fell to the Navy as far as he was concerned. But … Read more

I Killed Him – Pt 4

Chapter Four John Thornton  was ready to storm Margaret’s hospital room if the doctors didn’t finish with her soon. A million things had crossed through his mind while he waited. One was how loved he felt that she had found her way back to him when she was barely alive. The other was how slowly could he kill a man. Not so much the slow death, but how he would go about it, kept whirling through his head. Finally, Donaldson came from her room. “I’m going in there, not matter what you say.” John started to walk that way and … Read more

I Killed Him – Pt 3

Chapter Three John spent the night thinking and packing. He had been thinking so long, he had to unpack things he hadn’t meant to pack. He was going to get a marriage license first thing that morning, before his meeting. He had determined to marry Margaret and save her first. He had no idea what she would think of that, but Bell had given him the barest of hopes. He was encouraged that Adam Bell had a post office number that could be watched until Frederick arrived at it. John felt sure that this Hartford man would know Bell, but … Read more

I Killed Him – pt 2

Chapter Two John called Branson and Nicholas to the house that evening and gave them a brief summary of what Bell had told him and hoped to enlist their help. John was assured of Branson, as he was always first in line for dangerous or clandestine actions. John was thankful that there had been few in his life, but Branson was his second in command in situations just as this. Nicholas was always there for him but John knew he had a wife and children, and John would never think any less if he ever declined. If he was in … Read more

I Killed Him – pt 1

Chapter One   John sat alone in his chair one evening, thinking that it was nearly two years ago, that he lost all hope of happiness. Margaret Hale was the light of his life that seemed to have flickered out. He was seven years her senior at her young age of twenty two. She was small, well proportioned, and beautiful to him, but not a raving beauty by most standards. Educated and independent, the woman of his dreams had been swept away and he had never heard from her after that. He remembered the worst day in his life. Two … Read more

John Thornton’s Unfolding Dream – 35

Kindle handed Margaret into an empty coach. How long they would be alone, no one knew. He took her into his arms as soon as the driver was underway. Two guards rode in front of the carriage and two in the rear. He could feel her hesitate slightly and that worried him as it had for many days.” Margaret, is anything wrong, you’re shying away from me.” “Kindle, it isn’t you,” she lied. I am just so exhausted. The tension I have been under for days and then fearing I would drown and then lost in the woods – it … Read more

John Thornton’s Unfolding Dream – 34

Chapter 21   Margaret exited her room with her soiled and salty clothing folded in her arms, meeting Branson in the hall.” Well, do you not look smart, Miss Hale?” “Someday, you must teach me to ride. Does John just ride or does he love to ride?” she asked. “Miss, he gets little time, but he enjoys taking each of his horses out weekly for a short ride.” “Do I hear him talking to someone down stairs? I thought I was up early.” “Yes, Miss. He is talking to someone named Brampton who has been waiting several hours for you … Read more

John Thornton’s Unfolding Dream – 32

Chapter 20 Warning: Rated R John insisted that Margaret stay on the cot, and he would see to each of their personal washings. Margaret enjoyed seeing John walk back and forth. She studied his tall, lean body with all his chest muscles heavily defined under his nice light body hair. She remembered how lying against his naked chest hair, tickled her nose. He had a nice round-dimpled buttocks. She wondered if he knew that. Moreover, of course, the feast for the eyes was the thin dark line of hair that ran from his navel to that patch of curly black … Read more

John Thornton’s Unfolding Dream – 30

Chapter 18 John and Margaret tidied their small cot and cabin room and finally climbed the ladder to the upper deck. The sky was black but lit by a full moon with its reflective beam across the choppy waves. Spotting Branson talking with a group of young merchant seamen, John walked over to him with Margaret at his side. “Guv, the captain wants to speak with you. He wants to know about the ruckus down below and see to our fare for crossing the channel. I told him briefly about the abduction. I told him you would have to see … Read more

John Thornton’s Unfolding Dream – 29

This Chapter rated “R” Chapter 17   “Margaret, are you sure? Are you quite sure? God, I have wanted you more than I have wanted to live another day but this is not the surroundings I would have wanted you to have, especially being your first time, my love. It will not be all that it can be.” John said, looking at her wistfully. “John, let this be my maiden voyage in all ways.” John did not need any more coaxing. He was assured that she wanted him and not just out of gratitude for saving her life.” Just one … Read more

John Thornton’s Unfolding Dream – 28

Reg, Goose, and Margaret had just arrived at the pier. Reg told them to stay at the coach until he found their ship and its sailing time. He would sell the coach and horses just before they sailed. Margaret had rarely been to a port. It was fascinating to watch all the work being done. There must have been twenty berths with about twelve ships in port. Lots of freight was being hauled by cart and donkey to the ships, delivered, and then returned with merchandise coming off of them. Two ships seemed to have passengers waiting far off the … Read more

John Thornton’s Unfolding Dream – 27

The Brampton’s sent word to the Shaw residence that they wished to visit at nine o’clock. Would that be convenient? The answer had been an anxious ‘yes’. Three men in military garb strode up the wide front steps of the Shaw’s Georgian style home, and the housekeeper was already at the door to greet them. Edith ran to Maxwell’s side and tried to reap some information from his expression, but there was none to be had. Being an officer, he never wore his thoughts on his face. The men were asked to come into the dining room where they all … Read more

John Thornton’s Unfolding Dream – 26

At an inn in Doncaster, Belfour rented two rooms because they had a lady with them. Of course, he would assign Goose to Miss Hale’s room while he took the other. Margaret asked to visit the facilities before climbing the stairs to the room that she would share with at least one of the Neanderthals who kept her guarded. Dinner was ordered to their rooms. Margaret had noticed the sign over the Inn door when they entered, stating it was the Fox Hunt Inn in Doncaster. Now, that they were settled into the larger room waiting for their meal, she … Read more

John Thornton’s Unfolding Dream – 24

Chapter 14  Margaret could feel the noon sun streaming in on her arms as the black cover was lifted from her head. ‘Who are you?” She asked with annoyance. “You can call me Reg, m’lady. I hope you have not been too uncomfortable. Our instructions have been to see you are well taken care of but removed from the realm.” “Removed from the realm! Do you not think someone will notice that I am missing?” Margaret said, her ire rising. “M’lady, we know who will be looking for you. That is why you are being taken to France. My Lady … Read more

John Thornton’s Unfolding Dream – 23

Once again, John was sitting in the coach with the Baron. He felt so powerless. He had determined that Kindle and his men would lead the search with a lot of it relying on John’s visions. If John ever wanted his vision strong, it was now. He did not relish going to the house to tell her family. Kindle would do the speaking since he had met them on several occasions. Edith answered the door and saw both of Margaret’s suitors standing together. “Is it Margaret? What has happened? Baron, you do not have her with you.” Edith started to … Read more

John Thornton’s Unfolding Dream – 22

John Thornton’s Unfolding Dream   Baron Brampton was at the station waiting for the 4:00 p.m. train. He had left his bouquet of flowers in his carriage rather than draw attention to himself. Two of his guards had tethered their horses and waited near him on foot. Several passersby came up to greet him and he was very cordial but short with them. He could not take his mind off seeing Margaret minutes from now. He was thankful that the platform only had a few people waiting. Not many catching a train at this time of day, he thought. He … Read more