John Thornton’s Unfolding Dream – 06

  John Thornton’s Unfold Dream   Amazon Download   $3.99 US   Chapter 4   It was nearing 10:00 a. m. as Margaret sat waiting patiently for Mr. Bell to pick her up for a day at the museum. Even though she was excited to be going to look at the famous works of art, her mind was more agreeable engaged thinking about the night she met Kindle. It would be next week before he would pick her up for an afternoon on the water unless they both happened to be invited to the same ball. If he had been … Read more

John Thornton’s Unfolding Dream – 05

  John Thornton’s Unfold Dream   Amazon Download   $3.99 US   Chapter 3   “Margaret, thank you for another nice day out. I had but seen only two of the churches before the ones we saw today. Much of the appreciation is in the architecture, do you not agree,” said Mr. Bell, handing her into the coach.” Margaret tried to stifle a giggle but Mr. Bell quickly noticed it. “Margaret, you find something amusing. Do you care to tell me what it is?” “I had a lot of things I was thinking about. You and what we have seen … Read more

John Thornton’s Unfolding Dream – 04

  John Thornton’s Unfold Dream   Amazon Download   $3.99 US   Over the weeks that followed, Margaret kept in constant contact with her dearest friend, Megan Willets. She was happy to hear that Megan had found happiness with a nice young hard working man named Daniel. Although Megan was a schoolteacher by day, she met Daniel one evening as she waited for her parents to return on the evening train. Daniel was passing through Helstone on his way to Milton to take a job in a cotton mill. He had heard that many laborers were finding work in that … Read more

John Thornton’s Unfolding Dream – 02

  John Thornton’s Unfold Dream   Amazon Download   $3.99 US       Wednesday night John had his first dream about Winona. It was quite odd for he rarely dreamed. Remembering the dream when he awoke, his feeling of uneasiness had increased over the dilemma of marrying her. The dream was not at all pleasant as he thought it should have been. Would not one’s dreams have beautiful scenes about a prospective wife? His vision of Winona seemed to be in the future. A few age lines had appeared on her lovely face and she was holding a young … Read more

John Thornton’s Unfolding Dream – 01

  John Thornton’s Unfolding Dream   Amazon Download   $3.99 US   Helstone, England 1850     Margaret Hale grew up with many family friends during her formative school years in Helstone. She was a lively child with intelligence, and a burgeoning loveliness that everyone could see but herself. She happily warmed to the loving and easy pace of the southern English countryside where her father was a clergyman and her mother was a Lady. It was the spirit and the fellowship of neighbors calling on one another, bringing tarts, having tea and gossiping about the latest dress that little … Read more

John Thornton’s Unfolding Dream

  Beginning next week in this slot is a new and exciting fantasy novel about John Thornton and Margaret Hale   John Thornton has found Margaret Hale through his visions, but does not know who she is. Slowly he falls in love with a woman he’s never met. He does not know about the Baron who loves her, too. As John comes to know Margaret Hale, his visions become more important, for they foretell the uncertain and dangerous future of Margaret Hale.

John Thornton, Look Back at Me – Chapter Three

[JT Look Back at Me] Chapter 3      A Visit with Dixon 1853 summer Upon discovering that Margaret had married, John spent the next few weeks trying not to sink through the hole in his heart, until he could visit Dixon and discuss the content of her letter.  Still determined to understand the meaning of her statement about why Margaret married, he wrote, requesting a few moments of her time on the day he planned to be in London. In addition to losing the greatest love of his life, John now feared the loss of his mother.  She was growing … Read more

John Thornton, Look Back at Me – Chapter Two

[JT Look Back at Me] Chapter 2      Abandoned Hope   Over the next year, John Thornton became a shell of the man he once was: a thinking human being with no central core, little constancy, adrift in his own life.  In an effort to keep his company from failing, he kept long hours at work, trying to lose himself in his mill.  Margaret’s words, on the day of the riot, continued to haunt him.  He recognized that consideration for the human condition of his people was the road to the mill’s salvation, but how to accomplish this remained an … Read more

John Thornton, Look Back at Me – Chapter One

[JT Look Back at Me] This is a fantasy novel of John and Margaret. It is not a continuation from where the film or book ended. This is a new love story. Parts of this novel are for mature readers. Chapter 1      Lost Love 1851 winter, Milton, N.W. England “Look back ………………. look back at me.” John heard his thoughts slip from his mouth, as he stood and watched the coach bearing Margaret away forever.  Unknowingly, she carried his heart, his soul, and his future dreams. Inside the carriage, Margaret dwelled deep within her own misery of lost family, drowning … Read more