Between Boredom and Brilliance – Part Eleven

Chapter Eleven – Miss Bates or Uncertainty Personified   The Bates ladies occupied rooms above Mr Ford’s boutique on Highbury’s marketplace. These rooms were small and dismal, and a far cry from the luxurious, stately house Mrs Bates had inhabited while her husband, a former vicar, had been alive. As Emma stepped into the lively marketplace – as it happened, it was Market Day – she looked up at the tiny, first storey windows behind which lived the two ladies. Not for the first time did Emma reflect upon the daily life of Mrs and Miss Bates. How terrible it … Read more

Between Boredom and Brilliance – Part Ten

 Chapter Ten – A Necessary Change of Plans   Emma woke when the warm breath of her husband caressed her cheek, ruffling the soft hair on her brow with its loving breeze. “Mmmm ….” she purred, stretching luxuriously in his arms. “Not yet, George, I want to sleep a bit longer before I rise …” “Well, my lady,” her beloved coaxed softly, “I’m afraid that is not what I have in mind for you, at the moment …” His wicked hands began exploring her nude body with magical fingers, igniting fire where they roamed. Emma moaned with the yearning she … Read more

Between Boredom and Brilliance – Part Nine

  Chapter Nine – Newlyweds’ Bliss   Emma nearly jumped out of her skin when she saw the vicar standing in the doorway, his arms    crossed over his meagre chest. What could she say that would convince him she had not been prying  when, in fact, she had! “Mr Elton, what a lovely bathroom you have! I never saw such a pretty bathtub in my life! Not even in the grandest hotel in Brighton have I set my eyes on such a wonder!” The vicar’s stern expression seemed to soften a bit. He reached past Emma and opened the … Read more

Between Boredom and Brilliance – Part Eight

Chapter Eight – The Eltons or the Vanity Worshippers   Emma could not decide which feeling was the most exciting; on the one hand, she was thrilled to      hear of troubles    at the vicarage while on the other hand, she heard a little voice in her head, warning her to be cautious. “Harriet, are you in earnest? At the vicarage?” she inquired, unable to keep the excitement out of her voice. “Yes, yes! Oh, Emma, you are not going to believe this!” Harriet squeaked in delight. “What is it, then? I am dying to hear it, Harriet!” … Read more

Between Boredom and Brilliance – Part Seven

Chapter Seven – The Martins or the Salt of the Earth       Abbey Mill Farm was part of the Donwell Abbey estate and, although Emma used to roam the vast expanse of George’s grounds and lands frequently before she married, she had , however, never been to the farm. Her abominable pride and vanity always kept her far from the dwellings of people like Robert Martin. The reason why this had been the case was simple; a farmer might very well know Emma Woodhouse, but why should Emma Woodhouse know a farmer. Emma’s shame about her former attitude … Read more

Between Boredom and Brilliance – Part Six

  Chapter Six – Tasks Are Handed Out   “As you might well know, my dears, a newspaper is a difficult project to realise. I will need all of           you to pull it off successfully. I have composed a list and lined up all the tasks that need to be tackled. First and foremost, there is a great need for someone who can manage our funds.” Emma’s gaze skimmed over the small gathering. “Funds?” a deep voice sounded, all of a sudden. In utter astonishment, four faces turned to George. The ladies had forgotten that … Read more

Between Boredom and Brilliance – Part Five

Chapter Five – A Meeting of Extreme Importance       Emma’s blissful state slowly glided into awareness as she began hearing birdsong. Irritated, she  snuggled deeper     under her covers. No, it was too early to rise, surely! She groaned when Maud drew  open the curtains and then         sat up with a start when she realised George would be there! No, no, no! She didn’t want Maud to come in while       her husband was lying nude in her bed! It was totally inappropriate! However, the only one sitting up nude was … Read more

Between Boredom and Brilliance – Part Four

  Chapter Four –  Marriage or the Protection of a Loved One   The dinner was soon over, and the first couple by the name of Knightley – John and Isabella –  eagerly retired to bed, excusing themselves as they had a journey to London to make the following day. As an unmarried girl, Emma had not understood the readiness Isabella displayed to abandon the company and rejoin her husband in their bedroom. Often, she had thought it of ill manner and of low esteem for herself and her father to leave them so early for the rest of the … Read more

Between Boredom and Brilliance – Part Three

  Chapter Three – Mr George Knightley or the Benevolence of a Loving Husband   Upon Emma’s impetuous burst into her father’s parlour, George Knightley sat up in his chair and smiled fondly at his young wife. “Ah,” he laughed. “There you are, my love. Have you encountered many friends on your walk? How did you find Highbury after your absence of a fortnight?” Emma was momentarily – though very briefly – distracted from what she wanted to impart by her husband’s endearment. She readily returned Knightley’s smile but soon enough focussed on the matter at hand. “Do not trouble … Read more

Between Boredom and Brilliance – Part Two

Chapter Two – Mr Henry Woodhouse or the Anxieties of a Widowed Father   Mr Woodhouse returned from his stroll there-and-back to the hedgerows which very suitably divided his grounds and sighed deeply when he knocked on his front door with his walking cane’s silver head. So very amiss of Peter, his ground floor footman, not to have noticed that his master had indeed stepped under the porch of his own house. Footmen should always be aware of their master’s presence, Mr Woodhouse mused. That was why one employed them in the first place. “Peter, Peter,” Mr Woodhouse gently scolded, … Read more

Between Boredom and Brilliance – Part One

Chapter One –  After The Honeymoon   Emma Knightley, née Woodhouse, strolled down Highbury’s High Street, looking very fetching in a russet-coloured pelisse and matching bonnet. While she walked, and greeted old friends or acquaintances, Emma covertly watched, and took in everything that happened there. And that was the misery of it all; as usual, nothing was happening in the quiet country town of Highbury. The market place and green were almost deserted, though from the Crown Inn taproom the bragging of a few inebriated farmers could be heard. Farmers. Harriet Smith was now a farmer’s wife. Mr Ford’s boutique … Read more

A Magical Letter – Part Twenty

Twenty – Mistress of Kellynch Anne found herself cradled against the warm, hard body of her husband when she awoke. Sunlight filled the room and kissed their naked forms on top of the rumpled bed. Frederick was still asleep, he was lying on his back, one arm above his head, the other holding her close. She was lying half on top of him, she saw, suddenly blushing with embarrassment! Could she do that? Was she allowed to fall asleep in her husband’s arms? Did husbands not wander off to their own private bedrooms after having made love to their wives? … Read more

A Magical Letter – Part Nineteen

Nineteen – When Two Become One     “Where are we going?”, Anne asked, while she settled herself in the crook of her husband’s arm as their curricle was being driven away by the groom. He had been acting all mysteriously about their destination and Anne longed for them to be there and alone with Frederick. “Patience, my darling,” Wentworth answered. He was revelling in the feeling of her close to him and he had been dreaming of what he would experience with her very soon now. Anne, who was a bit tired, after the long, busy day, felt very … Read more

A Magical Letter – Part Eighteen

Eighteen – Joined in Matrimony At Last As Anne opened her eyes in her pretty white-and-pink bedroom in Admiral Croft’s house, a bright ray of sunshine peaked through a gap in the curtains and touched her nose. Her wedding day! Today she was would become Frederick’s wife, Mrs Anne Wentworth! With a cry of joy, she jumped out of bed, just as her friend Harriet Smith knocked on her door to help her with the dressing preparations. “Come on, you sleepy head! You have a lot to do and your bath awaits in the dressing room!” “Oh, Harriet!” Anne threw … Read more

A Magical Letter – Part Seventeen

Seventeen – Slow and Steady Wins the Race   Anne actually smiled, albeit a little sadly. She put down the horrible letter Sir Walter sent her and looked at Wentworth and the Crofts, a quiet determination in her gaze.     “Dear loved ones, do not fear. My father has done me a great favour by sending me this. He has set me free!” She took Frederick’s hands in hers and smiled into his anxious eyes. “Do you not see, my love? Sir Walter might be my natural as well as my legal father but he does not love me. … Read more

A Magical Letter – Part Sixteen

      Sixteen – The Long Wait Wentworth, feeling better after he made his vow to himself, took his Anne into his arms once more. Oh, how he loved her! She fitted so perfectly in his embrace … how was he to wait for tomorrow until he could make her his very own? “Frederick …” Anne’s voice was soft and sweet. “Yes, my love?” Revelling in the soft warmth of her slender body against his, Wentworth closed his eyes. Without knowing it, he pulled her closer to his own, very alert body … “Frederick, I love you. If … … Read more

A Magical Letter – Part Fifteen

  Fifteen– The Last Impediment With an effort, Wentworth hid his irritation. Was there never a moment of peace for him and Anne? “What is it, Howard?” he asked the footman whose face bore an agitated expression. “Sir Walter Elliot and Miss Elliot, sir.” Wentworth turned to his betrothed with a quizzical look. “What can your father possibly want with us, darling?” “I do not know nor care, Frederick. I … I cannot see him after … Frederick, he threw me out on the streets!” “Stay here, my love. I will go.” In the hall he found an impatient and … Read more

A Magical Letter – Part Fourteen

Fourteen – An Appeal to the Conscience Wentworth and the Admiral had not long gone when the footman announced another visitor to Anne and Sophie. Both ladies had been wondering how Frederick would go about enticing Charles Musgrove to taking his wife back. They agreed it would not go smoothly, for Society did not take kindly to a woman who left her husband on her own accord. Charles had every right of banishing her from her home, taking her children away from her, and divorcing her without a single penny to her name. “Anne!” Charles Musgrove hurried into the room … Read more

A Magical Letter – Part Thirteen

Thirteen – A Spanner in the Works   Only a week now separated Anne and Wentworth from their wedding day. Every possible preparation had been dealt with, every dress or shoe or headdress been bought, any paperwork been gone through. The affianced couple finally had the opportunity to take a bit of leisure time and enjoy each other’s company, often seeking quiet, lonely places, such as dark corners in garden and house. Many a time Wentworth, deeply in love, could not help himself and had to pull Anne into his arms and kiss her. She, loving him beyond everything, was … Read more

A Magical Letter – Part Twelve

    Twelve – Wedding Preparations   “Forgive you, Frederick? But … but where in all this is your fault? Or mine?” “Anne, I should have insisted that you come with me that night! Then nothing of this would have taken place!” “No, my love, you are blaming yourself unjustly. Nothing could have prevented it.”     Anne looked around her for the first time. They were alone, in a large, pretty bedroom with walls of fainted pink and light, elegant furniture. She should have felt embarrassment, alarm, because they were without a chaperone, yet she did not. All this … Read more