Wonder Woman 2017 – US June 02, 2017

CONQUER THE WORLD THIS JUNE Just two more weeks before cinemas around the world open their doors and screens for the first solo movie outing of legendary WONDER WOMAN and today we’ll feed you with everything you need to know about the film before you rush to the theatres! First reviews and impressions have been over whelmingly positive, calling the movie absolutely stunning, brilliant and amazing, funny and massively entertaining! The predictions for the opening weekend earnings range from $80 to well over $100 million and it remains to be seen what success WONDER WOMAN will score given the rather … Read more


‘HAMLET REVENANT’ CASTS SIR IAN MCKELLEN! Acting legend Ian McKellen and Gabriel Byrne will star in HAMLET REVENANT the latest big screen adaptation of Shakespeare’s famous plays on the tragic Danish prince. Connie Nielsen and Lambert Wilson will also join them in the Ken McMullen directed film together with Medici star Lex Shrapnel! HAMLET REVENANT follows a character caught amidst treasonous political upheavals, family crisis, sexual tensions and ambiguous friendships: a vortex of revenge, doubt and madness out of which no main character escapes. It brings to the surface the violence and destructive instincts that haunt the human psyche! A … Read more

John Thornton, Look Back at Me – pt 9

Chapter 9      John and Margaret’s Reunion   Maxwell and Edith Lennox took Margaret to the train station to meet the Professor for their visit to Milton. “You know, Margaret,” Edith teased her, “it is quite scandalous of you to take off to Milton so early in your bereavement, but I must say that I envy your courage.  We’re very happy to see you settle into something that you really will enjoy.  You’ve been unhappy for so long.  I think you have found a very agreeable place working alongside the Professor.  I’ll miss you so when you move to Milton … Read more

The Chaperone – PBS

Elizabeth McGovern Returns to MASTERPIECE in The Chaperone San Diego, CA; May 16, 2017—PBS and MASTERPIECE have announced that MASTERPIECE is producing its first feature film which will reunite the writer, director and star of Downton Abbey. The Chaperone, based on Laura Moriarty’s best-selling American novel, will be scripted by Julian Fellowes, directed by Michael Engler, and star Elizabeth McGovern, who played Lady Grantham in the hit series. It will air on PBS stations nationwide after its initial theatrical run. The Chaperone takes place against the backdrop of the tumultuous times of the early 1920’s. A Kansas woman (McGovern) is forever … Read more

“The Medusa” 19th Century

MOVIE CASTS JESSE EISENBERG, VANESSA REDGRAVE AND PIERCE BROSNAN   Another period set project will be a movie on famous painter Théodore Géricault THE MEDUSA depicting the tragic events that inspired his harrowing and politically significant masterpiece The Raft Of The Medusa.  Jesse Eisenberg will play the painter, with Pierce Brosnan as his uncle and nemesis, Caruel, and Vanessa Redgrave as his anti royalist innkeeper. Peter Webber of Girl With a Pearl Earring is directing. Set during the turmoil of post Napoleonic France, the story centres on Géricault, artist and enfant terrible, who learns that his best friend has died … Read more

John Thornton, Look Back at Me – pt 8

Chapter 8     The Husband’s Secret  Life   John arrived home to a waiting Dixon and Higgins.  Shrugging out of his coat, he bid them a hello as he hung it on a peg.  Dixon handed him a cup of tea.  “Thank you, Dixon, I was in need of this, he said, taking the cup from her.  “Please sit, both of you.  I just want to stand a moment longer; my legs are stiff from the ride.  While he drank his tea, John paced the room, wondering where to begin.  The day had been a big event in his life, … Read more

The Limehouse Golem (Horror) with Bill Nighy

Victorian mystery thriller THE LIMEHOUSE GOLEM which is scheduled for UK release in September. Directed by Juan Carlos Medina it has a very British cast lead by Bill Nighy alongside Olivia Cooke and young British hunks Douglas Booth and Sam Reid! Daniel Mays, Eddie Marsan and Adam Brown also star in the movie about a series of murders that has shaken the community to the point where people believe that only a legendary creature from dark times – the mythical so-called Golem – must be responsible.  Releases Sept 01, 2017 UK   Bill Nighy took the lead role from Alan … Read more