The Magnificent Seven *** September 23, 2016 *** USA & UK

The Magnificent Seven (2016)

Denzel Washington
Chris Pratt
Ethan Hawke
Vincent D’Onofrio
Byung-hun Lee
Manuel Garcia-Rulfo
Martin Sensmeier
Peter Sarsgaard


In this remake of the classic 1960 oater of the same name (itself a Western remake of Akira Kurosawa’s masterpiece The Seven Samurai), seven gunslingers are hired to defend a Mexican village from bandits. Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt, Matt Bomer, Haley Bennett, Peter Sarsgaard, Vincent D’Onofrio, Sean Bridgers, Vinnie Jones, and Ethan Hawke star. Directed by Antoine Fuqua.

1960 Magnificent Seven

Synopsis by Hal Erickson
magnifcJapanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa’s The Seven Samurai (1954) is westernized as The Magnificent Seven. Yul Brynner plays Chris, a mercenary hired to protect a Mexican farming village from its annual invasion by bandit Calvera (Eli Wallach). As Elmer Bernstein’s unforgettable theme music (later immortalized as the “Marlboro Man” leitmotif) blasts away in the background, Chris rounds up six fellow soldiers of fortune to help him form a united front against the bandits. The remaining “magnificent six” are played by Charles Bronson, Steve McQueen, Horst Buchholz, Robert Vaughn, James Coburn, and (the one that everybody forgets) Brad Dexter. Though jam-packed with action, William Roberts’s screenplay pauses long enough to flesh out each of its characters, allowing the audience to pick their own favorites. The Magnificent Seven was followed by three sequels, not to mention dozens of imitations.



Coming Soon – John Thornton and Margaret Hale Story

I Killed Him 600x900


After two years, absent from Milton and John Thornton, Margaret Hale finds herself being coerced into a pending marriage by a decorated military captain for the inheritance she will receive in the near future. At stake is the life of her brother, Fredrick Hale who has been branded a mutineer and wanted by the Navy to be hung as an enemy of the crown. Hiding the consistent physical abuse and fear from her family, an attempted sexual assault finds Margaret Hale believing she will meet death soon after the wedding. Pushed to her ultimate limit, she flees to the only man with whom she feels safe, John Thornton. In her flight, she knows she is tipping the balance against her brother in retribution and her own life. Has she now thrown the respected mill owner’s life into the line of fire?
This is a North and South Fantasy story.


Beginning next week




John Thornton’s Unfolding Dream – 36 (final chapter)

Last Week

“That question was answered in my head about three days ago. I am going to marry John Thornton, and I am sorry that you do not approve. I owe him a long letter right now, but I think I will go tell him in person. I cannot do anything for Fred, and if I could, I could do it from Milton. Do not be surprised if you get a note from me soon that I am married. I intend to do it immediately . . . I love him that much. I am going upstairs to pack. Tell our driver, I will be ready in half an hour.” Margaret disappeared up the steps not caring what they said.


Chapter 22   (final chapter)

Warning: rated “R”

As Nicholas had predicted, John spent the days in misery. Misery that he was wrong with his behavior and horrifying misery if he was right. His life was shattered. It was nearing sundown and John was finally coming out of his drunken stupor. He felt ready to compose his letter. His house staff had left for the day so when he heard a knock on his door he knew he had to get it himself.

Unfolding Dream scrollWhen he opened the door, he did not see anyone, but heard a small female voice say, “John Thornton, will you marry me?”

John stepped outside and swept Margaret over the threshold carrying her upstairs.” Did you mean right now or is tomorrow soon enough?” He asked, assured he was having a vision. He walked to his bedchamber and laid her down, then lay down beside her. Margaret was a bit stunned that he just stayed that way as if he were sleeping. Then she started to laugh. He must think he is having a vision because he’s so still. She would fix that.

Margaret slipped out of bed and quietly undressed. She lay back down and propped on her side watching his dreamy smile. She wondered what he was envisioning and what she should do next. She carefully unbuttoned his trousers at the top so she could slip her hand in. She did not need help to bring him to arousal as he was there already. Firmly grasping his manhood, she reached up and started licking his lips. He slightly parted them and she entered. She felt him thicken and his arms curl around her back and shoulders.

Margaret was stymied as to how to proceed from there. She wiggled away from him gently and started the struggle to pull off his boots. He rolled a bit as if he was about to wake. She did not want him to wake. This was too much fun. Finally bearing off all of his clothes below the waist and unbuttoning his shirt, she wondered what to do next. She devised a cunning plan, but thought it was a very good time to take a close look at his manly . . . manly what . . . accoutrement? . . . appendage? . . . thing? Thing would have to do for now. She wondered if she did not move would it go down. This would be a new adventure for her. She waited for what seemed a long time, being very still but the darn thing started waving at her. She gasped quietly, stunned. The thing seemed to have a mind of its own. It would stand straight and proud and then lean a bit, then straight again. Then it almost did a wagging motion.

She had no idea that John had always been awake and was really enjoying this game with her. He did not know how long he could hold in his laughter that was almost choking him.

Margaret was mesmerized. Next, she started to lightly poke at the thing. She eased down a little to see if the lower portion of this complex design was reacting to any of this stimulus. It did not appear to, although it looked like the two inhabitants were snuggling from the cold. Margaret stopped her poking and continued to watch. It waved a bit and then it seemed to want to topple over.

John was doing everything he could to clear his mind and allow his penis to come to rest. However, it was not easy. He kept looking down watching her fascination of the whole process that he had lived with since birth.

Margaret started whispering to herself as she continued to study John’s anatomy.” Gosh, I cannot believe all of that goes in me and still feels good. I wonder if it wiggles inside . . . probably no room.”

John was about to burst with laughter and wished she would be quiet so he could help her complete her studies. He closed his eyes and thought about work. As long as she did not touch him, he might be able to favor her with his at rest position. It was working.

Margaret inhaled in surprise.” Look at that! It is going to sleep, I imagine. Oh my gosh, look how it shrinks. My gracious, what a difference. What makes it do that? Does the air leak out somewhere?” She still whispered to herself.

Now, that it was small John expected her to start poking again. Once he was fully erect, he would throw her on her back. He did not know if he should be awake or still dreaming for that.

Margaret did not do as he anticipated but took all of him into her mouth savoring the smallness while she could.

Suddenly, Margaret heard that spellbinding voice.” God, Margaret, do not stop.” She had not planned on stopping but the smallness was rapidly disappearing.

“Was he awake?” she wondered.” Was he playing this game with her?” Margaret knew that he was responding to her when she did something. She thought if she could get him to take the initiative, then he was definitely awake. She had a very bold lustful and passionate plan. She was going to do a very unladylike thing.

As John’s manhood came to full arousal, she straddled him, sitting on his belly with his erect penis behind her. She slowly lifted his heavy arms and pinned them behind his head. Now looking at his face, she could almost see his smirk hiding. Since he had a long body and it was a stretch for her to keep his arms pinned down, she wiggled up on his chest, now moving away from his manhood. She thought she saw disappointment in his brow movement. A small crinkle appeared between his brows. Margaret took a breath for the final assault, steeled herself, and straddled him around his neck and armpits. Everything she could offer him was almost within a tongue lash. Nothing happened immediately but she did not expect it. He would be waiting for her next move, but it would not happen. The crinkle between his brows had now moved to edges of his mouth. He was holding back the smile.

Margaret just sat there. She thought she could wait him out.

With his eyes still closed, John finally said, “So, you want me to marry you?”


“Then move about an inch closer and I will think about it.”

Margaret did not obey his blatant remark but John untangled his pinned arms and pulled her forward. He supped while Margaret fell backward from weakness. All of her nerve endings crested with the intense pleasure rolling through her until her vision blurred and all around her faded away. Her release was hard and she did not want it to end.” Do not stop, John. I love what you do to me.”

John flipped her on her back and entered her. And through the throes of her orgasm, John held his control as long as he could luxuriate within her velvet sheath. As each thrust sustained her, he told himself that she was his. He watched her face in all its glory at his movements. That drove him deeper and faster until his release ripped through his body leaving him gasping and shaken.

As he opened his eyes, he saw her inevitable smile and rolled with her up on top and he onto his back. He lifted his hands to her breasts and plucked at her hard nipples.

While she sat upon him with him still inside, they looked into each other’s eyes.” I love you Margaret Hale,” John said.

“And I love you, John Thornton, but you haven’t answered my question.”

“You mean about the wiggling. Now that he’s gone down, can you feel this?” He laughed, not expecting an answer. Margaret, if I live to be a thousand, I will never forget your little expedition. I am going to have to write that down in my memoirs. And by the way, I have not completed my thesis, yet.”

“You have memoirs?” Margaret asked, feeling stunned that he actually might have written things down.

“Yes, I started them with the first visions. Being away rescuing my damsel twice, I was busy yesterday writing everything down.”

“Surely, not everything.” Margaret responded.

“Yes, everything. I was afraid that was all I would have of you for the rest of my life.” John said solemnly, looking away.

“Can we discuss that later? John, I have not packed for a visit here; I have packed to stay.”

John rose up with her still sitting on him and covered her mouth with his. He kissed her long and sensuously, thinking all the while that his dream, his vision, was right there in his arms. She was here forever.” Margaret, you have completed me. You have made me the man that I always wished to be. Yes, I will marry you and we will do it tomorrow. We will invite Nicholas and Peggy, along with Daniel and Megan as witnesses.”

Margaret started to feel his wiggle.” You know, we are going to have to give this little guy a name. I can’t keep saying thing.”

John laughed ready to flip her back on her back again.” Mr. Wiggles is ready to flex his muscles,” he smiled.

“One more thing, John.”

“Whatever you wish, my love?”

“Since you have made love to me for the last three days straight and you are about to do it again, I think we could easily have a daughter on the way!

“I love you, Margaret. Thank you for her . . . or him.” John kissed her tenderly thinking of how the shadow of his dreams had lit the light to his soul.






The End


Release Date – Poldark Season 2 is back on telly

Poldark on Horse

Poldark and its dreamy star Aidan Turner are on their way back to the BBC, and now we now the exact date series two of the show begins.

The upcoming ten-episode run of the romantic, Cornwall-set period drama, which previously drew in 9.5million viewers, begins on September 4. Cancel everything and dump your real-life boyfriend NOW.

Aidan is currently in line to become the next Bond, but seeing as there is also a third series of the popular programme planned, we doubt he’ll be running off to battle Blofeld just yet.

Cressida Bonas's 'unofficial step-sister' to join Poldark as new cast revealed Gabriella Wilde is to join the cast of Poldark for its second series, as Aidan Turner and co return to Cornwall
Aidan Turner was frequently seen without a shirt in the first series (Picture: BBC)

MORE: Poldark’s Aidan Turner says his ‘scariest day’ on set involved a porn actor

The story looks set to run and run, and Elizabeth Kilgarriff, the executive producer of Poldark, previously  told The Guardian: ‘Series two promises to take the audience on another fantastic roller coaster ride and we’re thrilled to know that the story won’t end there.’

We’ve already learned that John Nettles, Gabriella Wilde and Hugh Skinner are joining the cast, and we’ve seen the first official picture from the second series, which shows Ross Poldark proudly posing on a horse – fully-clothed.

Indeed, Poldark’s writer Debbie Horsfield previously revealed Ross won’t be getting his kit off in this new series, or at least that we won’t be seeing him doing much topless scything. Sigh.


Whether this will dent the popularity of the 18th-century-set drama, also starring Eleanor Tomlinson as Poldark’s former maid and new wife Demelza, remains to be seen.

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Enchanted April *** 1992

Two cloistered, married English women (Josie Lawrence, Miranda Richardson) impulsively rent an Italian villa and embark upon a vacation without their spouses. They are joined by two other ladies: the high-flown aging widow Joan Plowright, and elegant upper-crust beauty Polly Walker) whom they’ve never met. Under the spell of an exotic new location, the foursome are in for quite a few life-altering experiences, many of them amusing, and not a few very surprising. Impeccably accurate in its recreation of European manners and mores in the 1920s, Enchanted April is sheer bliss from fade-in to fade-out.