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Author Topic: Avatar Sizes  (Read 6796 times)


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Avatar Sizes
« on: June 27, 2013, 02:34:19 PM »
Although the software defaults to avatars of 65x65, I am overriding it to 200x200 until I see a problem.


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  • post Move over Meryl: is it final curtains for Hollywood award heavyweights? - 22 January
  • With no Bafta nominations for The Post?s big stars - and the upheaval of the industry post-#MeToo - is it time for a new generation of award big hitters?We all got Seth Meyers?s joke about The Post on Golden Globes night. The moment he said: ?Directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks?, an assistant strode on stage, her arms laden with awards. ?No, not yet, we have to wait,? Meyers told her, and she shuffled back off. Streep has nine Globes and three Oscars; Hanks four Globes and two Oscars. Other acting nominees that night included Daniel Day-Lewis, Judi Dench and Helen Mirren. They?re the usual suspects, each already multiple award-winners and default frontrunners every season. Related: The Post review ? Streep and Hanks scoop the honours in Spielberg's big-hearted story Continue reading...
  • post Richard Linklater on Last Flag Flying: 'We're not meant to kill. We're not cut out for it' - 22 January
  • He set out to make a black comedy about the Iraq war and ended up with a film about Trump. Richard Linklater talks soldiers, psychopaths ? and doing another Before filmIn the quest to make the perfect film for the age of Trump, some strive for success and others stumble upon it. In the former camp, there?s Steven Spielberg?s Pentagon Papers drama The Post, a tale of journalists battling government corruption, hurried through production so that it could be in multiplexes before Trump?s first year was over.And then there?s Richard Linklater?s Last Flag Flying, a film about three retired soldiers on a quest to give one man?s son a full military burial. Set at the time of the second Iraq war, Linklater?s film is poignant and blackly funny, but not something that felt particularly specific to today. Or at least it didn?t ? until Trump began his tirade against NFL players kneeling during the national anthem. He claimed they were disrespecting the flag and those tasked with defending it. Suddenly the themes of the film ? patriotism, the military, respecting the star-spangled banner ? were being hotly debated on cable news and social media. Linklater had made a Trump movie ? by accident. Continue reading...
  • post The Happy Prince review ? Rupert Everett is magnificent in dream role as dying Oscar Wilde - 22 January
  • Directed by and starring Everett, this poignant dramatisation of Wilde?s final years in exile is a powerful parable of passion and redemptionIt is a part he was born to play, and he does it with exactly the right kind of poignantly ruined magnificence. Rupert Everett has written, directed and starred in this gripping drama about Oscar Wilde?s final years: his disgraced exile-agony in Naples and Paris on being released from prison after the conviction for ?gross indecency?. This was the result of his indiscreet affair with Lord Alfred ?Bosie? Douglas, whose enraged, reactionary father, the Marquess of Queensberry, had provoked Wilde?s catastrophic libel action following an accusation of his ?posing as a somdomite?. Queensberry?s famously odd misspelling is silently corrected in this film?s opening titles. Over the closing credits ? like The Imitation Game, about Alan Turing ? it gives us the infuriating information that its subject has been posthumously ?pardoned? by the British authorities. It?s Wilde (and Turing) who should be doing the pardoning.Everett?s movie is expertly interspersed with flashbacks to Wilde?s great days and to his initial wary optimism on first arriving in France on the boat train. But the movie shows him living and dying in squalor and illness, succumbing to the delayed shock of his prison nightmare, jeered at and spat on by the expatriate Brits who recognised him, unprotected by his quibbling pseudonym ?Sebastian Melmoth? ? that two-word creation which was his final literary work of drollery. Continue reading...
  • post SAG awards 2018: Three Billboards wins big in female-powered ceremony - 21 January
  • Frances McDormand and Sam Rockwell win for roles in the small-town drama while an all-female list of presenters celebrate an important year for women in HollywoodThe cast of Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri won big at the 24th annual Screen Actors Guild awards during a female-powered ceremony. Related: The 10 film performances that deserve more awards attention this year Continue reading...
  • post From Black Panther to Black Lightning: black superheroes are go! - 20 January
  • African-American comic book characters are finally stepping up from sidekicksAfter five decades as sidekicks, secondary characters and niche titles, the black superhero?s time has finally come.Next month Marvel releases its eagerly awaited Black Panther movie, centred on a young African king who doubles as a clawed, catsuit-clad crimefighter. Last week CW and Netflix unveiled Black Lightning, an African-American educator with electrical superpowers. Add in Netflix?s Luke Cage and that?s three African-American-led superhero titles in 18 months ? a situation previously unimaginable. Continue reading...
  • post Actor Vicky Krieps: ?I spent a whole day staring into greenery to avoid Daniel Day-Lewis? - 21 January
  • The rising star began filming opposite her triple-Oscar-winning co-star having only met him once. It was, she says, as intense as it looksWhen Vicky Krieps falls in love with Daniel Day-Lewis on screen, it is a moment that seems unrehearsed in its intensity ? and that?s because it was. Day-Lewis insisted that Krieps, a barely known actor from Luxembourg, meet him for the first time in character in Paul Thomas Anderson?s breathtaking new film Phantom Thread. Preparing his role as Reynolds Woodcock, a London couturier, Day-Lewis ? with his habitual method-actor zeal ? learned to think like Balenciaga, sewed 100 buttonholes and kept Krieps at bay. When Krieps?s Alma walks into the breakfast room of a Yorkshire hotel with sea views, she looks as shy as a Raphael Madonna, but in a waitress?s uniform (the film is set in the 50s). When she asks, in her lilting German accent: ?What would you like to order?? Woodcock starts to reel off almost everything on the menu. And Krieps blushes ? for Alma and herself. For the audience, there is never any doubt that Woodcock?s appetite ? and this is a film about appetite ? is not for what is on the menu but for this young woman who will become his muse. Last summer, Day-Lewis announced that the film would be his swansong. For Krieps, it is the most extraordinary beginning.The New York Times critic AO Scott has described Krieps as, in every way, a match for Day-Lewis, an actor at once ?canny and unintimidated?. She is a sensation: she brings to the role beauty, vulnerability and a stubborn ? potentially defiant ? serenity. The film is being hailed as Thomas Anderson?s best (and Magnolia and There Will Be Blood are hardly easy acts to follow). It is at once disturbing and enigmatic, but not without comedy. Continue reading...
  • post SAG awards 2018: 'We are living in a watershed moment' ? video report - 22 January
  • Kristen Bell presents the 2018 SAG awards supported by an all-female list of hosts. Bell opened the night by telling the audience: ?We are living in a watershed moment? SAG awards 2018: Three Billboards wins big in female-powered ceremony Continue reading...
  • post Marion Cotillard on Woody Allen: 'The experience we had together was very odd' - 19 January
  • The Midnight in Paris star said she was ?ignorant? of stories of alleged sexual abuse and would ?dig more? if he asked her to work with him againOscar-winning actor Marion Cotillard has spoken about her experience of working with Woody Allen on the set of Midnight in Paris.The star, who won best actress for La Vie En Rose in 2008, was asked to give her thoughts on Allen after his estranged daughter Dylan Farrow reiterated, in a televised interview, her claim that he sexually abused her. Continue reading...
  • post Paddington 2 becomes best reviewed film ever - 19 January
  • Bear gets his sticky paws on Rotten Tomatoes record for longest run of positive reviewsIn the lineup of the most critically acclaimed films, Citizen Kane and The Godfather have been bested by a bear from ?darkest? Peru. The aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes has declared Paddington 2 to be the best reviewed film in the site?s history.The comedy ? which is directed by the British film-maker Paul King and stars Hugh Grant, Sally Hawkins and Hugh Bonneville, ? has received 164 consecutive positive reviews from critics. Continue reading...
  • post Colin Firth says he will never work with Woody Allen again - 19 January
  • Actor provides statement to Guardian on same day Dylan Farrow gives first televised interview accusing her adoptive father of sexual assaultColin Firth is the latest actor to publicly rebuke Woody Allen, telling the Guardian he won?t do any projects with the director in the future. ?I wouldn?t work with him again,? Firth said in response to the Guardian?s inquiry on Thursday, the same day Dylan Farrow gave her first televised interview accusing her adopted father of sexually assaulting her when she was seven years old. Continue reading...

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