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Author Topic: Avatar Sizes  (Read 6428 times)


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Avatar Sizes
« on: June 27, 2013, 02:34:19 PM »
Although the software defaults to avatars of 65x65, I am overriding it to 200x200 until I see a problem.


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  • post Jerry Lewis: a knockabout clown with a dark and melancholy inner life | Peter Bradshaw - 20 August
  • The former comedy partner of Dean Martin, and star of films such as The Nutty Professor and The King of Comedy, was a complex, brilliant figure who evolved into an audacious cinematic innovator?Jerry Lewis: from Cinderfella to King of Comedy ? a career in clipsFor some, it is his masterpiece. For others, it is unendurably and outrageously awful, an exercise in frantically broad slapstick comedy that inspires pure disbelief, as well as derision for those reported chin-strokers and ironic postmodernists in France and elsewhere who affect to admire it. The film is The Nutty Professor, from 1963, that wacky doppelgänger farce inspired by Jekyll and Hyde, co-written and directed by its legendary star? Jerry Lewis. Related: Jerry Lewis, king of comedy, dies at 91 Continue reading...
  • post Rupert Everett: ?I was living in terror for my life when Aids began? - 20 August
  • The star of new comedy Quacks had his big break in 1981, but spent the period in ?sheer panic? watching friends die. He talks about fear, flops and coming back from the wilderness yearsIn one way, Quacks is a natural place to find Rupert Everett. The keenly British comedy has ?something of the Carry On, Stanley Baxter era? about it, he says ? a sharp, playful script; a generous, gracious ensemble cast also featuring Rory Kinnear and Mathew Baynton; very accurate historical detail, such as Everett?s thunderous physician trying to cure what sounds like cystitis with the topical application of a baked potato. Really, what could be more fitting? Who else would you cast?Yet the legacy of his first, dazzling appearance into British culture, the stage and then film version of Another Country, means that if you were alive and at all conscious in the early 1980s, you can?t help thinking of an Everett sighting as a rare honour, like seeing a ptarmigan, or an MP at a bus stop. Continue reading...
  • post Bollywood's hot new topics: open toilets, menstrual hygiene and erectile dysfunction - 20 August
  • Forget all those swirling songs and plots about love, heartache and family values. Bollywood has more pressing concerns?This is not about defecation,? says the hero of Toilet: Ek Prem Katha, which translates as Toilet: A Love Story. ?It is about our whole way of thinking!? What makes this startling line all the more surprising is that it is delivered by Akshay Kumar, an actor straight out of the Bollywood A-list.The film, as the second half of its title suggests, has no shortage of such Bollywood staples as romance and love songs. But the main subject matter is one that no Hindi film has ever tackled before: open defecation. This is a singularly Indian problem. Various studies estimate that 60% of India?s billion-plus population don?t have access to a bathroom. For women, this isn?t just a question of sanitation. It?s about safety, privacy and independence. Continue reading...
  • post Riley Keough: ?I had a bad reaction to authority? - 20 August
  • She grew up between Michael Jackson?s Neverland Ranch, Graceland and her father?s trailer park. But actor Riley Keough is amazingly grounded, finds Sanjiv BhattacharyaA couple of months ago, Riley Keough turned 28, so she went out for a celebratory dinner with friends and family. ?I drank some wine,? she shrugs. ?But I don?t like drinking, really. I have so much to do and it?s hard to function with a hangover.? She thinks for a moment. ?Actually, I don?t like dinners either. Such a waste of time. I like eating, but I don?t like that it?s this whole experience, like picking a restaurant and going there and like sitting at a table??She speaks in a quiet, halting voice, grinning as though amused by how her idiosyncratic opinions sound when she says them out loud, and by the bizarre fact that most people actually enjoy food. Which is ironic, considering she?s Elvis Presley?s granddaughter, but we?ll get to that. Continue reading...
  • post Hollywood after Bridesmaids: has the ladette comedy gone too far? - 19 August
  • Raucous female-fronted comedies such as Girls Trip and Rough Night are changing the status quo, but there?s a darker side to this breakthrough Related: Girls Trip review ? raucous comedy delivers a fresh and filthy good time A woman is freshening up her undercarriage at the sink in a public bathroom when the door unexpectedly swings open. Another is surreptitiously sniffing her pits while strutting to the nightclub flanked by female friends. These lifelong BFFs are headed to New Orleans with the expressed intention of getting ?white-girl wasted? and also ?pregnant tonight?. Meanwhile, a bachelorette party has just wound up accidentally killing the male stripper they?d hired while high on cocaine. Oopsie! Continue reading...
  • post Roman Polanski: judge rejects request from victim to dismiss rape case - 18 August
  • Ruling follows first appearance in the case by Samantha Geimer, who was 13 years old when the director sexually assaulted her in Los Angeles in 1977A judge has rejected a request by the woman who was raped by director Roman Polanski 40 years ago to have the criminal case against him dismissed.
    Superior court judge Scott Gordon ruled that Polanski remained a fugitive from justice and that the court could not dismiss a case ?merely because it would be in the victim?s best interest?. Continue reading...
  • post 'It's a terribly fine line': the stunt performers risking their lives for Hollywood - 18 August
  • This summer, two Hollywood stunt performers were killed on set in the first stunt-related fatalities since 2002. How will these tragedies affect the industry?If there?s one common denominator among the highest-grossing films of the 21st century, it?s that most include tremendously elaborate action sequences. There are the colossal sinking ships of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, the explosive pyrotechnics of Michael Bay?s Transformers, and the street bikes, crashing through glass and whizzing beneath 18-wheelers, of The Dark Knight. With each year these sequences become bigger, faster, more ambitious and more expensive. Inevitably, they turn more dangerous, too. And the people who bring them to life ? the invisible, undervalued warriors of Hollywood, whose days consist of car hits and fire burns and jumps from death-defying altitudes ? are the stunt performers. Continue reading...
  • post Everything that's wrong with 'everything that's wrong with' YouTube film critiques - 18 August
  • Kong: Skull Island director Jordan Vogt-Roberts is right to take exception to the hyper-critical video that pulled apart his film. Such pedantry is neither clever nor incisiveThere is nothing wrong with Kong: Skull Island. It will never be remembered as a masterpiece, but as a slab of summer entertainment it is witty, visually inventive and unwilling to outstay its welcome. It is basically a really expensive Sharknado made by people with functioning adult attention spans, and, as such, probably qualifies as the second-best King Kong film ever made.However, that didn?t stop YouTube channel CinemaSins from recently devoting 19 and a half minutes to destroying the film in a video called Everything That?s Wrong With Kong: Skull Island. If you?ve never seen one of these videos before, their sole purpose is to pick apart films in excruciating detail. For example, some of the things the video found wrong with Skull Island include a title card that reads ?Bangkok Thailand? instead of just ?Bangkok?, a dolly-zoom near the end and the fact that Samuel L Jackson spoke some lines in his normal cadence. In total, CinemaSins found 146 things wrong with the film, and a million and a half people apparently had enough free time to hear them all listed. So far, so internet. Continue reading...
  • post Kathryn Bigelow on Detroit: ?There?s a radical desire not to face the reality of race? - 17 August
  • The latest film from the director of Zero Dark Thirty and The Hurt Locker follows the 1967 police killing of black teenagers amid a racially charged riot. It could be 2017?s most urgent movieKathryn Bigelow sits very straight and considers events last weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia. ?It was an atrocity,? she says. ?I don?t know where we go from here.? Does the crisis of American racism scare her? She repeats the question back as if peering at it under glass. ?Does it scare me? Does it scare me??We are in London, a long way from Charlottesville, and a piano tinkles nearby. Bigelow, who is wearing a black top and jeans, is almost 6ft tall, gracefully angular, still the only woman to win an Oscar as best director, for her Iraq war masterpiece The Hurt Locker. The movies she makes ? spotted with raw, precision violence ? might suggest a certain kind of personality. In fact, I?m not the first person meeting her to be reminded of a benign professor. Continue reading...
  • post Quest review ? love and hope win out on the US poverty line - 18 August
  • Jonathan Olshefski?s documentary, shot over the eight years of the Obama presidency, sees the Rainey family rise above poverty, drugs and gun violenceSadly, the problems affecting the Raineys, the African American family whose north Philadelphia home accommodates this heartening documentary, are all too familiar: poverty, drugs, gun violence. It could have been filmed at any point in the last 40 years, but debut director Jonathan Olshefski follows them over a pointed stretch: the eight years of the Obama presidency. Little shifts materially for them, but they are beacons of self-reliance and generosity. Christopher runs a home studio offering ?Freestyle Fridays? for local rappers, and Christine works at a domestic violence shelter. Their optimism is tested when daughter PJ catches a stray bullet from a shootout and loses an eye. Her and her parents? inspirational courage glows in the rich palette with which Olshefski captures the neighbourhood, investing it with love not fear. Trump?s blustering offer to America?s black population ? ?What have you got to lose?? ? intrudes on the TV near the end, but Quest makes it clear that some things endure beyond political events. Monoscopic PJ shoots hoops with the same ease as her dad hits stoops on his newspaper delivery round without looking. Continue reading...

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