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Author Topic: The Other Queen  (Read 43 times)


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The Other Queen
« on: July 11, 2018, 04:00:18 PM »


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Re: The Other Queen
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2018, 04:29:35 AM »
Oh, that's a new one for me! Thanks! Pre-ordered it right away.

It's going to be a very nice autumn with all these audiobooks!


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  • post How Tom Cruise made ?going rogue? a Hollywood staple - 16 July
  • From Mission: Impossible to Red Sparrow, do we need rule-busting rebels on screen when there are so many in reality?If you can remember the plots of the previous five Mission: Impossible movies, you are either some kind of movie savant or you?re Tom Cruise. But if you had to guess any of them, including the forthcoming Mission: Impossible ? Fallout, you could safely say either: ?Tom Cruise goes rogue?, ?Tom Cruise goes after someone who?s gone rogue?, or possibly ?Who cares? Remember those awesome stunts!? And, basically, you?d be right. The previous instalment featured all three: it had a secret spy project that had gone rogue. To infiltrate it, Cruise?s Ethan Hunt had to go even roguer (and hang on to the outside of a plane). In case you?d forgotten, it was called Mission: Impossible ? Rogue Nation, although that could be the title for any of them, and many other movies besides. Continue reading...
  • post Come Inside My Mind: star-studded documentary honors Robin Williams - 16 July
  • Director Marina Zenovich talks about translating Williams? comedy to the screen, his inner demons, and what compels her about complicated menWhen Marina Zenovich was an aspiring actor living in New York, taking on small roles to pay the bills, she was cast as an extra in The Fisher King, appearing in the scene where Parry, the madcap eccentric played by Robin Williams, imagines a spontaneous flashmob breaking out among enchanted commuters in Grand Central Station. Related: Robin Williams's widow reveals how dying actor fought 'chemical warfare in his brain' Continue reading...
  • post Great films about football ? and where to find them - 16 July
  • If you still haven?t had enough football drama, you?ll need to hunt down some classics of the genreSo it didn?t come home after all: the St George flags hang limp, the Gareth Southgate tribute waistcoats have been retired to the closet, and the wound-licking will carry on for some time. Still, the World Cup final is upon us, and whether you?re still buzzing in anticipation or in need of some sporting distraction from the match, a football-themed film playlist of sorts seems to be in order.Beautiful game and gargantuan international way of life it may be, but football hasn?t been especially well served by cinema over the years. (That?s partly because America, the world leader in sports movies, is hazy on what to even call the sport, much less how to play it.) A few obvious standards in the narrow football-film canon have been established: you don?t really need me to remind you about Gurinder Chadha?s still-spry crowdpleaser Bend It Like Beckham (streaming on Amazon Prime, if you?ve somehow never caught its charms), and I?m not going to recommend you watch John Huston?s hoary old wartime kickaround Escape to Victory (Prime, if you must) merely for the sake of thematic continuity, even if it does star Pele. Continue reading...
  • post Apostasy director: ?It was liberating to leave the Jehovah?s Witnesses? - 15 July
  • Daniel Kokotajlo was brought up in the Christian sect. Now his extraordinary debut film casts an acute eye on the religion he turned his back onMaking a film is always, at almost any given moment, difficult-verging-on-the-impossible, and Daniel Kokotajlo?s first feature was no exception. His backers were expectant; his budget was miniature; far too many pages of the script over which he had laboured for so long needed to be filmed every single day. And just like any other tyro director, he brought with him all the usual doubts. Why on earth had he insisted on so many locations? What would it be like to give notes to his star, Siobhan Finneran? However, for Kokotajlo, whose quietly controlled screenplay is rooted in his upbringing as a Jehovah?s Witness, there were other, deeper things going on, too. It took this gentle, softly spoken man from Tameside, in Manchester, 21 days to shoot his film, and in that time his beard turned, somewhat dramatically, from mostly brown to mostly grey. ?I lost loads of hair, as well,? he says, placing a hand ruefully on his head. ?When we started, I looked about my age, which is 37. By the time we?d finished, I was 10 years older.?Every day brought with it the feeling of transgression. ?Even before the shoot, this was a subject I was uncomfortable with,? he says. ?As Witnesses, we were told to avoid literature that was critical of us. We were made to feel it was almost on the level of being satanic. When I first got hold of one of these books, not long after I left the religion, I was literally shaking with fear ? and when I started working on this project, that fear came right back.? Perhaps, though, this anxiety was also useful. One of the more remarkable things about Apostasy ? and there are many; it?s hard to imagine a more accomplished debut ? is its even-handedness, the way it stirs in the audience sympathy for characters whose beliefs most of us might ordinarily struggle to understand. Kokotajlo nods. ?I did feel a pressure to be as accurate and as honest as possible. I didn?t want people still in the religion to be able to say: this is just propaganda. I needed it to be right.? Are Witnesses likely to choose to see it? ?That depends. They?ll be advised not to. But if they?re curious, they might. There are the rules, and then there?s what people actually do.? Continue reading...
  • post Hugh Skinner: ?I like playing people who are crap at things? - 15 July
  • The W1A star on embracing Abba in the Mamma Mia sequel, being mistaken for The Crown?s Matt Smith and the joy of spray tansLondon-born Hugh Skinner, 33, graduated from Lamda and began his acting career in the theatre. He?s best known for his comedic TV roles as bumbling intern Will in W1A, Prince William in The Windsors, and as Phoebe Waller-Bridge?s on-off boyfriend in Fleabag. He has also appeared in period dramas Poldark, Our Zoo and Harlots. This summer he plays Harry, the younger version of Colin Firth?s character, in Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, the sequel to the hit 2008 musical romcom that opens in cinemas on Friday.How does it feel to play a young Colin Firth?
    Doing Mamma Mia was scary full stop, so playing a young Colin Firth was even more intimidating. I just had to keep reminding myself that I was playing Harry and not Colin Firth, which psychologically felt better. I was worried Colin would want the younger him to be played by an Abercrombie & Fitch model, but he was very gracious. Continue reading...
  • post Lost Stanley Kubrick screenplay, Burning Secret, is found 60 years on - 15 July
  • Script co-written by director is so close to completion it could be developed into a feature filmHis first world war classic, Paths of Glory, is one of cinema?s most powerful anti-war movies, widely acclaimed as a masterpiece, as was his Roman epic, Spartacus, both of which starred Kirk Douglas. Now a ?lost? screenplay by director Stanley Kubrick has been discovered ? and it is so close to completion that it could be developed by film-makers.Entitled Burning Secret, the script is an adaptation of the 1913 novella by the Viennese writer Stefan Zweig. In Kubrick?s adaptation of the story of adultery and passion set in a spa resort, a suave and predatory man befriends a 10-year-old boy, using him to seduce the child?s married mother. Continue reading...
  • post Mamma Mia 2 makers hope to repeat box office success - 14 July
  • My my, how can fans resist Cher singing Fernando and playing Meryl Streep?s mum?Can they do it again? The makers of Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again certainly hope they can persuade audiences to pack their fantasy swimsuits and mosquito repellent next weekend for another fictional cinematic holiday on their ideal Greek island.Cher, along with most of the stars of the first film, which made Ł466m at the box office a decade ago, gathered together in London on Saturday, ahead of the 20 July release of the follow-up musical. Continue reading...
  • post Harvey Weinstein lawyer denies report producer 'offered acting jobs for sex' - 13 July
  • Lawyer for Weinstein ? whose client faces up to life in prison if convicted of sexual assault ? says he did not make quoted remarks in interview with the SpectatorThe disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein?s lawyer has claimed that his client was misquoted in an interview where he?s cited as admitting to having offered acting jobs in exchange for sex. Related: Harvey Weinstein out on bail after pleading not guilty to sex assault charges Continue reading...
  • post Scarlett Johansson drops out of trans role after backlash - 13 July
  • The actor has exited the fact-based drama Rub & Tug after the casting angered trans actors and activistsScarlett Johansson has dropped out of her role in fact-based drama Rub & Tug after backlash from the trans community.The actor was set to play the role of crime kingpin Dante ?Tex? Gill, who was born Lois Jean Gill but identified as a man. He used his massage parlors as a front for prostitution. Continue reading...
  • post Henry Cavill apologises for comments on #MeToo - 13 July
  • The Superman actor has expressed regret for his insensitivity, and insists the #MeToo movement is vitally important and has his wholehearted supportHenry Cavill has apologised ?for any confusion and misunderstanding? over comments he made about the #MeToo movement. The Man of Steel actor had said, in an interview with GQ Australia, that he feels hesitant to talk to women in a flirtatious manner because he fears being called a ?rapist or something?. In a statement to the Press Association, Cavill said: ?Having seen the reaction to an article, in particular about my feelings on dating and the #MeToo movement, I just wanted to apologise for any confusion and misunderstanding that this may have created. Insensitivity was absolutely not my intention.? Continue reading...

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