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  • post The Book of Henry is a catastrophically awful film. Everyone should see it - 22 June
  • Tonally it jerks from syrupy to shrill, filled with A-list actors working without conviction or connection. This is a film to be studied in What Not to Do classesIt had the star-wattage and the slick presentation, the money behind it, the talent on screen, the entire infrastructure of a major studio available to keep everything on course, and you have to wonder why The Book of Henry went so catastrophically wrong. Related: The Book of Henry review ? icky revenge weepie pours syrup over everything Continue reading...
  • post The Good, the Bad and the Ugly's graveyard comes back from the dead - 22 June
  • Documentary honours film fans who laboured to restore setting for 1966 spaghetti western?s climactic sceneAfter more than 50 years, several fistfuls of euros and countless wheelbarrow journeys, one of the most famous graveyards in cinema history has been rescued from oblivion and is to be honoured in a new documentary.Sad Hill cemetery is the setting for the climax of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, when Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef and Eli Wallach face off against each other to the strains of Ennio Morricone. Continue reading...
  • post Nobody Speak: Trials of the Free Press review ? Hulk v Gawker in portrait of wealthy arrogance - 22 June
  • This new Netflix docu-feature examines Hogan?s case against the gossip site, highlighting other wealthy figures aggressively seeking to silence the pressThe extraordinary case of Hulk Hogan?s 2015 legal action against the gossip website Gawker is far shadier, far creepier than many appreciate. Certainly, I didn?t realise that, until I saw this punchy documentary which sites it in a new context. The Hogan attack was a vanguard operation in the aggressive new reactionary philistinism and hatred of press freedom being nurtured by some of America?s super-rich which is encouraged as a political diversionary tactic by the US president. The wrestler sued Gawker for posting a sex tape of him with his best friend?s wife ? the video was allegedly made and distributed without his knowledge. Much later, it was revealed that the suit was secretly bankrolled by the Silicon Valley billionaire, Ayn Rand-ist libertarian and Trump supporter Peter Thiel ? apparently in revenge for Gawker outing him as gay. So far, so debatable. There are many who feel that both Hulk and Thiel were entitled to privacy and had no great sympathy for Gawker and its trashy, bitchy stories. But this film shows that there is ample evidence that Hogan knew that the tape was being made and was ready to let it accidentally-on-purpose emerge to promote his reality-TV career, panicking only when he thought that a longer version would become public, revealing his racist language. As for Thiel he was already furious at Gawker?s ValleyWag column and its continual, irreverent criticism of him and his financial performance, and had, in any case, a highly authoritarian contempt for the democratic impulses of the press. Thiel and Hogan won a staggering $140m in damages, enough to knock over first amendment issues and put Gawker out of business. Continue reading...
  • post Edith Walks review ? eccentric trek in pursuit of Englishness - 22 June
  • Andrew Kötting?s psychogeographical journey from Waltham Abbey to Hastings ? with contributions from Alan Moore and Iain Sinclair en route ? is filled with a wayward integrityAnother eccentric, strange yet weirdly engaging journey along the leyline of Englishness by experimental film-maker Andrew Kötting, flying under the radar of conventional history and conventional production values. This zero-to-no-budget piece is something like a filmed moment of street theatre or Pythonesque subversion of the English past. It is a kind of occult dress-up pilgrimage, tracing in reverse an imaginary journey between Waltham Abbey and Hastings, conceptually reuniting King Harold with Edith Swan-Neck, his secular or ?hand-fast? wife, who identified his body after the Battle of Hastings and secured him a Christian burial at Waltham Abbey. Kötting and his company make their journey in costume, pausing to consider and contemplate along the way, with ruminative contributions from Iain Sinclair and Alan Moore, who discuss the mythic relativeness of Edith?s identity and the psychogeographical implications of everything else. Moore comments gnomically: ?You can always tell an authentic battlefield.? Well, only a pedant or a bore would insist on leading Mr Moore blindfold to three or four fields to test the truth of that. Like everything else in this piece, it has its own wayward integrity. Continue reading...
  • post Western legend: Marlon Brando's One-Eyed Jacks ? archive, 22 June 1961 - 22 June
  • 22 June 1961: Brando?s directorial debut brings back to the western genre a sense of period and a sense of communityWith the arrival of Marlon Brando?s One-Eyed Jacks, possibly the best Western film since Shane, one begins to speculate all over again on the future of this thankfully inexhaustible genre. And perhaps the most important and impressive feature of Brando?s piece is that it brings back to the Western a sense of period, a sense of community, decidedly lacking during the last few years. Related: Lonely rangers: the dark side of westerns Continue reading...
  • post ?I was crying, and I was angry?: Hotel Coolgardie's shocking portrait of sexism in the outback - 21 June
  • Two Finnish backpackers find themselves under siege when they take jobs behind the bar in this Western Australia mining-town pub
    It?s a premise right out of Wake in Fright: a pair of penniless down-on-their-luck foreigners arrive in a backwater Australian town located in the middle of sun-baked, dirt-slathered, sweat-stained nowhere. Here there is just a pub and a swimming pool. And of course, the locals. Continue reading...
  • post Rebel Wilson's $7m damages claim should be thrown out, Bauer Media says - 22 June
  • Actor seeks money over eight articles that defamed her in May 2015, including $5.89m in special damagesRebel Wilson?s ?extraordinarily large? special damages claim should be thrown out because she has failed to prove she suffered losses as a result of a series of defamatory magazine articles, a court has heard.Wilson is seeking $5.893m in special damages ? which would cover the loss of one film role ? and general damages of $1.2m, bringing total damages sought to an ?extremely conservative? $7.093m. Continue reading...
  • post Diverse casting leads to box office success, study shows - 21 June
  • A study released by the Creative Artists Agency showed that, from 2014 to 2016, films with more diverse casts out-performed others at the box officeA new study by the Creative Artists Agency (CAA) says that films with more diverse casts perform better at the box office than less diverse ones, confirming what people and actors of color have been contending for years.The data, which studied 413 films released between January 2014 and December 2016, catalogued the ethnicity of the top 10 actors per film, noting that those with at least a 30% non-white cast have tended to financially outperform films that fail to reach that threshold. Continue reading...
  • post Star Wars: Han Solo spin-off directors fired after 'creative differences' - 21 June
  • Studio and directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller part ways during production as directors say ?for once the cliche creative differences is true?The directors of the forthcoming Star Wars Han Solo spin-off have parted ways with the studio midway through the film?s production.Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy said that Phil Lord and Christopher Miller had left the production due to ?different creative visions? for the film, which stars Alden Ehrenreich as a young version of beloved Star Wars character Han Solo. Continue reading...
  • post Rebel Wilson seeks almost $6m in damages over Bauer Media defamation - 21 June
  • Legal team says claim ?extremely conservative? as Hollywood agent tells court Wilson could have commanded US$5m to US$6m a film after Pitch Perfect 2?s successRebel Wilson should receive A$5.93m in special damages to make up for lost film opportunities after defamatory articles branded her a serial liar, her lawyers say.The ?extremely conservative? claim by her defence follows the star?s defamation win against gossip magazine publisher Bauer Media last week. Continue reading...

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