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  • post Brexit critic Colin Firth opts for Italian passport for ?family reasons? - 23 September
  • Oscar-winning actor will continue to be based in London as officials in Rome confirm he now holds dual nationalityMany of the threats and promises exchanged during the row over Brexit have yet to be tested by time, but this weekend at least one has come to pass. The Oscar-winning film actor and producer Colin Firth, unmoved by Theresa May?s pronouncements in Florence, has accepted Italian citizenship, according to the Italian interior ministry in Rome. Related: Kingsman: The Golden Circle review ? spy sequel reaches new heights of skyscraping silliness Continue reading...
  • post How weird does a celebrity have to be before we stop watching their films? - 23 September
  • All celebrities are a bit weird, so when one is known for being Weird Even For A Celebrity, you know they are probably crossing over to ?actually quite scary?Of the many deeply uncool things I am obsessed with ? The Golden Girls, the oeuvre of Roxette, Princess Anne?s hair ? the uncoolest is also the one that has been with me the longest. Tom Cruise has been a part of my mental landscape ever since I was old enough to read in a magazine that I was supposed to fancy him. I was alive in the 80s and, as strange as this is now to think about, what with his deeply unsexy obsession since with thetans, back then he was very much pitched as Mr Sexxxxxy. Which is even stranger when you think that Cruise didn?t even grow into his face for another decade: back in Risky Business and The Outsiders, he looked vague and doughy next to his co-stars, particularly the Adonis that was the young Rob Lowe.Cruise was never really my type, but I will argue until closing time and beyond that he is one of the most watchable actors of all time: a proper Hollywood star who proved in one decade he could do top notch schlock (Top Gun), mediocre schlock (Cocktail) and proper acting (Born On The Fourth Of July and Rain Man, for which he should have won the Oscar instead of Dustin Hoffman). Continue reading...
  • post Kingsman: The Golden Circle ? did the shock tactics go too far? Discuss with spoilers - 22 September
  • Was the sex and violence boundary-pushing or in poor taste? Did the Elton John joke wear thin? And what to make of Colin Firth?s resurrection?Kingsman: The Secret Service was a big sleeper hit, racking up $414m worldwide and confirming director Matthew Vaughn as a major Hollywood player. So can the British film-maker repeat the trick? So far Kingsman: The Golden Circle is balancing precariously at 50% approval on the reviews aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, indicating a mixed reception to the return of super-spy Eggsie and his cohort of nattily dressed secret agents. Here?s your chance to weigh in on the film?s key talking points.
    Continue reading...
  • post Yes, yes, yes! Welcome to the golden age of slutty cinema - 22 September
  • The promiscuous heroine of the indie film Daphne upends on-screen conventions about women and sex. From Bond to Bridesmaids and beyond, are the movies finally coming to terms with female desire?It is a radical act, which every film generation thinks they are the first to discover: to create characters who are not good people. When you drill into it, this always means creating men who are not good men, since the grey areas around women on screen ? do they have any lines that aren?t variations on ?help?? Do they have motivation independent of the hero?s? ? mean that, even in a putatively intelligent film, it is often quite hard to ascribe a moral arc to them, as it would be to a horse, or a robot. So let?s leave aside ?good? ? it is vanishingly rare, and pretty bracing, to see a woman on screen who isn?t the villain, and yet is not likable.The eponymous Daphne, a millennial chef trying to weather a choppy, hostile London, in a low-fi indie debut from Peter Mackie Burns, is not at all winsome ? haughty and self-absorbed, cranky and ungenerous, she is arresting like the first spoon of a cold soup that you expected to be hot. Her sheer obstreperousness gets in the way of what would otherwise be her headline trait, promiscuity. She?s more often to be found nearly getting laid, then storming off for reasons that may or may not be valid (Daphne is quite a good fourth-date film, or any time you want to have an argument about men and women), than actually pursuing a sexual destiny, distinct from a romantic one. Nevertheless, she has agency enough to upend all the on-screen conventions about women and sex. In theory, if not in practice, she sleeps with whoever she wants to. Continue reading...
  • post Tramontane review ? musical road trip untangles trauma of Lebanese civil war - 22 September
  • Vatche Boulghourjian was selected for Cannes? Critics? Week for this meandering mystery about a blind musician who discovers that his childhood was a lieTramontane can mean ?northern wind?, but is also the name of the lead character; in Arabic it is Rabih. The blind Lebanese singer and musician Barakat Jabbour takes the lead role in this interesting and distinctive if undeveloped feature debut, a kind of road-movie mystery. It is written and directed by Vatche Boulghourjian, the Lebanese film-maker whose career developed through the Cinéfondation at Cannes, and who was selected for Critics? Week with this film. Jabbour plays Rabih, a young man who is ? like the actor himself ? blind and a talented musician. He is the adopted son of Samar (Julia Kassar) and by that token the nephew of Julia?s brother Hisham (Toufic Barakat), a shady businessman. When Rabih is invited to tour Europe with his group, he needs a passport; the authorities tell him his ID is fake, and Rabih realises everything he has been told about how he was found as a baby is a lie. He goes on a slightly improbable road trip, to ask questions of Hisham?s suspicious, resentful friends and relatives, and discovers his identity can be found only by dredging up painful memories of the Lebanese civil war. Continue reading...
  • post On Body and Soul and In Between: this week?s best films in the UK - 22 September
  • A peculiar tale about the characters at a slaughterhouse stands out from the crowd, while Palestinian womanhood gets an eye-opening update Continue reading...
  • post The Guardian at Tiff 2017: Glenn Close on her new starring role, The Wife ? video - 22 September
  • In the second of our live onstage interviews at the Toronto film festival, Peter Bradshaw discusses The Wife with its star Glenn Close. Close plays a woman whose husband (Jonathan Pryce) is to accept the Nobel prize, and the trip to Sweden precipitates a crisis as frustrations over her own writing career emerge.    Continue reading...
  • post It?s lit! How film finally learned to light black skin - 21 September
  • In lighting, makeup and camera calibration, cinema has pandered to white skin for decades. Now, a new generation of film-makers are keen to ensure people of colour look as good on screen as they shouldInsecure, the HBO series currently in its terrific second season (#TeamMolly), has been garnering attention since its pilot for its refreshing look at the lives of a small group of black women in Los Angeles. Broadcast in the same slot as its precursor Girls, which showed women as their ?real? messy selves, and before that Sex and the City, a fantasia of skipping round New York in Manolos, Insecure sits somewhere between the two. Its storylines are all too real, but it looks stylish and glamorous.Previous incarnations of black characters on television have mainly been overlit sitcoms or overly gloomy slices of realism. Insecure is neither ? and its actors look like bonafide movie stars. Continue reading...
  • post Borg vs McEnroe?s Stellan Skarsgård: ?I?ve been changing diapers for 40 years? - 21 September
  • He?s both one of Sweden?s most prolific actors and the father of eight kids ? including actors Alexander and Bill. So it?s no surprise that ? despite starring in the nail-biting tennis drama ? he doesn?t have much time for sport
    It must be difficult to get entirely swept up in the magic of the movies when you are the man who once changed Pennywise?s nappies. This is the strange position that actor Stellan Skarsgård finds himself in, as he promotes his new film, Borg vs McEnroe, while his 27-year-old son, Bill Skarsgård, is receiving rave reviews for playing the demonic clown in a new adaptation of Stephen King?s It while his eldest son, Alexander, is about to win an Emmy for his role in Big Little Lies. ?I was happy when he was doing It because he had so much fun, and that?s where the joy was really,? says Skarsgård senior, frowning thoughtfully out of the hotel room window, as if searching for the right words amid the rooftop air vents. ?It?s also kind of ridiculous, all of it, isn?t it? On Sunday, Alexander goes up for the Emmy ? It?s kind of silly, isn?t it?? Continue reading...
  • post Isle of Dogs: watch the trailer for Wes Anderson's dystopian canine epic - 21 September
  • Set in a future Japan where dogs have been banished to an island of garbage, Anderson?s animated film features the voice work of Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton and Yoko OnoThe first trailer for Wes Anderson?s new animation Isle of Dogs has been revealed. Set in a dystopian future Japan where dogs have been banished to a island made of garbage, following the outbreak of canine flu, Isle of Dogs follows a young boy?s odyssey to find his lost pet. The film utilises the same stop-motion animation seen in Anderson?s 2009 Roald Dahl adaptation Fantastic Mr Fox and features a gargantuan voice cast that includes Scarlett Johansson, Edward Norton, Bill Murray, Jeff Goldblum, Frances McDormand, Harvey Keitel, Tilda Swinton and Yoko Ono. Continue reading...

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