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General / How to Survive - Interesting point of view.
« Last post by genie on May 20, 2018, 06:44:58 PM »
      Financial Intelligence Report
The Newsletter for people willing to take control of their financial future
Greetings Friends!
This is today's issue of the Financial Intelligence Report

Contributing Editors: Bob Rinear,  Robert Foster, Ted, Chuck and the Crew!

Wall Street Lunacy donated by Jerome Powell, and Central Bankers the world over! Who else can print money and buy stocks?!

Part 1: General Commentary
Part 2: Market Commentary

The Shooting, How to Survive
NOTE>> There's no market commentary today, I want to use the entire letter to share some things with you all.

So, there's been another high visibility school shooting. I'm not going into the semantics of if this was a false flag, or another patsy hyped up on prescription anti-depressants, or what have you. For today I'm going to tell you mom's and dad's what to teach your kids when they're in school and something like this happens.
First off, No, I'm not law enforcement. But I'm silent partner in a weapons training company that trains those very officers, so I've got a lot of exposure to this sort of training. Naturally, I'm not able to go over everything as if we were in a 5 day workshop on active shooters, but there's some basics that will keep you alive, or at least increase your chances.
NOTE>> Most of this also pertains to you adults when you're at work, or walking in a Walmart.
There's now been over 200 active shooter situations in the US. From Columbine, to Virginia tech, to Parkland, to you name it, this is a situation that's not going away. So first off, what the hell is happening here? Why are people doing this?
This is a very different and confusing world. 50 years ago no one had to wonder if they were a boy or a girl. They didn't need to learn the 72 different "genders" that we supposedly have now. 50 years ago the US was reaping the rewards of millions of all the WWII vets coming home and creating a tsunami of economic prosperity in the US. Jobs were plentiful, and they paid well. One man, working the assembly line at Ford or GM, brought home enough money and benefits to where "mom" could stay home and raise the babies. That's gone now. "gig" jobs and 10 dollar an hour jobs dot our landscape.

Kids see the future as hopeless.

What was normal 50 years ago is laughed at now. What you couldn't even consider as being possible, is the reality of today. People are stressed out, fluoridated, vaccinated, indoctrinated, overweight, hypertensive, drug addicted and feel "lost".
According to Blue Cross/Blue Shield, diagnosis of depression is up 33% just since 2013. In Millennials it's 47%. In Teens? It's up a whopping 63%. In just 5 short years.   This is why we have all these active shooters. They have mentally broken down, lost their moral compass, got hooked on prescription meds, etc.
55% of active shooters are "connected" to either the people or the place they shoot up. Kids at school that bullied them, bosses at work that overlooked them, retail stores that they feel short changed them, etc. The other 45% are completely random.
The Active shooter has usually got an "avenger" mindset. He's set to either "get even" or teach people a lesson, etc. He will usually but not always "broadcast" his upcoming event, or give hints that he's going down a path that will end in deaths.
In the past, it seemed contained mainly to commerce sites such as the workplace, or manufacturing plant or even retail store/restaurant. But in the past 20 years it has migrated to schools and churches, and even concerts. The bottom line is this; in May 2018 there is NO, read again, NO safe place.
So the question you should ask yourself is this: If I am minding my own business in "any store" USA and an active shooter situation unfolds, what should I do? It's a great question. Do you have a plan, any plan? Well you should. It begins with being aware. You should know where the exits are. Oh, and NOT just the front door. When SHTF, it could be an active shooter or a fast moving fire, or what have you. One of the biggest problems that crowds face when there's an emergency is that they get bottled up at the "front door" they came in at. If possible, make sure you know where an alternative exit is, in case the stampede blocks off the most common exit.
Okay, so being aware, whether you're a kid in high school or an adult in Wal-Mart is paramount. Being aware also means "do not second think yourself". If you "think" you heard a gun shot, begin your plan. Later on if its found to be a car backfiring or what have you, fine. No harm done. On the other hand, if you heard one or two gun shots, and you say to yourself "nah, that can't be, it must have been someone dropping something metal" you are losing very valuable time.
So what do you do if you're actually IN an active shooter situation? The rules that Uncle Sam have given out aren't "bad", they're just a big misguided. They suggest run, hide, fight, as the 3 action steps. Well, I've got a bit of an issue with that.
First up is Run. ABSOLUTELY. If you can reliably know from which direction the shots are coming from, RUN the other way, or as angled away as you can be while trying to get out. Don't double think yourself, don't hang around waiting to see what's going on. There should NEVER be shots fired in a store, restaurant, school, etc. If you hear them and you know it's gunfire, get the hell out of there.
Oh and by the way, when your running, remember that there's a person in there that wants to kill you. You have every right to your own self defense, so if that means throwing a chair through the school ( or store) window and climbing out, go for it. In the nightclub fire that took place about 10 years ago, 30 people died at the front door trying to get out. Just 8 feet away was a row of street level windows. No one thought to bust them and climb out.
Also, when you're running away from an active shooter, don't run in a straight line, do a bit of zig and zag. These people are rarely good shots, and it's very easy to miss a moving and weaving target. Another idea is this, it's not always good to follow the crowd. If the shooter sees a wave of people heading for the front door to escape, he's going to the front door. He's not going to bother much with the lone person running for the side exit.
The next item up is "hide". This is the one that I have a bit of a problem with, because it needs MORE explanation. Hiding and hoping is not a good strategy. In a school, the shooter knows that virtually every room is going to have people in it. So shutting off the lights and trying to be quiet lined up against the wall with the door ( so he won't see you through the window) is a poor tactic.

What we want to do is DENY the shooter entry into that room as best as possible. The second that teacher understands that there's a shooter on campus, The door should be shut, LOCKED if it has one, and every single item in that room should be used to block that door from opening. If on the first floor, several of the windows should be busted out so the kids could escape if the school grounds are clear.
With a door that swings "into" the room, start with the big teachers desk ( if there is one) then all manner of books, back packs, etc on that desk. If there's file cabinets, lay them on the floor behind the teachers desk. Then take the student desks, and put them in a line, back to back all the way to the far wall. If you can wedge them tight enough, that door cannot be pushed in.
If it's a swing OUT door, it's not as easy to stop it. There's rarely any "rope" in a classroom, but there might be "belts". Again slide the teachers desk across the door opening, loop a belt around the door knob, and link several belts together so you have enough length to tie it to a leg of the teachers desk, or go all the way around it if you have enough length. 

NOTE>> Some people will tell you to loop a belt around the arms of the "automatic door closer" if it has one, and cinch it up or tie it off. That will HELP, but will not stop a determined intruder. So, while it doesn't hurt in the least, it will Not keep him out. It will however delay him a bit longer and that's a GOOD thing.

Then pile every desk, every chair, every book, everything in that room in front of that door. What we're trying to do here is DENY him entrance, and buy us time for the good guys to get there. So, even if he's determined, and yanks that door hard enough to break the belts, he's now staring at a mountain, a jungle of desks, chairs, books, file cabinets etc. He very well might ( usually will) go look for easier hunting grounds. Don't forget, he knows that his time is limited too. To get his kills, he needs easy victims. He will move on.
These guys know the drill folks. They know that from the first shot, someone's calling 911 within the minute. He also knows that response time is only 3 - 9 minutes for the cops to come. But if he's really done his homework, he also knows that the school might have a resource office on duty, and that guy ( If he's doing his job) is already on the way. What we need to do is BUY TIME for that resource officer to get there and confront the shooter.
The bottom line is that we don't want the bad guy getting in that room. Hiding in that room is not enough, we have to deny him entrance. He wants in so he can kill people. We need him out. Every minute that we keep him out, is one less minute until help arrives. We're playing for TIME.
But what if either you don't have the time to build the defense, or it just fails and this guy is indeed coming in. What do you do then? Then you fight. You fight with all your heart, all your soul, because this guy's job is to take your life. Its you, or him. The grim reality.
Naturally, if I had my way, that teacher would be armed, and the moment our active shooter breached the defense line, our teacher would be hammering 9MM rounds into him. But because snowflakes think arming teachers is bad, there's about a 99% chance no one in that room will have the ability to "meet deadly force with deadly force". Thus, it's going to be brutal.
Your best shot at actually taking this guy down is right at the doorway. In SWAT talk, the door is the "fatal funnel". He has to enter via the doorway, so 1) we know where he's attacking from and 2) as long as the students are lined up tight against the same wall that the door is on, the bad guy has to step in, to turn himself parallel to that wall.
That "step in" is where it has to happen. 2,3, even 4 people need to make a move, and it's got to be fast and it's got to be ugly. We're talking life or death here folks. Every ounce of strength, and every wicked thought you've ever had has to come out and be directed at this mutant.
Now, since most active shooters are NOT military, or even well trained hunters, there's a couple things in our students favor. Often they will "lead with the weapon" and that's GREAT news for us. Why? Because one person can be grabbing the barrel of that weapon, or the slide on that semi auto, while another person is spraying him in the face with the FIRE EXTINGUISHER, while another is pounding his gonads.
NOTE>> Job one is getting hands on that weapon. Someone is standing along side the door with his back to the wall. The second he sees metal, he's got to jump. Now, naturally we want to get the gun out of his hand, but JOB ONE is making sure he cannot fire it any more. Just ONE hand from a male or female can make that happen. Let me explain.
In a semi automatic pistol, the entire barrel is covered by something called the slide. If you grab that pistol from the side, so that your hand wraps around that whole slide, (basically wraps around the entire gun ahead of the trigger) he CAN shoot the round that's in the chamber, which will probably go into the ceiling or wall, but it won't be able to fire again.
If you're holding that slide tight, the slide can't "slide" and cycle another round into the chamber. It will jam. He cannot shoot another round with you holding on for dear life to that slide. Hopefully while you're holding that slide, the 200 lb senior football player is bashing his face in.

NOTE>> on a revolver, you want to grab ( from the side) the entire gun. The gun cannot fire if the big round cylinder holding the cartridges cannot spin. A death grip on that cylinder, will keep the weapon from firing.
If the weapon is a rifle or shotgun, you're in even better shape. The shooter knows he has to enter the room and then turn his body. So if he enters barrel first, our defenders should be honed in on grabbing that barrel and pushing it UP. A common defensive position to take is "crouching" along side the wall that has the door. Why? Even if the shooter knows that everyone's up against the hallway wall, and he's got to enter and turn to hit any of them, they will usually swing the gun from about waist high to shoulder high.
If that mutant steps in quickly and pivots, a crouched defender is "below" his line of fire, and if done fast enough, he can leap upwards, and push that barrel up toward the ceiling while grabbing it. ( then the other 30 students can stomp his guts out)
Look folks, what I'm teaching here isn't pretty. None of you want to think about your 12 year old daughter tying belts together, and blocking doorways and sheltering against a wall. None of you want to think about your 16 year old son holding the class fire extinguisher and blasting someone in the face while someone else is wrestling the gun away from him, as another is stabbing him in the neck or eyes with the room's flag pole.  BUT this is survival mode stuff. The last line of defense. You have to do what has to be done.
As you all know, I'm very opinionated about all this. But I rub shoulders with people that make self defense their lively hood. You are NOT going to stop this madness with gun laws. You're not going to stop it with signs that say "gun free zone". The only way to stop this madness is "force against force". That means armed people on campus. Lots of them.
The teachers are already there. You already entrust them to school your kids and protect them. Why not take the most qualified and train them to conceal carry? Active shooters don't attack armed places. Not one gun show has ever had an active shooter. Not one. They know they can't get their mental orgasm if the first person they try and shoot, kills them first. Think about that.


NOTE> Many have written us to say thanks for these free letters and have asked if there's any way to support the effort. I sincerely appreciate that. I have actually created a "donate" button where you could toss us a few bucks if you'd like. It does cost a small fortune to produce the free letter and every little bit does help. Thank you!

Disclaimer!!!!! Must Read!!!

We at InvestYourself are not brokers. NO advice is given or implied. This newsletter is for educational purposes ONLY. Nothing should be considered a recommendation to buy or sell any stock or security. We strongly recommend that you consult with a professional broker or financial planner before you buy or sell any stock or security. We believe the information in this publication to be true but assume no responsibility for any incorrect information. This is not a solicitation to buy or sell any security. Writers of InvestYourself may at times hold positions in any of the stocks mentioned in this newsletter. Investing in securities carries a high degree of risk and you can lose all of your investment money. Past performances do not guarantee future results. Please consult with your own independent tax, business and financial advisors with respect to any investment, including any contemplated investment in any company mentioned. All information contained in this publication must be independently investigated for accuracy. We will NOT be responsible for the consequences of anyone acting on this purely educational material.

Richard Armitage / North and South today
« Last post by genie on May 20, 2018, 02:57:17 PM »
Non-Period Drama Films / Manhattan Love Story
« Last post by genie on May 20, 2018, 11:08:35 AM »
This video followed another one that I had wanted to see.  I've never heard of it, but looks rentable at the very least. It's a romcom.  Has anyone seen it?

Looks like it had been a 12 episode tv series.
General / Speaking of Handsome Men actors
« Last post by genie on May 20, 2018, 10:34:41 AM »
I know this is old, and this fella is Canadian, but I think he's breathtaking and sings, too.  Paul Gross.  Here's a trailer of him in the show.

General / Re: Did anyone watch "The Woman in White"?
« Last post by Luce on May 19, 2018, 04:18:32 AM »
I wish I had the time ...
I barely manage to keep up with the writing for the PD posting.
Too many family distractions, alas!
But I'm not complaining. I love our time with the grandkiddies.
General / Re: Did anyone watch "The Woman in White"?
« Last post by genie on May 18, 2018, 07:55:27 PM »
I did. Very nice and thrilling. Good acting, too!
I love Jessie Buckley, I saw her in Taboo and she was great.

I just realized I haven't watchedTaboo and was looking forward to it.  I think I wanted to wait and order it, due to closed caption.  Hey, thanks for the reminder.

The last version of TWIW with Andrew Lincoln is on YouTube full movie.  I downloaded it and watched enough (I dozed) to remember it is the same as this latest version with some modest changes, but the story is the same.

Yes, I enjoyed it.

I'm having a grand time on Amazon Prime with the bonanza of Period Dramas going on.  Just finished watching The Devil's Mistress. I've watched about 4 others out of (more than) 20 that are playing this month.  Bleak House will be watched again.  I saw Phantom of the Opera and some others.
General / Re: DCM's Christmas List
« Last post by blueeyedbookworm on May 18, 2018, 07:20:03 PM »
This was a good movie. I saw it on the plane too BEB!  I have trouble hearing the dialogue on the plane with those ear buds, so I miss half of what is said. I’ll  have to watch it again when it’s on TV.  And no, I didn’t watch it while I was working!

The one-eyed cat was adorable.

Yay, plane movie twins! ^_^ I know what you mean about the sound! I had to put the subtitles on to be able to catch the dialogue--there were a few parts that were really quiet.
Non-Period Drama Films / Re: Discovery of Witches - Trailer 2 (series)
« Last post by blueeyedbookworm on May 18, 2018, 07:18:11 PM »
I think I'm backward with this, but I prefer the movie first - then the book.  I like having a visual of the character while reading, plus the book will hold more story.  So, I get pleasantly surprised by the book, rather than leaving the theater thinking "why did they leave THAT part out.

I think that's a smart way to go! Makes it more likely you'll get more enjoyment out of both. I used to be more of a purist and always made sure to read the book first, but I've since realized that sometimes it can be more fun the other way around. And I also find that with more difficult books, like classics in which the language style is a lot different from what it is now, seeing the movie or show first helps me get more out of the book, because I'm not trying to puzzle out the setting, language, and story trajectory all at once.
Videos / Re: This will make you tap your foot.
« Last post by DCM on May 18, 2018, 01:58:29 PM »
I'm looking forward to this too. I grew up listening to Queen because my mum was a fan
General / Re: Did anyone watch "The Woman in White"?
« Last post by Luce on May 18, 2018, 10:37:11 AM »
I did. Very nice and thrilling. Good acting, too!
I love Jessie Buckley, I saw her in Taboo and she was great.
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Re: Did anyone watch "The Woman in White"? by genie
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