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  • post Boots Riley attacks Spike Lee over ?made up? BlacKkKlansman - 20 August
  • Sorry to Bother You director condemns portrayal of black and white officers as allies in fight against racismBoots Riley, the director of the acclaimed satire Sorry to Bother You, has taken aim at Spike Lee?s new film, BlacKkKlansman, in which a black police officer infiltrates a white supremacist organisation.In an essay posted on Twitter, Riley calls the film ?a made-up story in which the false parts of it try to make a cop the protagonist in the fight against racist oppression?, adding: ?It?s being put while Black Lives Matter is a discussion, and this is not coincidental. There is a viewpoint behind it.? Continue reading...
  • post Asia Argento accused of paying off actor who says she sexually assaulted him aged 17 - 20 August
  • The actor and #MeToo campaigner ? who accused Harvey Weinstein of rape ? reportedly paid $380,000 last year to former co-star Jimmy Bennett One of the most prominent activists of the #MeToo movement against sexual harassment recently settled a complaint filed against her by a young actor and musician who said she sexually assaulted him when he was 17, the New York Times reported.
    Asia Argento, 42, settled the notice of intent to sue filed by Jimmy Bennett, who is now 22, for $380,000 shortly after she said last October that movie mogul Harvey Weinstein raped her, the Times reported. Continue reading...
  • post Francis Ford Coppola agrees Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves might be married - 20 August
  • Director of Bram Stoker?s Dracula says 1992 film starring the pair included a real wedding ceremonyFrancis Ford Coppola has backed a theory by Winona Ryder that she and Keanu Reeves might be married. The director of the 1992 film Bram Stoker?s Dracula, which starred Ryder and Reeves, corroborated Ryder?s story that a wedding scene involving the pair could be legally binding. Continue reading...
  • post Out of Ctrl: how the laptop screen became cinema?s go-to for conveying today?s terrors - 20 August
  • A new breed of thrillers such as the John Cho-starring Searching use computer screens as a framing device. It?s a high-impact technique, even if it looks daft in the cinema?I am big; it?s the pictures that got small,? sneered Norma Desmond, the screen-diva heroine of Billy Wilder?s Sunset Boulevard, about an industry that had left her behind for television. She didn?t know how good she had it: movie stars these days must accept that many of their fans prefer to gaze upon their faces shrunk to iPhone size. For the Netflix generation, the laptop screen is the big one; the flatscreen telly is basically Imax.Now, a spate of thrillers are building their stories expressly around the laptop screen. When you consider our changing viewing habits, it makes sense: it is a genre of cinema that actively benefits from downsizing the viewing experience. It kicked off in earnest with 2015?s Unfriended: a canny twist on found-footage horror framed entirely as a teenager?s MacBook screencast, it offered a low-budget, high-impact and more authentic-feeling alternative to previous, unsuccessful attempts to dramatise internet threat on film (the less said about Hideo Nakata?s ultra-naff Chatroom the better). Unfriended was a down-with-the-kids attempt that actually connected, grossing 64 times its million-dollar budget; a fine figure, although presumably a drop in the ocean relative to the number of people who, in thematically apposite fashion, torrented it online. Continue reading...
  • post Film in the public domain: here be buried treasures - 20 August
  • They?re not pretty, or easy to navigate, but online film archives are a huge free source of classics and curiosLast week?s summery dip into the internet?s cinematic back catalogue reminded me that it?s been a while since I did a more thorough trawl through a vast streaming resource that even cinephiles frequently seem to forget is there: that humble old standby, the public domain. More major vintage cinema than you might think has trickled through to the unglamorous realm of expired intellectual property rights, and lurks in assorted dusty corners of the web waiting to be discovered or rediscovered at no cost. As I?ve written before, YouTube houses a lot of them in varying states of picture and sound quality: hunting them down is generally not a game for highly particular, Criterion-collecting film buffs.But sometimes, when other avenues in search of a certain under-screened classic have run into dead ends, to see it in imperfect condition is better than to not see it at all, and online archives come to the rescue. A few years ago, I sang the praises of the Internet Archive, the somewhat fusty-looking but reliable granddaddy of all public domain collections, and it remains one of my regular fallbacks: its vast Movies section, features more than 23,000 videos ? 6,000 of them feature films ? and runs the gamut from Hollywood standards to lesser-known Charlie Chaplin shorts to second world war propaganda reels. Continue reading...
  • post 'Passing for white': how a taboo film genre is being revived to expose racial privilege - 20 August
  • Rebecca Hall?s directorial debut is an adaptation of Nella Larsen?s 1929 novel Passing, a theme little seen since the likes of Show Boat and PinkyHollywood once loved films about passing. The genre was popular in the 1940s and 50s, when segregation was rife and the ?one-drop rule? ? which deemed anybody with even a trace of African ancestry to be black ? prevailed. Box-office hits included Elia Kazan?s Pinky (1949) and George Sidney?s musical Show Boat (1951), which featured light-skinned, mixed-race characters who passed for white in the hopes of enjoying the privileges whiteness confers. The secrets, the scandal and the sheer sensationalism of it all made for excellent melodrama. Now Rebecca Hall, the star of Vicky Cristina Barcelona and Red Riding, is revisiting the genre with her directorial debut, an adaptation of Nella Larsen?s seminal 1929 novel Passing. Tessa Thompson and Ruth Negga will feature in the project, which tells the story of childhood friends, Clare Kendry and Irene Redfield, who are both light-skinned enough to pass for white but choose to live on opposite sides of the colour line. Continue reading...
  • post Asia Argento: police investigate sexual assault claim against actor - 21 August
  • Authorities will speak to Jimmy Bennett after learning no police report was filed at time of alleged 2013 assault Police are looking into sexual assault allegations by a young actor against Italian actress Asia Argento ? one of the most prominent activists of the #MeToo movement. Related: #MeToo leaders say Asia Argento abuse claim should not discredit movement Continue reading...
  • post #MeToo leaders say Asia Argento abuse claim should not discredit movement - 20 August
  • As Weinstein?s lawyer lambasts ?hypocrisy? over new sexual assault allegation against Argento, feminists urge caution
    She was one of the loudest voices of the #MeToo movement, speaking up on behalf of survivors of sexual assault and promising that ?More pigs will be revealed?. But since a report in the New York Times on Sunday revealed that she is accused of being an abuser herself, Asia Argento has fallen silent.Now supporters of #MeToo are faced with a complicated question: what does the movement do with victims who may also be victimizers? Continue reading...
  • post Scarlett Johansson tops list of highest-paid female film stars - 17 August
  • Avengers: Infinity War star earned $40.5m, surpassing Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston, but is dwarfed by male counterpartsScarlett Johansson has been named as the world?s highest-paid female actor after earning $40.5m (Ł31.2m) in the year to June 2018.Johansson did not feature in Forbes magazine?s top 10 last year, and the actor?s newfound earning power has been ascribed to her role as Black Widow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The second part of Avengers: Infinity War is due for release next spring. Continue reading...
  • post Emma Thompson: role as family court judge was 'great privilege' - 16 August
  • Actor tells of spending time ?backstage? in high court for her role in The Children ActEmma Thompson has said that spending time at the high court for her latest role in which she plays a family court judge was an extraordinary experience and ?one of the greatest privileges?.
    The actor plays a judge in The Children Act, an adaptation of Ian McEwan?s 2014 novel, in which her character has to decide whether Adam, a 17-year-old with leukaemia, should be forced to have potentially life-saving blood transfusions despite the procedure going against his religious beliefs as a Jehovah?s Witness. Continue reading...

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