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  • post Oscar nominations 2018: a cautious, comfort-food list in Trumpian times - 23 January
  • The Shape of Water leads a nominations list that offers up exotic fantasy and imagined past, but is missing something truly ferocious and polarisingFull list of nominations for the 2018 OscarsThe alchemy has bubbled, the mysterious tipping point has been achieved, and the Academy Awards consensus is coalescing around Guillermo del Toro?s swooning sci-fi romance The Shape of Water, with 13 nominations. That?s way ahead of Christopher Nolan?s colossal cine-installation Dunkirk (eight nominations), and Martin McDonagh?s fierce tragicomedy Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (seven). Then there is Joe Wright?s rousing wartime drama Darkest Hour, featuring Gary Oldman?s tremendous Churchill turn, which gets six ? and so does Paul Thomas Anderson?s glorious drama Phantom Thread, which is my favourite of this list so far. Denis Villeneuve?s futurist dystopian spectacular Blade Runner 2049 comes in with five ? and this must surely be the year for cinematographer Roger Deakins, although this gets no best picture nomination. Five too for Dee Rees?s Mudbound and the much-loved Lady Bird, and it?s a huge relief to see Greta Gerwig get her best director nomination, putting a stop to the stag-invite stigma that had recently attached to this list. Jordan Peele?s exquisitely nasty race satire Get Out has four, along with Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and Luca Guadagnino?s passionate love story Call Me By Your Name, one of which is for Timothée Chalamet?s tremendous lead performance as one of the lovers. Continue reading...
  • post Warwick Thornton on Sweet Country: 'Australia is ready for films like this' - 23 January
  • Its Australian release has been preceded by buzz from Venice, Toronto and Sundance, but for the director, the audiences at home are most importantThere are many contrasts and contradictions in the director Warwick Thornton?s new neo-western, Sweet Country. Its political messages are unsubtle, but the tone is meditative and the drama achingly personal.Stunning cinematography captures vast outback landscapes but small details resonate: a chain dragging across dirt; a bullet hole in a wall. The themes are universal but the film is unmistakably Australian. Continue reading...
  • post Disney's gloriously ghoulish Coco charms UK box office - 23 January
  • The distributor gets its biggest UK opening for an animation since Finding Dory, while war drama Darkest Hour marches on and The Post aims to make newsWith a debut of £3.36m, or £5.21m including previews, Coco has delivered the biggest UK opening for Disney?s animation studios since Finding Dory in summer 2016. Since that date, Walt Disney Animation has released Moana, which began with £2.21m, finally hauling itself to a decent £20.4m total, and Pixar has brought out Cars 3, the lowest-grossing movie in the UK for the studio, with a final tally of £11.7m. Continue reading...
  • post Ophelia review ? Daisy Ridley stranded in disastrous Hamlet reimagining - 23 January
  • A shift in point of view reframes Shakespeare?s tragedy but the novelty wears off instantaneously with bizarre additions and a lack of emotional engagementIf a producer cornered me in an elevator and pitched ?Hamlet, but from Ophelia?s point of view, and we?ve got Daisy Ridley in the lead?, I?d sell everything I had to invest. And I?d probably make a killing, as Claire McCarthy?s Ophelia is going to cut into one heck of a trailer. But to thine own self one must be true. Related: The Miseducation of Cameron Post review ? prayers answered with conversion therapy drama Continue reading...
  • post How we made Starship Troopers - 22 January
  • ?I borrowed from the films of Leni Riefenstahl to show that these soldiers were like something out of Nazi propaganda. I even put one in an SS uniform. But no one noticed?Robert Heinlein?s original 1959 science-fiction novel was militaristic, if not fascistic. So I decided to make a movie about fascists who aren?t aware of their fascism. Robocop was just urban politics ? this was about American politics. As a European it seemed to me that certain aspects of US society could become fascistic: the refusal to limit the amount of arms; the number of executions in Texas when George W Bush was governor. Continue reading...
  • post Crocodile Dundee was sexist, racist and homophobic. Let's not bring that back | Luke Buckmaster - 22 January
  • With a teaser trailer starring Danny McBride doing the rounds, here?s hoping any reboot would be nothing like the originalAt the weekend confusion, incredulity and fear for the future of humankind spread like wildfire across certain sectors of the web ? all hell unleashed by a 38-second video.The video in question purports to be a teaser trailer for a film called Dundee: The Son of a Legend Returns Home. It shows the US comedian Danny McBride apparently playing the offspring of Paul Hogan?s famous knife-comparing, Akubra-wearing rube.
    Continue reading...
  • post Beirut review ? Jon Hamm impresses in intelligent 80s-set spy thriller - 23 January
  • The Mad Men veteran plays another fast-talking protagonist in a smart and complex tale that has echoes of John le CarréIn an unexpected twist, Sundance has become the launch pad for what 20 years ago was very mainstream fodder: the mid-budget, fairly smart international spy film. We saw it in 2014 with Philip Seymour Hoffman starring in the adaptation of John le Carré?s A Most Wanted Man, and we have it again this year with Beirut, which, when it is working well, is of Le Carré caliber. This isn?t a particularly chancy film, unless the decision to go old school is considered such. It is still, however, quite good. Related: Ophelia review ? Daisy Ridley stranded in disastrous Hamlet reimagining Continue reading...
  • post The Miseducation of Cameron Post review ? prayers answered with conversion therapy drama - 23 January
  • Chloë Grace Moretz puts in a career-best turn as a teen sent to ?pray away the gay? at a Christian camp in Desiree Akhavan?s compassionate LGBT storyWhen director Desiree Akhavan introduced her adaptation of Emily Danforth?s novel The Miseducation of Cameron Post at its Sundance world premiere, she said there were no queer John Hughes films when she was growing up. While Hughes? films are beloved by many (including myself) I think she?s selling her own work a little bit short by suggesting that comparison. Her film about a teen gay conversion retreat has humor, but isn?t jokey, and while its drama doesn?t speak down to young people, it won?t leave adults feeling out of the loop. This is a gripping and sad drama that puts a tremendous amount of faith in its performers and audience, and for all the emotion and tenderness in the rest of this year?s Sundance crop, this is the first film that left me a complete broken-down mess by the end.We open in 1993 with Cameron (Chloë Grace Moretz), a teen in love with one of her female classmates. When the pair get caught in a moment of intimacy at a high-school dance (by Cameron?s date, no less!) she is quickly packed up and sent off to ?pray away the gay.? What follows is a hybrid of an institution film and a summer camp film, with a remarkable set of characters, no real villains and an exquisite eye for detail. Continue reading...
  • post Seeing Allred review ? Gloria Allred documentary offers mixed evidence - 22 January
  • There?s a long list of impressive achievements in this in-depth look at the lawyer and gender equality advocate but there?s a level of grit that?s missingTo many Americans, especially residents of California, the attorney Gloria Allred has been a household name for many years, a tiny-in-stature, massive-in-personality voice for women?s rights, as well as the rights of minorities and LGBT people. An early, headline-making case from 1979 saw her suing Sav-On drugstore in order to stop them having aisles designated ?boys? toys? and ?girls? toys?. She represented dozens of clients seeking damages for sexual discrimination in the workplace, almost always winning the cases. In the 1990s, she was particularly visible in fighting for the families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, who were allegedly killed by OJ Simpson and felt they were getting short shrift from the legal process surrounding Simpson?s trial. Related: Generation Wealth review ? moneyed elite get skewered in mixed documentary Continue reading...
  • post Ruth Bader Ginsburg on #MeToo movement: 'It's about time' - 22 January
  • Supreme court justice recalls own experience of sexual harassmentGinsburg interviewed about RBG documentary at Sundance festivalRuth Bader Ginsburg has spent a lifetime fighting for gender equality, but in an interview over the weekend the 84-year-old supreme court justice made clear she sees the fight as unfinished business. Related: Pistol squats and push-ups: how Ruth Bader Ginsburg stays fighting fit Continue reading...

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