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  • post They Shall Not Grow Old review ? Peter Jackson's electrifying journey into the first world war trenches - 16 October
  • Jackson has restored, colourised and added voices to footage of the western front, bringing the soldiers unforgettably back to lifeTo mark the centenary of the first world war?s end, Peter Jackson has created a visually staggering thought experiment; an immersive deep-dive into what it was like for ordinary British soldiers on the western front. This he has done using state-of-the-art digital technology to restore flickery old black-and-white archive footage of the servicemen?s life in training and in the trenches. He has colourised it, sharpened it, put it in 3D and, as well as using diaries and letters for narrative voiceover, he has used lip-readers to help dub in what the men are actually saying.

    The effect is electrifying. The soldiers are returned to an eerie, hyperreal kind of life in front of our eyes, like ghosts or figures summoned up in a seance. The faces are unforgettable.

    Watching this, I understood how the world wars of the 20th century are said to have inspired surrealism. Thirty or so years ago, there was a debate in film circles about the sacrilege of colourising classic black-and-white movies. This is different. The colourisation effect is artificial, as is 3D (as is monochrome, too, of course), and the painterly approximation of reality presents a challenge to what you consider ?real? on film. After a few minutes, I realised that force of cultural habit was causing me to doubt what I was seeing, because colour means modern. The colourisation, and everything else, is a kind of alienation shock tactic as well as a means of enfolding you in the experience. It is an indirect way of reminding you that this really did happen to people like you and me.

    They Shall Not Grow Old is arguably limited in scope: it is just about the western front and there is nothing about the German point of view, or about the war elsewhere: say, the Dardanelles. Yet this is because Jackson was working from specific archives ? the BBC and Imperial War Museum ? and spreading the net more widely might have meant a loss of focus and intensity. As it is, the focus and intensity are overwhelming. Continue reading...
  • post Times are a-changin' as Dylan's Blood on the Tracks spills on to the screen - 16 October
  • By dramatising the classic 70s album, Call Me By Your Name?s Luca Guadagnino is taking the movies in a new directionExciting news for cinephiles this week, as Luca Guadagnino, director of Call Me By Your Name, has announced that for his next film he will be making a film adaptation of the album Blood on the Tracks, by the Nobel Prize-winning author Bob Dylan. A profile of the director in the New Yorker this week carries the revelation that a producer of Call Me By Your Name had acquired theatrical rights to the album ? in itself a point of interest for anyone who didn?t know that albums had theatrical rights ? and asked Guadagnino to turn it into a film. Continue reading...
  • post Sylvester Stallone's Chaos pen trailer: the most bizarre film he's ever made - 16 October
  • The promo film for Stallone?s majestically ugly pen has resurfaced on social media, revealing such eternal truths as ?death does not exist without life?By 2013, Sylvester Stallone was out of the late-career Hollywood doldrums. He had resurrected his two most famous characters, Rocky and Rambo, to much acclaim. He had created a hit franchise with The Expendables. And he was about to start talks with Ryan Coogler to make Creed, which went on to net him an Oscar nomination. But still Stallone wanted more. The clarion call was sounding, and he could ignore it no longer. It was time to accept his destiny. It was time for him to design a fountain pen. Continue reading...
  • post A Star Is Born outshines Venom and Johnny English at UK box office - 16 October
  • The acclaimed romance starring Lady Gaga takes a late leap to the top spot as Neil Armstrong biopic First Man steps in at No 4For its opening weekend at the UK box office, Bradley Cooper?s A Star Is Born found itself in third place, beaten by Venom and Johnny English Strikes Again. But for the second session it?s a totally different story: A Star Is Born rises to the top, knocking Venom into second position. Continue reading...
  • post A star is reborn: what we can learn from actor turned director debuts - 16 October
  • As Bradley Cooper and Jonah Hill step behind the camera for A Star is Born and Mid90s, how do their films benefit from their A-list status?A critic will often watch a director?s first film with one eye on what is and one on what might be. For novice feature film-makers, a debut doubles as a diagnostic, an opportunity to show potential as much as present skill. Because first-timers often have to work within constricting parameters ? a finite budget, a caliber of actors commensurate with that budget, limited access to the resources of a studio ? viewers will give a little leeway in the understanding that they?re watching the film the director was able to make until he or she gets the green light to make the film they truly want to. Related: Why Bradley Cooper is the real star of A Star is Born Continue reading...
  • post Punching mirrors and scrapbooking: things people only do in the movies - 15 October
  • Actor Lili Reinhart asked Twitter if it?s only in films that people in a panic splash water on their faces. But what are the other scenarios we only ever see on screen?Suspension of disbelief comes with the territory when we enter a cinema. Action heroes always emerge unscathed from a hail of bullets, while everyone in a musical, even the passersby, will know all the steps in an apparently spontaneous dance routine. But what of the behavioural eccentricities restricted to the screen? The Riverdale actor Lili Reinhart wondered this week if it is only in the movies that people splash water on their faces to suppress rising panic. And there are other examples ?? Submerging yourself in the bath and staring dreamily up at the ceiling. Who does this? Natalie Portman in Black Swan, along with most other women who have ever taken baths in movies. Continue reading...
  • post Bryan Singer rebuts as-yet-unpublished Esquire article - 15 October
  • Director of The Usual Suspects and Bohemian Rhapsody accuses magazine of ?rehashing false accusations?Director Bryan Singer has rebutted an as-yet-unpublished article in Esquire magazine, accusing it of being a ?rehash [of] false accusations?.In a post on Instagram, Singer ? director of The Usual Suspects, X-Men, and Superman Returns ? wrote: ?I have known for some time that Esquire magazine may publish a negative article about me ? what Esquire is attempting to do is a reckless disregard for the truth, making assumptions that are fictional and irresponsible.? Continue reading...
  • post Eco-pioneers in the 1970s: how aerospace workers tried to save their jobs ? and the planet - 14 October
  • A new documentary recalls the extraordinary but largely forgotten Lucas Plan, which saw British workers attempt to make wind turbines instead of weaponsIt was 1974. A new Labour government had come to power on the promise of defence cuts. Swingeing job losses were soon to follow. Desperate workers at one Birmingham factory ? Lucas Aerospace ? fought to save their livelihoods, not by downing tools but by transforming from weapons-makers into one of Britain?s first eco-manufacturers, with early designs for wind turbines and hybrid cars.The extraordinary story of what became known as the ?Lucas Plan? is now being told in a documentary, The Plan that Came from the Bottom Up, that screens for the first time this week at the BFI London film festival. Continue reading...
  • post Johnny Depp defends JK Rowling's casting of him in Fantastic Beasts sequel - 12 October
  • Actor tells Entertainment Weekly, ?I feel bad for JK having to field all these various feelings from people?Johnny Depp has defended JK Rowling?s comments about his casting as the title character in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, the second film in the successor franchise to the eight-film Harry Potter series.Rowling had justified Depp?s inclusion in the film following allegations of physical abuse made by Depp?s ex-wife Amber Heard. Rowling issued a statement in December 2017 saying: ?The film-makers and I are not only comfortable sticking with our original casting, but [are] genuinely happy to have Johnny playing a major character in the movies.? Continue reading...
  • post Tilda Swinton posed as an old man in elaborate hoax for Suspiria - 11 October
  • Prosthetics transformed the actor into an 82-year-old man for her latest film roleTilda Swinton used prosthetics and makeup to pose as an 82-year-old man in an elaborate hoax for her latest film.The British actor, 57, is starring in the horror remake Suspiria, alongside Dakota Johnson, Chloë Grace Moretz and, ostensibly, octogenarian first-time actor Lutz Ebersdorf. Continue reading...

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