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  • post City of Ghosts director Matthew Heineman: 'Imagine seeing people crucified ? every day' - 21 July
  • Their families have been killed, they live in hiding, but a brave group of Syrians continue to defy Islamic State by reporting its atrocities to the world. The director of a new documentary explains how he told their shocking storiesThe most remarkable scene in Matthew Heineman?s new film City of Ghosts ? indeed, possibly the most remarkable scene in any documentary you?re likely to see this year ? takes place in an unfurnished German apartment. Hamoud al-Mousa, a founder member of the citizen journalist group Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently (RBSS) sits staring at a laptop, watching a video of his father?s murder at the hands of Islamic State militants. The killing has been filmed in the manner of a Michael Bay movie, bombastic and slickly edited. It is intended to strike fear into Hamoud ? and any others willing to expose the many atrocities committed by the terrorist group. Hamoud however refuses to be cowed. ?I watch the video a lot. It gives me strength,? he says.Hamoud?s fortitude in the face of such brutality will come as no surprise to anyone familiar with the work of RBSS. Formed initially to document the assault carried out by the Assad regime on their home city, the group turned their attention to Isis when the group took control of Raqqa in 2014 and declared it the capital of their new caliphate. Since then RBSS has, through social media postings and cameraphone footage, shone a light on a regime that is out of reach of western journalists. They have done so at enormous personal cost: several members of the group have been executed, as well as friends and family members. Hamoud?s father is just one of many victims. Continue reading...
  • post Dick Van Dyke sorry for 'atrocious cockney accent' in Mary Poppins - 21 July
  • US actor apologises more than half century after ?inflicting most atrocious cockney accent in history of cinema? in Disney filmDick Van Dyke has apologised for the ?most atrocious cockney accent in the history of cinema? more than half a century after his role in the 1964 Disnery classic Mary Poppins.The US actor played chimney-sweep Bert in the film, and has been the subject of much teasing from fans about his famously off-radar accent. Continue reading...
  • post Dunkirk: power, patriotism and Harry Styles on screen ? discuss with spoilers - 21 July
  • Does Dunkirk?s claustrophobic intensity earn it a place in the pantheon of war movies? Should we read it as a Brexit allegory? And how did the boyband singer turned actor do?This article contains spoilers
    It has been hailed by Guardian critics as Christopher Nolan?s best film so far and the movie that sees the director of Inception and The Dark Knight finally live up to the comparisons with Stanley Kubrick. Indeed, Dunkirk currently boasts a rating of 94% ?fresh? on the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, suggesting genuine Oscar potential.But does it really rank as one of the all-time great war movies? And what did you think of Harry Styles? acting? Here?s a chance to give your verdict on the film?s key talking points. Continue reading...
  • post Water and Sugar: Carlo Di Palma, the Colours of Life review ? radiant tribute to a cinematic maestro - 21 July
  • Cinema?s magic is the running theme of this warm documentary about the life and works of visionary cinematographer Carlo Di Palma Related: Obituary: Carlo Di Palma The cinematographer Carlo Di Palma is the subject of this intelligent and deeply cinephile documentary tribute presented by his widow, Adriana Chiesa (Di Palma died in 2004). It?s a film to remind you of the almost miraculously collaborative nature of cinema, but also the radiant personalities of individuals. Continue reading...
  • post Bryan Cranston: ?I would go to malls, sit near arguing couples and watch them? - 20 July
  • The Breaking Bad star?s new film Wakefield is a study of a man who vanishes, only to spy on his grieving family. Would his years of pre-fame voyeurism come in handy?Hi, Bryan. Where are you today?
    I am calling all the way from Chiswick. We could have done this over tea.Why are you in Chiswick?
    One of the things I?d done, just after the end of Breaking Bad, was to create a production company to produce television projects. One of my projects is called Philip K Dick?s Electric Dreams. [1] We?re shooting here in London. We have five episodes and I?m acting in one of the episodes. It?s an anthology series. Continue reading...
  • post Dunkirk and City of Ghosts: this week?s best films in the UK - 21 July
  • Christopher Nolan delivers a visceral war epic, while brave citizens in Isis?s ?capital? risk their lives to shed light on the treatment of the city and its people Nolan marshals the troops, the fleet and the Spitfires but strips out the dialogue and bombast to create a war epic like no other. Solemnly viewing the Dunkirk evacuations from three intersecting perspectives, it?s an intense, visceral experience, enhanced by non-CGI action and a throbbing score. The star cast ? including Tom Hardy, Mark Rylance and Harry Styles ? almost disappear in the mayhem. Continue reading...
  • post Big-budget films receive increase in tax relief to almost £600m - 21 July
  • Treasury also paid £150m to TV shows that pass ?cultural test? to qualify as British in scheme to encourage creative enterprises The government paid out almost £600m in tax relief last year to the makers of blockbusters including Baby Driver, Star Wars and T2: Trainspotting, as well as big-budget TV dramas including The Crown.The payouts were part of £751m that the Treasury awarded in tax relief to films, high-end dramas, video games, animations, children?s TV shows and theatre productions that passed a ?cultural test? that qualified them as British. Continue reading...
  • post War for the Planet of the Apes shows its simian strength at UK box office - 18 July
  • Despicable Me and Spider-Man franchises fight for second place, while indie darling The Beguiled shows big ambition at cinemasFor the fourth weekend in a row, a film with blockbuster ambition has arrived at the top of the UK box office, with War for the Planet of the Apes landing in the wake of Spider-Man: Homecoming (5 July), Despicable Me 3 (30 June) and Transformers: The Last Knight (22 June). The latest Apes film has begun with a solid £5.22m, and £7.20m including previews for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Continue reading...
  • post Deadpool tops 2016 list of most complained about films - 18 July
  • Superhero romp?s bloody violence, strong language and sex references generated 51 complaints, outgunning 40 received by Spectre in 2015 Deadpool, the horribly violent, disgustingly crude and, for many people, very funny superhero romp, was the film which last year generated the most complaints to Britain?s film censors.The 2016 annual report of the British Board of Film Classification reveals that the Marvel movie received 51 complaints. That was followed by Suicide Squad with 30 and Miss Peregrine?s Home for Peculiar Children with 20. Continue reading...
  • post George A Romero, 'father of the zombie film', dies at 77 ? video - 17 July
  • The director George A Romero died on Sunday aged 77. Romero, who was born in New York, began his career as a commercial director before finding his calling in horror films. His first foray into zombie horror was the 1968 cult classic Night of the Living Dead. The film?s success led to a long-running series of zombie horror films and won Romero the title ?father of the zombie film? George A Romero, Night of the Living Dead director, dies aged 77
    Continue reading...

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