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  • post Ennio Morricone denies calling Quentin Tarantino a 'cretin' - 12 November
  • The composer, whose score for Tarantino?s The Hateful Eight won an Oscar, says ?I certainly do not consider his films garbage?Celebrated film score composer Ennio Morricone has denied calling Quentin Tarantino a ?cretin? and threatened to sue Playboy for publishing an interview that contained the alleged comments.In a statement released on Sunday, Morricone said: ?This is totally false ? I have not given an interview to Playboy Germany and even more, I have never called Tarantino a cretin and certainly do not consider his films garbage.? Continue reading...
  • post Douglas Rain, voice of HAL in 2001: A Space Odyssey, dies aged 90 - 12 November
  • The actor best known for his role in Stanley Kubrick?s sci-fi classic was a leading Shakespearean in his native Canada and also played on Broadway Douglas Rain, the Canadian actor best known as the voice of ship?s HAL 9000 computer in the Stanley Kubrick sci-fi epic 2001: A Space Odyssey, has died aged 90. Rain died from natural causes in hospital in Ontario.Rain was not the first actor cast in the part. Kubrick had originally asked Martin Balsam to provide the computer?s voice, but changed his mind at the last minute, explaining in a 1969 interview that ?Marty just sounded a little bit too colloquially American, whereas Rain had the kind of bland mid-Atlantic accent we felt was right for the part?. Continue reading...
  • post Toy Story 4 trailer: first teaser for new film released - 12 November
  • The fourth film in the series from Disney Pixar posts its first footage online, revealing a new character of a ?spork-turned-craft-project?The first teaser trailer for the fourth Toy Story film has been released.No plot details are revealed in the teaser, but producers Disney/Pixar have released a synopsis: Continue reading...
  • post Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War take People's Choice honours - 12 November
  • Shadowhunters, Korean boyband BTS and Khloe Kardashian were the other major winners in the awards determined by an online voteThe People?s Choice awards ? the first major awards ceremony of the season ? have seen Avengers: Infinity War and Black Panther take the honours in the film section, giving them an early boost in the Oscars jostle.The awards are voted for in a complex online poll and cover TV, music and pop culture as well as movies, and lean towards commercial and mainstream releases. Avengers: Infinity War was named best movie and action movie, with Scarlett Johansson named best female movie star, while Black Panther took two acting awards ? best male movie star for Chadwick Boseman, and best action star for Danai Gurira. (Both actors also appeared as the same characters in Avengers: Infinity War.) Continue reading...
  • post Tyler Perry: the creator of a racial stereotype or the greatest indie film-maker of all time? - 12 November
  • The writer-director has announced the retirement of divisive alter ego ?Madea?. It marks the end of a surprisingly revolutionary era of cinema
    ?I?m sick of that old bitch,? Tyler Perry recently said of Mabel ?Madea? Simmons. ?Time for me to bury that old broad, man.? Usually that?s no way to talk about a septuagenarian great-grandmother, but Perry is referring to his own fat-suited alter ego, and many would agree with him. After nearly 20 years, 10 stage plays, 10 movies, numerous cameos and even a straight-to-DVD animation, Perry announced he is retiring the Madea character after next year?s A Madea Family Funeral. Few will mourn her passing but it?s the end of some kind of era.For the uninitiated, which includes most non-African Americans, Madea is a bewildering proposition, her enduring popularity even more so. Her pantomime-dame antics make Eddie Murphy?s Nutty Professor II: The Klumps look Shakespearean. She speaks in exaggerated ?Ebonics?, shuns political correctness, commits crimes and often asserts her ol?-time values with the aid of firearms. In the movies, her painfully broad slapstick is often mixed in with soapy family melodrama dealing with themes of domestic violence, religious salvation and conservative family values (Perry is a Christian). To many, Madea movies are virtually unwatchable: her 2005 movie debut, Diary of a Mad Black Woman, has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 16%. Its sequels have fared little better, but the franchise has made nearly half a billion dollars. Continue reading...
  • post 'A pas de deux of sex and violence': a poet's guide to film noir - 12 November
  • Claustrophobic and nihilistic, a disturbing universe with dramatic lighting. An award-winning poet explains why he immersed himself in film noir for his Booker-prize shortlisted debut novelI watched film noir before I knew it had a name, growing up with these black-and-white B-movies that appeared at odd hours on 70s television. It was only when I moved from Scotland to London that I saw them, properly, on the big screen, and understood them for what they were: the cinema of the city, steeped in the city?s fascination and fear. All the ambivalence I felt arriving in London as a young outsider was there in the mood and the images of these films, and I soon learned why they spoke to me so directly. These classic 40s and 50s movies ? which seem like a distinctly American art form, like blues or jazz ? were mostly not made by Americans but by emigres: Jewish directors and cinematographers who had fled Nazi Germany and ended up in Hollywood, bringing their expressionist aesthetic and their deep terrors to celluloid. These refugee artists were among the ?huddled masses? that built America; the kind of people that are now, it seems, unwelcome.Despite living most of my life in cities, I?ve never really written about them. When I decided I would, I knew it had to be US cities, immediately after the war, when the American dream started to falter; that the soundtrack would be jazz, and that much of the tonal qualities would come from film noir. I watched about 500 films before writing The Long Take ? listening for the idiom, watching the camera techniques, the editing, working out the geography of the city location shots ? and it was these 10 movies that I kept returning to: the ones that, for me, capture the classic spirit and style of this brief but hugely influential cycle of films. Continue reading...
  • post Viggo Mortensen sorry for using N-word at Green Book screening - 10 November
  • Actor makes remark in discussion about race in AmericaTwitter user: ?The oxygen immediately left the room?Viggo Mortensen has apologized for using a highly offensive racial slur during a panel discussion about his new film, Green Book. Related: Green Book review ? charming deep south road trip is worth taking Continue reading...
  • post 'The faces are unbelievable': Peter Jackson on They Shall Not Grow Old - 10 November
  • Lord of the Rings director talks about using footage and audio from the Imperial War Museum archiveThe BBC TV premiere and cinema release of They Shall Not Grow Old, the first world war documentary created by Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson, will mark a high point of this weekend?s Remembrance Day commemorations, which mark the 100th anniversary of the armistice that ended the conflict in 1918.Culled from footage and audio from the Imperial War Museum archive, They Shall Not Grow Old has already attracted rave reviews for its painstaking conversion of grainy footage of British troops on the western front into startling colourised images. The Guardian?s chief film critic, Peter Bradshaw, said: ?The effect is electrifying ? soldiers are returned to an eerie, hyperreal kind of life in front of our eyes,? while the Daily Telegraph suggested it was a ?historical portrait of matchless immediacy and power?. Continue reading...
  • post Disney planning Star Wars spinoff series starring Diego Luna - 09 November
  • CEO Bob Iger also announces that Tom Hiddleston will star in a Marvel-related programme for Disney?s forthcoming streaming serviceDisney is moving ahead with another Star Wars spinoff TV series. It follows the announcement, in October, of the Jon Favreau-created The Mandalorian.In an earnings call with investors, Disney CEO Bob Iger said that the new show would act as a prequel to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. It will star Diego Luna as Cassian Andor, the rebel alliance spy he played in the movie. According to a statement from Disney: ?[T]he rousing spy thriller will explore tales filled with espionage and daring missions to restore hope to a galaxy in the grip of a ruthless Empire.? Continue reading...
  • post Geoffrey Rush may never be able to work again, lawyer tells court - 08 November
  • Opposing counsel says the only evidence about actor?s inability to work is coming from other people and not Rush himselfOscar winner Geoffrey Rush, who is claiming millions of dollars in damages in his defamation case, may never work again, a judge has been told.?There is a significant risk that Mr Rush will not work again,? Bruce McClintock QC said on Friday, in his submissions about the damages that should be awarded if the actor wins his federal court defamation case. Continue reading...

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