The Round Tower by Catherine Cookson

Catherine Cooksons The Round TowerPersonally, I love this author.

Catherine Cookson Author Dame Catherine Cookson, DBE was an English author. She became the United Kingdom’s most widely read novelist, with sales topping 100 million, while retaining a relatively low profile in the world of celebrity writers. This is just one of her stories.  I plan to bring the entire film to you this week.


The Round Tower   1998 (part 1)  Continued tomorrow.

Set in mid-1950’s England, this story tells of the wealthy, socially upwardly-progressive Ratcliffe family. Their youngest daughter, seventeen year old Vanessa, feels alienated from her selfish parents, who are more interested in their eldest daughter’s upcoming marriage into one of their town’s old families. An old friend of the family, who is himself trapped in a loveless marriage, makes love to Vanessa one night, and she becomes pregnant, but won’t reveal who the father is.

Early career role for Emily Fox. Click on the START arrow.