Quiz – Period Drama

Welcome to your Period Drama #1 - 10 Questions

Who is this actor?


Who did NOT have a role in "The Hobbit"  (any series)
What film is this blooper taken from?  Very poor quality.

greendressThis green dress has been in North and South (seen here) and what other classic film?

This is Johnny Depp.  What film is this from?

How many films are in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" series at this time? (Oct 2016)
tobysThis is Toby Stephens from Jane Eyre 2006.

Who is his mother?
Who was the main male lead in the last adaptation of "Persuasion"?
Who played Mr. Wickham in the 2005 adaptation of Pride and Prejudice?
Who had the largest part (lead role) in "Wolf Hall"

Leaderboard for Period Drama #1 - 10 Questions

1. Lu-100 Points
2. xxx-90 Points
3. -80 Points
4. Anna Glenn-80 Points
5. luc-80 Points