Pride and Prejudice 1995

Pride and Prejudice is a six-episode 1995 British television drama, adapted by Andrew Davies from Jane Austen’s 1813 novel of the same name. Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth starred as Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy. Critically acclaimed and a popular success, Pride and Prejudice was honoured with several awards, including a BAFTA Television Award for Jennifer Ehle for “Best Actress” and an Emmy for “Outstanding Individual Achievement in Costume Design for a Miniseries or a Special”. The role of Mr Darcy elevated Colin Firth to stardom. A scene showing Firth in a wet shirt was recognized as “one of the … Read more

“First Proposal” Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

First Proposal “In vain I have struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.” Elizabeth’s astonishment was beyond expression. She stared, coloured, doubted, and was silent. This he considered sufficient encouragement; and the avowal of all that he felt, and had long felt for her, immediately followed. He spoke well; but there were feelings besides those of the heart to be detailed; and he was not more eloquent on the subject of tenderness than of pride. His sense of her inferiority–of its being … Read more

“She is tolerable” Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

“I would not be so fastidious as you are,” cried Mr. Bingley, “for a kingdom! Upon my honour, I never met with so many pleasant girls in my life as I have this evening; and there are several of them you see uncommonly pretty.” “_You_ are dancing with the only handsome girl in the room,” said Mr. Darcy, looking at the eldest Miss Bennet. “Oh! She is the most beautiful creature I ever beheld! But there is one of her sisters sitting down just behind you, who is very pretty, and I dare say very agreeable. Do let me ask … Read more

Happy Anniversary to 1995’s Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice Most likely the quintessential novel from Jane Austen is Pride and Prejudice.  And to me and many others, Colin Firth was the most excellent Darcy of them all. It’s hard to find a “trailer” of the film, as few were being done then, but you can find the entire film all over youtube.  Find below, one of the most exciting scenes. 1940 1980 1995 2005 One of my favorite scenes that shows the difference in Firth’s Darcy to others, is his stature as he danced with Elizabeth. He stands tall, proud and confident.  I love Matthew Macfadyen, … Read more