I Killed Him – pt 10

Chapter Ten Captain Hartford returned to post with explanations to his Commander. He had entered his Commander’s office with great hesitancy only to be buoyed by the fact that nothing seemed out of order. Surely, there would be a severe questioning session if Miss Hale or Detective Boyle had come to him with any suspicions. Grant wondered how long it would be before Miss Hale was found, dead or alive. She had to have taken her own life as she admitted she had been thinking of doing. There could be little hope of reconciliation after all this time, if she … Read more

John Thornton’s Unfolding Dream – 35

Kindle handed Margaret into an empty coach. How long they would be alone, no one knew. He took her into his arms as soon as the driver was underway. Two guards rode in front of the carriage and two in the rear. He could feel her hesitate slightly and that worried him as it had for many days.” Margaret, is anything wrong, you’re shying away from me.” “Kindle, it isn’t you,” she lied. I am just so exhausted. The tension I have been under for days and then fearing I would drown and then lost in the woods – it … Read more

John Thornton’s Unfolding Dream – 34

Chapter 21   Margaret exited her room with her soiled and salty clothing folded in her arms, meeting Branson in the hall.” Well, do you not look smart, Miss Hale?” “Someday, you must teach me to ride. Does John just ride or does he love to ride?” she asked. “Miss, he gets little time, but he enjoys taking each of his horses out weekly for a short ride.” “Do I hear him talking to someone down stairs? I thought I was up early.” “Yes, Miss. He is talking to someone named Brampton who has been waiting several hours for you … Read more