KnightFall – Dec 06, 2017 (Series 1 @ 10 episodes)

EPIC TV SERIES STARRING TOM CULLEN The Knights will fall this Fall, December 6th (History Channel)   After our majestic Epic Weekend we are still in the same epic waters today as well, with the new trailer and cast photos for History’s brand new epic adventure action television series KNIGHTFALL which starts airing worldwide Wednesday December 6th! The ten episode first season takes viewers inside the medieval politics and warfare of the Knights Templar, the most powerful, wealthy and mysterious military order of the Middle Ages who were entrusted with protecting Christianity’s most precious relics. THE STORY OF KNIGHTFALL begins after the … Read more


Coming to the History Channel in Autumn History hasn’t yet announced the official air date for their new historical series KNIGHTFALL but it will be sometime this Autumn. Starring Tom Cullen as a knight Templar it will go deep into the clandestine world of this legendary brotherhood of warrior monks. From their battles in the Holy Land, to their complex relationship with the King of France, to the betrayal that would ultimately lead to their tragic dissolution, the story of the Knights Templar has never been fully told until now. Check out the gallery of characters!   NOBLE KNIGHT LANDRY … Read more