Set of rich character posters from new epic historical adventure coming to us straight from the

Redbad is hitting Dutch cinemas this month

kingdom of Holland, with a rather exciting new trailer for their English language epic adventure REDBAD which hits domestic cinemas in Netherlands this month rich with battles and horse riding… and even swimming!  The movie is supposed to hit cinemas in some European countries from September and later on China as well, while Epic Pictures is distributing it in Northern America! The film stars Breaking Bad‘s Jonathan BanksSøren Malling (as Danish king Wiglek) and Gijs Naber, and centres on the sagas and ancient legends surrounding the FrisianKing Redbad (played by Gijs Naber) and the battle with his nemesis Pepin Herstal, Lord of the Franks, played by Jonathan Banks. The movie was directed by Roel Reine who helmed the previous Dutch mega epic the spy has shown you before – Admiral!

Gijs Naber plays the lead role of Redbad
700 AD. Northern Europe is divided into two worlds: the Frisians, Saxons and Danes live above the rivers, below the rivers live the Franks. They want to achieve what even the Romans did not succeed: conquer all of Europe. They put in a new weapon to enslave the Gentiles: Christianity. They target Europe’s main trading centre, where the Frisian king Aldigisl rules. Redbad, son of King Aldigsl,is doubting the outdated rituals of his people. He comes into conflict with his father when his girlfriend Fenne is appointed to be sacrificed to the gods. During the sacrificial ritual, the Franks enter the city. The Frisii lose Dorestad. Redbads Uncle Eibert seizes the power and gives

Jonathan Banks and Soren Maling play the lead roles in the movie

Redbad the blame of the defeat and death of his father. Tied to a raft, Redbad is pushed into the sea to die. But Redbad survives and drifts ashore, the Vikings discover him. In Denmark Redbad learns the power of his own

More than 5,000 extras take part in some of the battle scenes

culture. He is slowly taken into the clan of the Vikings. He joins the Vikings after fighting against a rival clan of Svaers and marries king’s Wiglek daughter. They then return to Dorestad, where he discovers that his sister is married to the son of the Frankish king Pepijn van Herstal. During the yearly

Around two hundred horses were used during the shooting of the film

market he sees how priest Willibrord repents his sister by using violence and swears to liberate her. He cannot do this alone, but with the army of his uncle and cousin, but even then it does not seem strong enough to beat the Franks.

The Lost Viking


THE LOST VIKING is actually out next week on DVD! Directed and written by Emmet Cummins, it stars gorgeous Dean Ridge as the Viking who dreams of adventure. The cast also includes Ross O’Hennessy, Kezia Burrows, James Groom, Ian Virgo, Dan Styles and others.

THE LOST VIKING is actually a young Viking called Vitharr who arrives in Britain with dreams of conquest and adventure, but when his family and clan are ambushed and killed, he must survive alone in this strange, dangerous new land as he searches for his Uncle’s settlement.
 The Lost Viking is out on DVD and VOD (iTunes, Amazon Instant Video) on May 28th. Get it on Amazon or from major retailers.



Supposed to hit the big screens next February! The latest movie version of famous legend on SAMSON in which the hero is played by Taylor James with Jackson Rathbone, Rutger Hauer, Billy Zane also in the cast alongside Caitlin Leahy who plays Delilah! After his youthful ambition leads to a tragic marriage, Samson’s acts of revenge thrust him into direct conflict with the Philistine army. As his brother mounts a tribal rebellion, only Samson’s relationship with a Philistine temptress and his final surrender – both to the Philistines and to God – turns imprisonment and blindness into final victory.
Samson will get a haircut for next Valentines!  –  Releasing in February 2018