Getting an adaptation, but a small screen one is World War II book THE TATTOOIST OF AUSCHWITZ by Heather Morris which is to be turned into an international series with an aim for it to start airing in January 2020 at the 75th anniversary of the camp’s liberation.
THE TATTOOIST OF AUSCHWITZ tells the true story of Lale Sokolov, a Jewish prisoner who was given the job of tattooing identification numbers on prisoners’ arms in the Auschwitz Birkenau concentration camp during World War Two. One day, he met Gita while she was waiting in line to be tattooed and it was love at first sight. And so began one of the most life-affirming, courageous, unforgettable and human stories of the Holocaust and a tale of the very best of humanity in the very worst of circumstances.



Also of interest may be Richard Armitage’s recent audiobook of the same story.

Listen to Richard for a few minutes as he reads this.


Synchronicity Films is producing the series

The Reclusive Aristocrat – Part Sixty-Four

Chapter Twenty-Seven (completed)

Crestwell Abbey, Cumberland, April 17th, 1816

All this was so unexpected for Rowena that she felt completely baffled. When the door flew open to Lord Carlisle and his constables, she was not even startled as much as she was by the new revelations by Bleak. For the sake of prudency, she took a few steps back.

“I find all this a bit far-fechted, Mr Bleak,” Lord Carlisle said, his voice calm but firm. “You seem to have taken your solicitor’s task a bit lightly, do you not agree? Why have you not examined the new will more thoroughly, if you were in possession of the old one?”

He gave the man no time to reply but addressed his own man. “Mr Beaumont, will you please do Mr Bleak’s work for him and scrutinize both documents?”

At that moment, Alex stepped forward. “We will do this together, Mr Beaumont. No offence, but I need to protect my wife’s interests.”

Rowena’s heart skipped a beat at these words. She looked at Alex, took in his strong face, locked tightly in concentration, as he skimmed the document in the solicitor’s hand. He fought for her and her affairs, she realized. Why? Because they were also his affairs?

Oh, God … was that why Alex had been so diligent, almost obsessed in pursuing Roderick?

The searing pain of understanding Alex’ motives was excruciating, yet Rowena managed to conceal it. Nobody could know of her crushed hopes, ever. She forced herself to listen to what was said.


“This is outrageous,” Alex growled. “Do I understand this correctly and has Daveston written a fraudulent will after his father died?”

“Indeed, my lord. As you can see all too clearly, the two handwritings do not match, nor does the signature.” Mr Beaumont looked at Bleak accusingly. “You, sir, are an accomplice to forgery.”

“Horace Bleak,” Lord Carlisle intoned. “I am arresting you for forgery and fraudulence. You will appear before a court of law and your assets will be confiscated if you are found guilty. Take him away.”

Bleak’s wailing did not stop him from being dragged away. Alex, however, returned to the matter at hand.

“Mr Beaumont, we need to recuperate my wife’s inheritance funds from this wreckage. Do you have a notion as to how?”

Rowena stopped listening, as this confirmed Alex’ motives all too clearly. She went out to the coach they had taken to get there and asked the driver to bring her back to Crestwell Abbey. Emma needed to be fed and Rowena had dallied long enough away from her darling.

By the time she got there, Emma’s nanny Bessie had already done her duty by feeding Emma some of the fine grain gruel she asked Lord Carlisle’s cook to prepare exclusively for the baby. Emma seemed to thrive on it but Rowena needed her to breastfeed anyway, since her breasts were painfully full of milk. She would need to ask Richard Orme how she could solve that problem.

As it happened, the doctor entered the nursery just as she was done feeding Emma.

“Rowena, my dear, I wonder if you could spare me a moment.”

The expression on his honest face was troubled, so Rowena had dire forebodings. “Roderick is worse, I presume?”

Richard winced. “He is gone, Rowena. He died an hour ago without regaining consciousness. It is probably for the best, because consciousness would have brought excruciating agony. I am so very sorry, my dear.”

Rowena handed Emma to Bessie and stood. “I will see him now, Richard.”

They had laid out Roderick in the room where he had been brought to after the fire. Rowena’s half-brother seemed peaceful in death, although it was clear to her that his face had been worked on. The horrible traces of the fire were hidden under a thick layer of face powder, and Roderick looked magnificent in his most splendid attire.

Rowena felt something kin to bereavement but no sorrow or sentiment of loss. She realized that those feelings had been plaguing her a long time ago, in fact so long ago that they had faded to almost nothing. That was why she was surprised when a single tear began rolling down her cheek. And then another one, and yet another one.

An arm came around her shoulder, and the next moment she was burying her face into Alex’ wide chest and sobbing disconsolately. “Oh, my love, I am so very sorry. Hush, my sweet, hush. Roderick is in a better place now.”


Alex was in an even greater agony than his darling little wife was. He wished he could take all that stupid grief away from her, grief that was not even deserved by the selfish bounder her half-brother had been. Every quiet sob she uttered was like a knife to the heart, and he felt so utterly helpless that he gritted his teeth in rage. He raked his brain for something that would distract her from her sorrow.

“Mr Beaumont is confident that he can recuperate at least a part of your inheritance, my dear. Lord Carlisle will no doubt give him permission to examine Daveston’s finances.”

She stiffened considerably in his arms before tearing herself away. Baffled to the extreme, Alex stood by helplessly when she ran from the room. What the devil!




The Last Kingdom S3


A new photo has been released from the set of the third season of our beloved mediaeval action adventure series THE LAST KINGDOM which is currently in production after a very long wait. It shows Alexander Dreymon as brave Uhtred of Bebamburgh! The series set in the 9th century when separate kingdoms were fighting against invading Danes will also see David Dawson return as King Alfred. Netflix will air the season probably sometime next year based on Bernard Cornwell’s novels.

The third season will see Uhtred still fighting for his own piece of land

Peterloo 2018

In US November 9, 2018   |    PG-13   |    2hr 32min


An epic portrayal of the events surrounding the infamous 1819 Peterloo Massacre, where a peaceful pro-democracy rally at St Peter’s Field in Manchester turned into one of the bloodiest and most notorious episodes in British history. The massacre saw British government forces charge into a crowd of over 60,000 that had gathered to demand political reform and protest against rising levels of poverty. Many protesters were killed and hundreds more injured, sparking a nationwide outcry but also further government suppression. The Peterloo Massacre was a defining moment in British democracy which also played a significant role in the founding of The Guardian newspaper.

Class of ’61

Surprised was I, being a Daughter of the American Revolution and a Daughter of the Confederacy to find a Civil War film, I’ve never seen.  It’s from 1993, starring a young Josh Lucas, Clive Owen, Laura Linny. My family settled in Virginia before the revolution.


Synopsis by Sandra Brennan

The titular year refers to the class of 1861, and the implied school is the venerable West Point Academy. This made-for-television drama centers on one of that classes most illustrious students, George Armstrong Custer, and tells how the Civil War affected his friendship with two classmates, one who supported the Union and the other a staunch believer in the Confederate cause. Custer himself stood between, wrestling with his own convictions.

Read more at https://www.allmovie.com/movie/class-of-61-v163177#lyqEGK2Otz8zhl6O.99


Three West Point 1861 generation cadets and friends go on opposite sides after the breakout of The Civil War, with tragic consequences. A subplot involves Lucius, a Shelby Peyton’s slave, who kills a slave trader and goes on the run.

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