Dearest, loveliest Meg

Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility tells the story of Elinor and Marianne Dashwood, and their search for happiness. In Edward Ferrars, Elinor finds her soul mate, and Marianne comes finally home to Colonel Brandon’s love. There is, however, another sister. Margaret Dashwood is left to care for her spendthrift mother. Will she find her match too?             Next week, Margaret’s story appears on this page on Saturday. Join us for Dearest, loveliest Meg.          

History’s ‘Vikings’ Renewed For Third Season

By Patrick Munn History has renewed its first original scripted series Vikings for a third season. The period drama has received an order for a further 10 episodes. “Vikings has taken viewers by storm and has established itself as one of the most compelling, visually stunning dramas on television.  With its large, passionate and loyal fan base, Vikings has cemented History firmly in the scripted series genre, just as we are the leaders in reality television,” said Dirk Hoogstra, EVP and General Manager of History & H2. Vikings follows Ragnar, a restless young warrior and family man who longs to find and …

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Period Drama Dictionary

Aristocracy The aristocracy are people considered to be in the highest social class in a society which once had a political system of Aristocracy. Aristocrats possess hereditary titles granted by a monarch, which once granted them feudal or legal privileges, or deriving, as in Ancient Greece and India, from a military caste. They are usually below only the monarch of a country in the social hierarchy. The term “aristocracy” is derived from the Greek language aristokratia, meaning ‘the rule of the best’.   Barmkin Scottish 15th C. A battlement or battlemented wall; a wall of defense Beau Monde (The ton) …

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War of Arrows 2011

[KGVID poster=”” width=”640″ height=”361″][/KGVID]   When Mongols abduct Ja-in on her wedding day, her brother Nam-Yi, still reeling from the tragedy that claimed their father’s life, sets out to find her. Alive with new purpose, the skilled archer takes aim at the invading army in spectacular battle. Cast: Hae-il Park, Seung-yong Ryoo, Mu-Yeol Kim, Moon Chae-Won, Han-wi Lee, Gu-taek Kim, Kyeong-yeong Lee, Gi-woong Park, Rye Hei Otani Genre: Foreign, Action Thrillers, Foreign Action & Adventure, Action & Adventure  

The Lost Northbound Train – Part Twenty

Chapter Twenty – Inexorable Fate   While John was propelled into the Unknown, only one fact stood clearly in his mind; he must not let go of Margaret! In that last conscious second, he managed to sling his arms around her waist and cling tightly to her. Whatever would transpire, he would not release his hold on Margaret, even if he should die in the process! But the violence of the force with which they were thrown into the darkness was overpowering … As consciousness slowly returned, Margaret immediately felt the sting of an injury to her left shoulder and, …

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ITV Sets Premiere Date For ‘Endeavour’ Season 2 By Patrick Munn – March 19th, 2014 @ 04:24 pm UTC The second season of ITV’s Morse prequel Endeavour will premiere on Sunday March 30th at 8pm, it has been announced. Endeavour follows a young detective Endeavour Morse and his partner Detective Inspector Fred Thursday as the investigate various crimes in the 1960′s. The series is produced by Mammoth Screen & Masterpiece and stars Shaun Evans as Morse, Roger Allam as Detective Inspector Fred Thursday, James Bradshaw as Dr Max Debryn and Abigail Thaw as Dorothea Frazil. “1966 brings Endeavour a fresh …

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The Lost Northbound Train – Part Nineteen

Chapter Nineteen – Forever Bound   Margaret woke to a sound she knew must be rather common but one she never actually heard before in her life; the steady, strong breathing of a man firmly surrendered to deep sleep. In the first light that seeped through a gap in the heavy curtains, she was fascinated by what she saw. The long, lean, bare form of her husband, stretched out on his back beside her, one arm upwards to support his head, the other flung out over the edge of the bed. A stir of longing awoke deep inside her chest …

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