Wolf Hall Costumes

Damian Lewis sports vibrant Tudor costume as he get into character as King Henry VIII for highly anticipated BBC drama Wolf Hall   There have been several famous on-screen portrayals of King Henry VIII. And Damian Lewis is sure to give another memorable performance as the infamous British royal in the new BBC series, Wolf Hall. The Homeland actor was pictured in his full period costume on Friday as he filmed scenes for the anticipated new drama at Gloucester Cathedral. Royal style: Damian Lewis is sure to give another memorable performance as the infamous British royal in the new BBC …

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Dearest, loveliest Meg – Part Seventeen

  Chapter Seventeen   We were completely out of breath, Douglas and I, by the time we managed to pull the massive stone block aside. It showed a small entrance to a dug-out passage, shored-up by wooden planking which did not seem at all sturdy. “By Jove!” Douglas wheezed, “It seemed much larger when I was ten!” I do not know how but I found some breath and laughed weakly. Soon we were crawling through a pipe that was so low and narrow we were forced to go single file. Douglas went first and I followed. “Mind you stay close …

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Dearest, loveliest Meg – Part Sixteen

    Chapter Sixteen   My head hung upside down and my arms dangled straight down like those of a rag doll. Dobson had flung me over his shoulder and, with every step he took, a jolt of pain spread from the back of my head all the way down my spine in throbbing waves. For a moment I feared I was going to be sick but I forced myself to breathe deeply. I closed my eyes as I felt my surroundings sway, fighting the nausea that was threatening to overcome me. As this was also preventing me from seeing …

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Unbroken – Release Christmas Day

Angelina Jolie directs this true life tale An epic drama that follows the incredible life of Olympian and war hero Louis “Louie” Zamperini (Jack O’Connell) who, along with two other crewmen, survived in a raft for 47 days after a near-fatal plane crash in WWII—only to be caught by the Japanese Navy and sent to a prisoner-of-war camp.  

The Mill’ Series 2 trailer

Posted July 11, 2014 by William Martin & filed under Trailers. Channel 4 has released a trailer for the second series of historical drama The Mill.The new six-part series covers the period between 1838-1842, focusing on the lives of the mill workers against a backdrop of turbulent social, political and industrial change.Series 2 begins at 8pm on Sunday 20 July on Channel 4. UK This is a time of the great Chartist rallies and the birth of modern democracy with the movement for the right for working class men to vote sweeping the country. The drama is driven by a …

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The Last Kingdom

BBC Two to adapt ‘Sharpe’ writer’s ‘The Last Kingdom’ Posted July 9, 2014 by William Martin & filed under Headlines. BBC Two has announced a new adaptation of Sharpe creator Bernard Cornwell’s best-selling series of books, The Saxon Stories. Adapted by Stephen Butchard (Good Cop, House Of Saddam), the eight-part historical drama series is described by the BBC as “a show full of heroic deeds and epic battles but with a thematic depth that embraces politics, religion, warfare, courage, love, loyalty and our universal search for identity”. The Last Kingdom is a co-production with BBC America and Downton Abbey makers …

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Dearest, loveliest Meg – Part Fifteen

  Chapter Fifteen   “Please, Miss Dashwood, I can’t let yer do that! Ye said the colonel was lookin’ into the guv’nor’s family. ‘E might find the solution and I’m thinkin’ we ought to wait for ‘im to come back! Ye can’t go runnin’ off to that Wilkinson bloke on yer own!” “Jack, I can and I will! I must learn what Wilkinson is hiding and if he has done harm to Douglas. Are you coming with me or not? I will go alone, if I must! Now come along, I have to find Johnny the groom.” Muttering under his …

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