Period Drama Heros

I made this video about a month ago. I loved the music so much that I had to put some video to it. The artist is John Dreamer. He has about 5 other pieces similar to this. They are much used for the PC Game Makers. In fact, the first part of this video is the advert for the game Assassin III. If you like this music, which has been edited longer to fit the video, check this link for his other pieces. John Dreamer Go Full Screen for Best results [flowplayer src=” Drama Heros.mp4″ poster=””]

Copying Beethoven 2006

Personal Favorite of mine   It is set in 1824 as Beethoven (Ed Harris) is finishing his Ninth Symphony. He is plagued by deafness, loneliness and personal trauma. A fictional character, a new copyist, Anna Holtz (Diane Kruger) is engaged to help the composer finish preparing the score for the first performance. Anna is a young conservatory student and aspiring composer. Her understanding of his work is such that she corrects mistakes he has made, while her personality opens a door into his private world. Beethoven is initially skeptical, but slowly comes to trust Anna’s assistance and eventually grows fond …

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Joyous Noel 2005

    In 1914, World War I, the bloodiest war ever at that time in human history, was well under way. However on Christmas Eve, numerous sections of the Western Front called an informal, and unauthorized, truce where the various front-line soldiers of the conflict peacefully met each other in No Man’s Land to share a precious pause in the carnage with a fleeting brotherhood. This film dramatizes one such section as the French, Scottish and German sides partake in the unique event, even though they are aware that their superiors will not tolerate its occurrence. – Written by Kenneth …

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The Reform of John Thornton – Part Fourteen

Chapter Fourteen For the next three months, I fought tooth and nail to keep my business afloat. I travelled to Birmingham, Leeds and even London to find some new investors, but alas, to no avail. Latimer would not see me again when I applied for an interview about a new loan. Needless to say I did not pursue Ann Latimer further. I was relieved about that, at least. On one day in late spring, I received a visit from Mr Bell, my landlord. He was an Oxford academic from a wealthy family, who had invested and still was investing money …

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The Revenant UK release 01/15/2016 – US release 01/08/16

The action adventure film follows American wilderness explorer Hugh Glass, portrayed by DiCaprio. He was left for dead after being attacked by a bear, and he’s not happy with his team for abandoning him. The term revenant refers to someone who has made a return, and in some cases, from the dead. Hardy takes on the role of his disloyal companion John Fitzgerald, and he appears to be first on Glass’s hit list. The two are living rough so it’s no surprise to see them with full beards, but it’s almost hard to make out who is who with all …

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Red Cliff 2008

Written by     John Woo Chan Khan Kuo Cheng Sheng Heyu Starring Tony Leung Takeshi Kaneshiro Zhang Fengyi Chang Chen Zhao Wei Hu Jun Shido Nakamura Lin Chi-ling Part I In the summer of 208, towards the end of the Eastern Han dynasty, the Chancellor, Cao Cao, leads the imperial army on a campaign to eliminate the southern warlords Sun Quan and Liu Bei, whom he denounces as “rebels”. Emperor Xian reluctantly approves the campaign. Cao Cao’s mighty army swiftly conquers Jing Province. The Battle of Changban is ignited when Cao Cao’s cavalry starts attacking civilians on an exodus led …

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The Reform of John Thornton – Part Thirteen

Chapter Thirteen   I rose from my chair behind my desk, all my limbs stiff with fatigue. It was late, I guessed. Just then the whistle blew, indicating the end of the evening shift. Ten o’ clock. I went to the window. Little Tom Boucher sat on the rough wooden planks of the loading bank, his feet in their scuffed boots dangling from it. He was reading aloud from a book. That was a most intelligent lad, I mused, while I donned my coat. I went to stand beside him, reading over his shoulder. He was spelling the words diligently, …

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