Hearts Adrift – Part Seven

Chapter Seven   Jake eyed them both with barely concealed astonishment, but he said nothing. “What about Jéhan?” Manon asked. “Could we not take him into the room also?” “I want to sleep with the other men!” Jéhan protested. “Jake is my friend, and I have to watch over him!” Manon saw her uncle’s sweet … Read moreHearts Adrift – Part Seven

The White Princess Epic Series (Season 2 US only)

‘WHITE PRINCESS’ EPIC SERIES WHITE QUEEN is officially getting a new season but just on Starz, since BBC has opted out of the project (European audience didn’t like it as much as the US one). Following the previous season in which Rebecca Ferguson played the WHITE QUEEN, new eight part series, also based on Philippa … Read moreThe White Princess Epic Series (Season 2 US only)

Hearts Adrift – Part Six

Chapter Six   Longpré was reached in the late afternoon, and the travellers were all exhausted, hungry and downtrodden. They hid in the surrounding woods while Jake went into the village. He was the least conspicuous of them all; he could pass as a harmless farmhand. Jéhan was fast asleep, his head on Manon’s lap. … Read moreHearts Adrift – Part Six


by Caitlin Gallagher Fans of talented and attractive British actors, get ready: BBC America is about to capture your attention with its new show London Spy. now ending The five-part series stars notable British actors Ben Whishaw, Jim Broadbent, and Charlotte Rampling, but London Spy also features Edward Holcroft. The series already aired in the … Read moreSo Who is EDWARD HOLCROFT ?

The Silver Chair

‘CHRONICLES OF NARNIA’ TO GET EPIC REBOOT WITH ‘THE SILVER CHAIR’! ‘AZTECS’ EPIC TV ADAPTATION OF DANIEL PETERS BOOK! ‘THE SILVER CHAIR’ TO BE A REBOOT OF NARNIA MOVIE SAGA If you love legendary epic fantasy saga THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA from CS Lewis and are sad that the movie franchise ended last decade with … Read moreThe Silver Chair

The Illusionist 2006

circa 1889   A supernaturally talented magician attempts to undermine the rigid social structure of turn-of-the-century Vienna by using his powers to win the love of his upper-class, childhood sweetheart in director Neil Burger’s cinematic adaptation of Pulitzer Prize-winning author Steven Millhauser’s short story. Though the ill-fated childhood romance between cabinetmaker’s son Eisenheim (Edward Norton) … Read moreThe Illusionist 2006

Image of the Week – Henry Cavill

Click title above for full size images   2019 Justice League Part Two (announced) Clark Kent / Superman 2017 The Justice League Part One (pre-production) Clark Kent / Superman 2016 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (completed)Clark Kent / Superman 2016 Sand Castle (filming) Captain Syverson Man from U.N.C.L.E  2015       Man of … Read moreImage of the Week – Henry Cavill