The Spanish Princess

STARZ REVEALS FULL CAST!   8 episodes Charlotte Hope will be Catherine of Aragon! I‘ve already told you before that after the success of The White Princess, which was probably one of the best epic series last year, Starz is making THE SPANISH PRINCESS sequel series also based on Philippa Gregory‘s books, and now they’ve announced the cast too led by Charlotte Hopeand our dear Elliot Cowan!   THE TUDOR SAGA Continuing the saga of the Tudor dynasty, it will be a powerful, epic story that not only returns the audience to the world of royal court intrigue as seen Alicia Boracherro, Elliot Cowan and Alexandra Moen will rule …

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MacBeth Film

WITH MARK ROWLEY Macbeth aired in UK cinemas in March  MACBETH  entirely shot on green screen and reinvented by director Kit Monkman starring The Last Kingdom’s Mark Rowley! Monkman’s unique adaptation successfully bridges the gap between theatre and film by exploiting the capabilities of the green screen to portray the vast world of make-believe while maintaining the traditional values, language and themes of Shakespeare’s original theatrical play. Super hunky Mark Rowley plays the lead role A BRAVE NEW VISION OF THE OLD STORY Brilliant young general MACBETH pulls off a glorious victory in battle before returning to an indolent court where honours are dispensed by whim. Spurred …

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 CHRIS EVAN TO FACE  DISASTER IN ‘GREENLAND’! The hottest Avenger of them all, and also an amazing director in his own right, Chris Evans will star in Neill Blomkamp’s new disaster movie GREENLAND! Not much is known about the film, except that it will be a character driven, high concept narrative about a family’s fight for survival in the face of a cataclysmic natural disaster. (Have no idea what circa GREENLAND is.)   Before this, you will watch Chris in THE RED SEA DIVING RESORT next to Alessandro Nivola, Michiel Huisman (talk about a hot hot hot cast) Greg Kinnear and Ben Kingsley, about the rescue of Ethiopian Jewish immigrants to Israel …

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May 28th – America’s Memorial Day

This is the day that we honor all of our brave men and women who fell in battle.  These are not necessarily period dramas, but true stories.     12 Strong     13 Hours The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi Trailer  (If you can only see one…see this one)     Zero Dark Thirty  – The day we found Osama Bin Laden     American Sniper     The Hurt Locker     Black Hawk Down     WindTalkers

The Reclusive Aristocrat – Part Forty-Seven

Chapter Twenty (continued) London, March 17th, 1816 He was right. Rowena agreed to depart for Leicestershire as soon as possible. While Trixie and Bessie started packing up their family’s belongings, Alex had one pressing matter to see to. Flanked by his loyal batman, he took his wife to the Wellington Barracks on Birdcage Walk, where he was about to receive his patent letters. He could hardly wait to finally come truly into his title after all this time. Their carriage was allowed admittance and permission to halt in front of the large porticoed entrance. Alex followed Porter out and offered …

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A Beautiful Mind 2001

The true story of prominent mathematician John Forbes Nash Jr. is the subject of this biographical drama from director Ron Howard. Russell Crowe stars as the brilliant but arrogant and conceited professor Nash. The prof seems guaranteed a rosy future in the early ’50s after he marries beautiful student Alicia (Jennifer Connelly) and makes a remarkable advancement in the foundations of “game theory,” which carries him to the brink of international acclaim. Soon after, John is visited by Agent William Parcher (Ed Harris), from the CIA, who wants to recruit him for code-breaking activities. But evidence suggests that Nash’s perceptions …

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King Lear with Anthony Hopkins

 BBC SETS DATE FOR ‘KING LEAR’ WITH ANTHONY HOPKINS, EMMA THOMPSON, EMILY WATSON! Anthony Hopkins’ TV movie KING LEAR which will air on BBC Two Monday 28th May! You can check out the trailer below the post! THE BURDEN OF BEING A KING Set in the fictional present, the 80 year old King Lear (Anthony Hopkins) divides his kingdom among his daughters, Goneril (Emma Thompson), Regan (Emily Watson) and Cordelia (Florence Pugh) – according to their The new adaptation was directed by Richard Eyre! affection for him. Cordelia refuses to flatter him, so he banishes her. Having acquired power, Goneril and Regan …

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WW2, I’ve also previously showed youan old poster for HURRICANE  and now you can check out a new one alongside a new trailer too!  The movie has a rather British cast lead by Iwan Rheon, Sam Hoare and Stefanie Martini, alongside Mel’s son Milo Gibson and Polish star Marcin Dorocinski. It is the story of a group of brave Poles who fought in the skies over England in WW2, not just to keep Great Britain free from the Nazis, but also to keep alive the very idea of their own country, which had existed in its modern form for barely twenty years before it was crushed under Germans. Equipped …

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The Loss of the Teardrop Diamond 2008

A rebellious socialite defies social conventions for a once-in-a-lifetime shot at true love, only to see her hopes for the future shattered after a priceless diamond vanishes into thin air in this romantic drama adapted from a long-lost Tennessee Williams screenplay. Fisher Willow (Bryce Dallas Howard) is the debutant daughter of a wealthy Memphis plantation owner. She harbors a great distain for the narrow-minded elite who seem to worship the ground her father walks on, and takes great delight in shocking and insulting them whenever the opportunity to do so arises. Shortly after returning from studying overseas, Fisher is swept off her …

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The 12th Man 2017

Released US  May 4th, 2018   (English subtitled) Twelve men in the Norwegian resistance force were captured by the Nazis, and all were killed but Jan (Thomas Gullestad). Now with the Nazis in hot pursuit, the lone survivor fights for his life and endures the icy Scandinavian landscape. Jonathan Rhys Meyers also stars. Based on a true story, this film was directed by Harold Zwart.