A Discovery of Witches


After their epic dramas Jamestown and Britannia, British Sky is ready to present us with their new fantasy series A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES which hits small screens Friday September 14th and will later on air on HBO

A Discovery of Witches starts next week September 14th

in USA (I think it will also hit HBO cable channels around the world this month). The eight episode adaptation of Deborah Harkness All Souls 

The scenes are shoot in the replica of famous Oxford Bodleian Library

trilogy will see Matthew Goode playing a vampire (that goes to church and does not have fangs and is planning to go to Scotland to feed on deer instead of humans) and Teresa Palmer as an unsuspecting witch.


follows American academic and reluctant witch Diana Bishop (Teresa Palmer), who’s in denial about her magical heritage until her discovery in

Teresa Palmer is Diana Bishop who discovers she is a witch when the Ashmole 782 flies into her hand and the magic runs down from it into her body.

Oxford’s Bodleian Library of Ashmole 782, an ancient mystical manuscript which all the supernatural beings want to get their hands on. This throws her into the heart of a dangerous mystery – and into the path of the vampire

Matthew Goode is vampire Clairmont who is trying not to drink human blood which gives him blood rage and makes him go wild.

professor. Despite an ancient distrust between witches and vampires (who all live around us and look like regular people who go to work), she seeks the help of Matthew Clairmont (Matthew Goode) who is, in fact, a geneticist trying

Trevor Eve plays evil vampire Gerbert who is based on Sylvester II, who was Pope from the year 999 to his death in 1003 and faced accusations of sorcery!

to uncover why his vampire species is dying out. Together they face a barrage of supernatural threats as they probe the book’s secrets, while a forbidden romance blossoms between them.



The cast also includes Alex Kingston as Diana’s witch aunt and guardian Sarah Bishop, while Valarie Pettiford is Sarah’s lesbian partner Emily.

Alex Kingston is a powerful witch, Diana’s lesbian aunt

Lindsay Duncan appears as Clairmont’s mother Ysabeau, a vampire who really cannot stand witches, and Trevor Eve is evil 1,000 year old vampire

Lindsay Duncan is a powerful vampire, Clairmont’s mother who hates witches

Gerbert d’Aurillac who also happens to be a former pope. Nothing strange there, right? He will try to destroy the relationship between Diana and Clairmont.

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