A Discovery of Witches

S2 and S3

Clairmont and witch Diana, where she will try to develop her powers with the help of a very powerful witch. The series, which is airing on HBO worldwide channels and Sundance in USA, has scored tons of viewers despite the criticism of Palmer’s desperately poor acting skills. 

 ‘A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES’TO GO BACK TO ELIZABETHAN LONDON IN SEASON 2Speaking of history and Goode, Sky is sending their currently most popular series A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES back in time after renewing it for season 2 and 3 even before the finale of the first one! Matthew Goode and Teresa Palmer will go back to Elizabethan London in season 2 as vampire 

A Discovery of Witches has been a success for Sky thanks to magnificent art production and Matthew Goode’s radiant charisma.

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