A Magical Letter – Part Nineteen


Nineteen – When Two Become One



“Where are we going?”, Anne asked, while she settled herself in the crook of her husband’s arm as their curricle was being driven away by the groom. He had been acting all mysteriously about their destination and Anne longed for them to be there and alone with Frederick.

“Patience, my darling,” Wentworth answered.

He was revelling in the feeling of her close to him and he had been dreaming of what he would experience with her very soon now. Anne, who was a bit tired, after the long, busy day, felt very comfortable and soon, she  was asleep against Frederick’s shoulder.

When she woke up, the curricle came to a stop and, in the late glow of the setting sun, she beheld Kellynch Hall, her home.

“Oh … oh, Frederick … are we going to stay here, at Kellynch?”

“Yes, my darling,” Wentworth answered. He helped her step down from the curricle, swept her up into his arms and walked toward the front door of the manor. It was opened as if by an invisible hand and Wentworth stepped through, ascended the long sweep of stairs, turned into the corridor on the right and kicked open the door to the master bedroom. There he set his stunned wife on her feet again.

“Oh, Frederick! You have been refurnishing this room! How utterly lovely!”

Anne danced around the spacious set of chambers, the large semi-circular bedroom with the huge four-poster bed,  the more than generous bathroom with a double-sized bathtub, the two dressing rooms and the salon, where a light supper had been laid out for them.

“Do you like what I did? Do you like the colours?”

“Yes, yes, oh yes! They are lovely, they are so right! Thank you, thank you!”

She jumped into his arms again and kissed his mouth in exuberant joy!


Frederick did not let go of her but deepened their kiss, stroking her back.

Anne’s heart fluttered! She pressed into him, putting her arms around his neck, pulling him even closer. She heard him gasp and a shiver ran down her spine and settled deep down in her stomach. How lovely, how exciting … she became aware of his body as he lifted her from her feet and the low part of her own body met the correspondent part of his.

Now it was her turn to gasp.

“What is it, my love?”, Frederick asked hoarsely, “Have I frightened you? That is what you do to me, sweetheart, I cannot help it …”

“I know … I … I just … I was just surprised, that is all!”

She touched his breeches and he drew a deep breath.

“I should very much like to investigate this further …”, she whispered.

Wentworth set her down and reached for the veil and tiara on her head. Anne closed her eyes as he gently began pulling out the hair pins. Soon enough her hair was falling down her back in long, heavy, dark brown curls, which felt so soft and silken to Wentworth’s now trembling fingers. He moved his hands to her back and undid a few buttons of her gown.

“No, my love. Now it is my turn to remove an item of your clothing.”

Her voice, warm and sweet, had Wentworth trembling all over. His heart was racing when she eased his coat from his shoulders.

“My darling, I must warn you,” he chuckled, a rumbling deep in his throat, “I have far more items of clothing than you have. You will be naked far more sooner than I will.”

“Very well, my husband. I shall remove your waistcoat and boots too, then.”

She began with the waistcoat and when that was done, he had to sit down, of course, in order to pull off his boots. Anne wanted to pull him on his feet again but Wentworth’s hands suddenly hoisted up her skirts and then she was on his lap, where her thin, silken drawers touched the bulge in his breeches. She let out her breath in delight! This was heaven! Instinctively she moved in his lap, eliciting a gasp from him that filled her with mirth.

“I hope I did not hurt you, husband?”

“No … not at all, wife! Do not stop, my darling, please?”

“I must confess my movements are a bit hindered by those skirts, husband.”

“Fear not, wife. I shall remediate that immediately.”

In two seconds she was in her corset and chemise.

“Ah, ah, ah!”, she admonished, “My turn, sir!”


Wentworth was stunned! How charming Anne was and how … well, bold!” He was delighted!

Now her mouth was claiming his again while her hands were undoing the buttons of his shirt. Oh, the feeling of her soft hands on his bare skin! Delight, pure delight!

“Frederick … you are … so beautiful!”

Her words were lost into his kiss, for he thrust his tongue deep into her mouth and she answered him fully.

Oh! Now she did not wear her corset any longer! His hands were stroking her back, her buttocks, her stomach, through the thin silken chemise, starting  flames wherever they roamed. Anne gave him back every caress as much as she could, how could she not touch, stroke and savour those hard muscles of him, yet feeling so silken soft under her fingers!

All of a sudden he had her on the bed!

Before her avid eyes he undid his breeches, slid them down to reveal his long legs. Anne was breathing hard now, when he got rid of his stockings and small clothes. Oh, heavens above! He was magnificent! All hardness, all virility, so beautiful, so manly. Her hands simply had to touch him, feel the length of him, steel under silk, all the way.

Wentworth gasped as he felt her hands on his arousal, nearly sending him over the edge! With a huge effort, he managed to collect himself.

“My turn, wife!”, he commanded and began peeling off her stockings, stroking her legs from foot to thigh and back again. Anne arched her back under his movements but she sobbed in anticipation when he drew her chemise over her head and then, her drawers down her legs.

She instinctively spread them and Wentworth’s heart turned to water.


From then on, Anne could only feel his hands on every part of her trembling, shaking, hot body!

She seemed to manage to caress his too, though she did not know how! They kissed, caressed, kissed, licked and tasted until Anne thought she might explode!

Then … he was inside her and she arched into him, wanting to come as close as possible. She could not understand how that sweet, hot tension could build further and further still … she was riding a wave and, seconds later, she was  thrown amidst the stars in heaven!


Wentworth broke down in ecstasy as he heard her cry of release! The world exploded as he held her shaking body close in the shock of their fulfilment. They cried out together, over and over again, as violent waves of pleasure rolled over them.

When they finally calmed down, they were still clinging to each other, as if afraid to let go. And, maybe they were … after all the misery they had gone through.



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