A Magical Letter – Part Twenty


Twenty – Mistress of Kellynch

Anne found herself cradled against the warm, hard body of her husband when she awoke. Sunlight filled the room and kissed their naked forms on top of the rumpled bed. Frederick was still asleep, he was lying on his back, one arm above his head, the other holding her close. She was lying half on top of him, she saw, suddenly blushing with embarrassment! Could she do that? Was she allowed to fall asleep in her husband’s arms? Did husbands not wander off to their own private bedrooms after having made love to their wives? She remembered one night, when she was a little girl, she had been startled awake during a thunderstorm. Frightened and crying she had escaped from the nursery and run to her mother’s bedroom. She had burst into it, waking her mother with her crying. Her mother had been sleeping alone, then. Sir Walter had not been there. Later she understood her father “visited” her mother in their marital bed when he wanted to make love to her and left afterwards.

God! She hoped Frederick would never do such a thing!

Her fond eyes roamed over the splendid body of her beloved husband. The long, lean body and legs, the muscled torso and his beautiful face, his thick, fair hair. She couldn’t resist stroking the silken skin of his chest, touching the fine spread of fair curls that tapered down to his waist and … below …

She wondered at the anatomy of man, how would it feel to have such a …

A hand pulled her head down and Frederick was kissing her ardently! Heat rushed through her as she felt him readying himself again! Oh, heaven … oh, joy! She was ready, she would always be!


Much later, replete with pleasure, they lay in each other’s arms, their fingers still stroking  whatever part of their body they encountered.

“I may have to be a bit cross with you, husband,” Anne chuckled, her mouth against Frederick’s.

“Oh? Why would that be, wife? Have I not pleasured you enough? Did I not fulfil my husbandry duties well enough?”

“Mmmm …”

“You, my sweetheart, are teasing me to no avail! I heard you shout out with pleasure many times over, during the past night! Do not try and deny it!”

He gave a low rumble of laughter which set Anne’s senses afire again. She turned towards him and laid herself on his body, like a blanket. Frederick’s breath quickened in response.

“I am angry at you, husband, because you waited so long to teach me all this delight! Think of what I might have been missing during all those long months of waiting!”

Wentworth grabbed her and held her very, very tight.

“Well, my darling, let us not waste any more time and continue with your lessons!”


A few weeks later, Mr and Mrs Wentworth gave their first grand ball at Kellynch, for all their neighbours to witness their happiness. Anne stood proudly at her husband’s side at the foot of the large stairway in the hall and they both welcomed their guests as they entered to pay their respects.

Anne was glowing with happiness and she frequently stole a moment to squeeze her Frederick’s hand and give him a warm smile, which he returned readily.

She was – and she had absolutely no doubt about it – the happiest woman on earth!

Emma 2009

Dear Reader,

We have reached the final chapter of ‘A Magical Letter’. I hope you will join me next week for 

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My own, dear continuation of Emma by Jane Austen after the 2009 BBC adaptation.


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