All Is True US May 10th


This one already went through UK and US cinemas (in limited release in the pre-award season) but is getting a wider US release next month May 10th! ALL IS TRUE is Kenneth Branagh’s project which he not only directed but also plays the lead role together with other two legendary British thespians Judi Dench and Ian McKellen! Written by Ben Elton, the historical movie offers a look at the final days in the life of renowned playwright William Shakespeare.


The movie is out May 10th in limited US cinemas


This small scale movie is set  in the summer of 1613, when, just 14 years after it had been built, the Globe Theater burned to the ground due to errant sparks from a stage cannon during a performance of ALL IS TRUE, the original title of a play believed to have been written by Shakespeare and John Fletcher that a decade later was renamed Henry VIII. Evidently demoralized by the destruction of his theatre, the 49 year old playwright (Kenneth Branagh) retreated to rejoin his wife (Judi Dench) and two daughters, of whom he had seen very little for some 20 years. Pressing even harder on him are thoughts of his son Hamnet, whom he had scarcely known before his death at age 11 a decade earlier.
Sir Ian McKellen is Will’s patron and possibly love.
Judi Dench plays Will’s wife who was 8 years older than him.
Kenneth Branagh has directed five films based on Shakespeare!
His illiterate wife Anne is played by Judi Dench! She resents his disruptive arrival after so long! Lydia Wilson plays Will’s daughter Susanna Hall

accused of being unfaithful to her husband John (Hadley Fraser). Kathryn Wilder plays Will’s unmarried younger daughter Judith, Hamnet’s twin sister who can’t even read and thinks her father wishes she died instead of her brother. Ian McKellen is dandy Earl of Southampton, the writer’s patron and maybe something more.

Interior scenes were shot using only candle light!