Angel 2007

A teenage girl with a vivid imagination knows what she wants and fearlessly goes after it in ANGEL, a loving tribute to the power of desire. Angel Deverell (Romola Garai, EMMA, ATONEMENT), the daughter of a grocer, fantasizes about living in the town mansion, Paradise House. She interests a London publisher (Sam Neill, THE TUDORS, JURASSIC PARK) in her romantic novel, and he manages to turn the over-the-top melodrama into a bestseller allowing Angel to buy Paradise House and pursue the man of her dreams, a painter (Michael Fassbender, INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS) struggling for his own big break. The first English-language film from the prolific and unpredictable French director Francois Ozon (SWIMMING POOL, 8 WOMEN, UNDER THE SAND), the vibrant, sumptuous ANGEL also stars his frequent muse, Charlotte Rampling.

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