I‘ve already informed you about this one a few weeks ago in our extensive lavish spotlight in which you can read more about the plot and the rich gallery

Beecham House starts airing next Sunday on ITV, June 23rd!

of characters,  the airing date: exotic new historical drama BEECHAM HOUSE will start airing its six episode first season next Sunday, June 23rd at ITV!


As you know Tom Bateman stars in the series set on the cusp of the 19th century in Delhi before the British ruled in that region, depicting the fortunes

Gurinder Chada both wrote and directed the whole saga!

of the residents of Beecham House, an imposing mansion surrounded by acres of exotic woods and pristine lawns. He plays enigmatic, soulful John Beecham,

Each episode took about 12 days to shoot!

a handsome former soldier who has purchased the magnificent mansion, to begin a new life with his family. Lesley Nicol plays his robust mother, Leo

Similar to Poldark, you can expect a shirtless hero in Beecham House too

Suter is his playboy brother, while Gregory Fitoussi plays villainous General Castillon!


It is interesting that just like Aidan Turner in PoldarkTom Bateman will have a shirtless scene in the very first episode, cleaning up the garden with a

Tom Bateman takes the lead role after leading Vanity Fair for ITV

machete while showing us his muscles, so ladies need to prepare their smelling salts. The series was shot on gorgeous locations in India, from

Gregory Fittousi is French General Castillon, John’s enemy

beautiful gardens to royal palaces and ancient forts. This includes fortified Chomu Palace in Jaipur, whose Samode Palace and Amber Fort will

Marc Warren is Samuel Parker, an old friend of John’s

also be seen in the series. Famous Taj Mahal was also used as the background for some of the scenes. The interior of the Beecham House itself was built in England.