Bonfire of Destiny


Over 3,000 extras, 1,500 costumes, more than 100 carriages, and 185 technicians, those are the numbers that went into the massive

The series already aired in French speaking countries

production of French language historical series THE BONFIRE OF DESTINY (Le Bazar de la Charité) which already aired in French speaking countries last month but will start streaming on Netflix in 190 countries around the world December 26th! So if you don’t know what to binge these holidays, this one is arriving on the second day of Christmas! The high profile series is inspired by a real life tragedy set in Paris in November 1897 and revolves around the consequences

The series starts streaming on Netflix December 26th!

of a devastating fire which destroyed the building known as the Bazar de la Charité, where a large charity event was taking place. The fire caused more than 130 deaths, mainly high society women and their entourages. Now, I hear

Click the photo to see the whole cast in all its magnificence!

from our French sources that there is a lot of exaggeration in the story serving the typical revisionist feminist agenda, so I’m guessing we have to take everything in the series with a grain of salt.

The Story Of The Series
Paris, May 4, 1897. Within only a few minutes a devastating fire destroyed the Bazaar de la Charité, the building housing a very popular charity event, killing more than 120 people, mainly women of high society and their

The whole series had a steady viewership of 6-7 million in France

personnel. On this occasion, three women, Adrienne De Lenverpre  (Audrey Fleurot), Alice De Jeansin (Camille Lou), and her maid Rose Rivière (Julie de Bona) see their destiny turned upside down. Usurpation of identity,

The series was written by Catherine Ramberg and Karine Spreuzkouski

prohibited love, radical change of life, emancipation, this mini-series immerses us in Parisian society at the end of the 19th century, following the romantic fate of its three heroines.

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