Barkskins Epic Saga

‘BARKSKINS’ EPIC SAGA ADS ANEURIN BARNARD AND OTHERS Barkskins follows a group of outcasts who must navigate the brutal hardships, competing interests, and tangled loyalties at the crossroads of civilization—1600s New France—where the war to escape their past and re-make themselves is cast against the vast and unforgiving wilds of North America. Network:  National Geographic Channel Runtime: 60 … Read moreBarkskins Epic Saga

Krypton – Season 2

MEET THE CHARACTERS FROM THE 2ND SEASON OF KRYPTON SF SERIES SET ON SUPERMAN’S HOME PLANET WITH CAMERON CUFFE, SHAUN SIPOS, EMMETT SCANLAN     ‘KRYPTON’ SF SERIES SEASON 2 BEGINS NEXT MONTH! Last summer, which was a deadly season for science fiction as SyFy had decided to cancel Dark Matter Set two generations before the destruction of … Read moreKrypton – Season 2


  ZAYN’S A WHOLE NEW WORLD  IS HERE FROM DISNEY’S ALADDIN Aladdin is ready to fly into cinemas May 24th And here it is: the latest rendition of timeless classic A Whole New Worldset as the end title for Disney‘s live action ALADDIN which flies into theatres this month. It is performed by surprisingly good Zayn and awfully mismatched vocals from … Read moreAladdin

Tolkien – Cinema May 10th

PREMIUM SPOTLIGHT ON TOLKIEN BIOPIC ON THE AUTHOR OF LEGENDARY LORD OF THE RINGS SAGA WITH NICHOLAS HOULT, LILY COLLINS, DEREK JACOBI ‘TOLKIEN’ EPIC BIOPIC  DEPICTS A LIFE OF LOVE, COURAGE AND FELLOWSHIP A few months ago director Francis Lee found himself in a sort of a pickle when the family of famous fossil hunter Mary Anning refused … Read moreTolkien – Cinema May 10th

Fantasy Books coming to the screen

NEW FANTASY BOOK ADAPTATIONS: HUXLEY’S BRAVE NEW WORLD, JENN LYONS’ THE RUIN OF KINGS, ADAM SILVERA’S THEY BOTH DIE AT THE END TO BECOME TV SERIES ‘THE RUIN OF KINGS’ TO BECOME EPIC FANTASY TV SERIES A number of new fantasy books are getting adaptations, people! Annapurna TV will turn Jenn Lyons‘ THE RUIN OF KINGS into an epic fantasy The … Read moreFantasy Books coming to the screen

Tolkien 2019 – May 10

NICHOLAS HOULT & LILY COLLINS First official trailer has just been revealed from the upcoming movie TOLKIEN a biopic which will follow the young days of the author of world’s favourite epic fantasy saga Lord of the Rings, starring Nicholas Hoult and The movie should also reveal how he came up with the imaginative LOTR world Lily Collins. The opening … Read moreTolkien 2019 – May 10

Victoria S3 starts Sunday January 13th (US and CA)

THE SHOCK! THE SCANDAL! VICTORIA EPIC TV SERIES SEASON 3 TO START AIRING THIS SUNDAY ON PBS BEFORE EVEN SETTING UK AIRING DATE! ‘VICTORIA’ TV SERIES SEASON 3 STARTS THIS SUNDAY! Season 3 arrives this Sunday on PBS! The shock! The scandal, and a royal one too! Listen to this: the long awaited third season … Read moreVictoria S3 starts Sunday January 13th (US and CA)

Raised by Wolves

TRAVIS FIMMEL TO LEAD RIDLEY SCOTT’S RAISED BY   WOLVES SF SERIES Ridley Scott will direct first two episodes  Science fiction all the way today! After starring in Vikings, Australian star Travis Fimmel is to lead another epic show: he will topline TNT’s sf saga RAISED BY WOLVES which is supposed to be helmed by Ridley Scott with the story revolving around two … Read moreRaised by Wolves

Death Comes as the End (3 episode series) 2019

DEATH COMES AS THE END’  CHRISTIE’S NEXT SERIES AT BBC So, now that BBC’s latest Agatha Christie adaptation ABC Murders did not exactly amaze the audience, which was mostly left appalled by JohnMalkovich‘s insufferable accent and poor acting and overall bad writing, The book has no European characters! which of her stories will be made into mini series next year?  DEATH … Read moreDeath Comes as the End (3 episode series) 2019