The Counterfeit Governess – Part One

  One – A Governess For Two Forlorn Children   Henrietta, Dowager Baroness Brixton, took in the slender form of the young woman, standing in front of her. Way too pretty to suit a governess, she thought, but she would have to do. Her son Stephen would finally stop harassing her about searching for a … Read moreThe Counterfeit Governess – Part One

The Counterfeit Governess – Part Two

Two – Haunting Ghosts From The Past   Lily and Oliver gave a squeak of delight when their grandmother’s dilapidated cottage came into view, and ran like lightning toward it. By the time Beth reached it, they were in Mrs Bradley’s embrace. The three of them were crying, but from joy, not from sorrow. “Dear … Read moreThe Counterfeit Governess – Part Two

The Counterfeit Governess – Part Three

Three – Meeting With The Devil   When the woman stepped into his study and made her curtsy to him, Stephen Fenton had the oddest of sensations – some strange, unknown feeling that made his heart stutter and his brain go numb. For a split second, he was convinced he had been mistaken, and this … Read moreThe Counterfeit Governess – Part Three

The Counterfeit Governess – Part Four

Four – The Beginning of Battle   Beth’s face froze at the casually spoken accusation. He could not have found her out, she thought. Had he recognized her despite all the precautions she took? Even as the colour left her face, she realised she would have to answer him – and quickly. “Intentions, my lord? … Read moreThe Counterfeit Governess – Part Four

The Counterfeit Governess – Part Five

Five – An Unexpected Hitch   After luncheon, Beth prepared for the children’s riding lessons by providing them with clothes suitable for the activity. She planned to take them to Granny Bradley on horseback, thus providing them with an occasion to test their skills. Michael, the youngest groom, helped Lily onto Pearl, the pony he … Read moreThe Counterfeit Governess – Part Five

The Counterfeit Governess – Part Six

Six – Severe Complications   All around Beth was instantly forgotten and she had only eyes for Fenton’s  prostrated form. He had fallen onto his side and one arm was trapped under his body. Wanting to do something – at least, to help him – she knelt down beside him. To make him more comfortable, … Read moreThe Counterfeit Governess – Part Six

The Counterfeit Governess – Part Seven

Seven – Under Attack   To Beth’s infinite relief, Fenton had no chance to go further down this dangerous path because Raleigh, the butler announced that dinner was ready. The three of them, Beth and her charges, made it through the meal with tolerable ease. Lily and Oliver were quiet but ate well, only darting … Read moreThe Counterfeit Governess – Part Seven

The Counterfeit Governess – Part Eight

Eight –  A Slow Conquering of the Heart   Beth lived in a kind of suspended fear for three long weeks, before she dared to relax. She was convinced Fenton would summon her and tell her she was dismissed from his services. Yet, day after day passed without that happening and she began to breathe … Read moreThe Counterfeit Governess – Part Eight

The Counterfeit Governess – Part Nine

Nine – Entrapped   She had no means of escape now, Beth realised with a shock, nor did she wish to. She was where she wanted to be, in Stephen Fenton’s arms. The very weak reservations that started in her befuddled mind about why she wanted to kiss her mortal enemy, soon faded away when … Read moreThe Counterfeit Governess – Part Nine

The Counterfeit Governess – Part Ten

Ten – Complications   The dowager’s words rang clearly, and Beth heard them as she was about to step into the room. She froze in horror. Dispose? Did the dowager know what Beth was up to? Had she recognized her? Or had Fenton told her about her? Too many questions, too little answers! She looked … Read moreThe Counterfeit Governess – Part Ten