Victoria S3 starts Sunday January 13th (US and CA)

THE SHOCK! THE SCANDAL! VICTORIA EPIC TV SERIES SEASON 3 TO START AIRING THIS SUNDAY ON PBS BEFORE EVEN SETTING UK AIRING DATE! ‘VICTORIA’ TV SERIES SEASON 3 STARTS THIS SUNDAY! Season 3 arrives this Sunday on PBS! The shock! The scandal, and a royal one too! Listen to this: the long awaited third season … Read moreVictoria S3 starts Sunday January 13th (US and CA)

Les Miserables’s First Trailer (no singing) Dec 30th

FIRST TRAILER FOR BBC & PBS EPIC TV SERIES LES MISERABLES WITH LILY COLLINS, DOMINIC WEST, JOSH O’CONNOR, OLIVIA COLMAN, DEREK JACOBI (For me the biggest draw to “yet another”  Les’ Miz is the fact that it is being done by Andrew Davis) ‘LES MISERABLES’ Les Miserables starts December 30th! BBC TV SERIES TRAILER IS … Read moreLes Miserables’s First Trailer (no singing) Dec 30th

Daniel Deronda 2002

  This always seems to be listed in the “the top” drama films on period drama.  I loved it and own it.  I can recommend a rental, at the least. There were any trailers made at the time, but a fan made one that seems to impart the feeling of the film. The illegitimate son … Read moreDaniel Deronda 2002

Far From the Maddening Crowd 2015

THE STORY (no spoilers): Bathsheba Everdene (Carey Mulligan) arrives to live with her aunt Mrs. Hurst on a farm in Wessex (a partially fictionalized region in south-west England) and befriends a neighbor Gabriel Oak (Matthias Schoenaerts) who is renting a sheep farm next to them. He has loans but improving fortunes that will bring him … Read moreFar From the Maddening Crowd 2015

The Elephant Man 2019

The 2×90 minute drama biopic, from The Missing and Requiem producer New Pictures, will chart Merrick’s extraordinary story from his working-class beginnings in Leicestershire, through the work-houses, music halls and freak shows that punctuated 19th Century culture to his time at the London Hospital and his friendship with Dr Frederick Treves. Commissioned by Piers Wenger, Controller of BBC Drama, and Charlotte … Read moreThe Elephant Man 2019

The Alienist S2 – now aka The Angel of Darkness

The Alienist season 2 is happening, with a new title The core cast of The Alienist will return for a sequel series entitled The Angel Of Darkness. Daniel Bruhl, Luke Evans, and Dakota Fanning will all reprise their roles for TNT’s follow-up series, which will presumably air on Netflix here in the UK. The series’ return and its new … Read moreThe Alienist S2 – now aka The Angel of Darkness

The Areonauts

PHOTO WITH EDDIE REDMAYNE AND FELICITY JONES  Just a few weeks ago you saw the first set photos of Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones in Tom Harper’s historical adventure THE AERONAUTS in which they play pilot Amelia Wren and scientist James Glaisher who, back in 1862, find themselves in an epic fight for survival while attempting to make discoveries in a hot air … Read moreThe Areonauts

Death and Nightingales BBC 2- 3 part series

 ‘DEATH AND NIGHTINGALES’ 1ST BBC SERIES PHOTOS WITH JAMIE DORNAN, MATTHEW RHYS BBC hasreleased first photos from their new three-part period set mini-series DEATH AND NIGHTINGALES with Jamie Dornan, Matthew Rhys and Ann Skelly! A story of love, betrayal, deception and revenge, it is set in the haunting countryside of Fermanagh in 1885. It’s a world of spies, confessions and double … Read moreDeath and Nightingales BBC 2- 3 part series