Female Epics

Michael Scott will turn Morgan Llywelyn’s novel LION OF IRELAND (which has been sold in more than 40 million copies so far) into TV series following Brian Boru, the greatest king Ireland has ever known, the man who liberated the Irish nation from centuries of Viking rule. It also follows the 11th-century women who shaped his life and, ultimately, history itself: Fiona, a Druid priestess; Dierdre, a warrior princess, and Gormflaith a powerful Celtic Queen. These women fight alongside, and sometimes against, Brian in an age where women were the equal of men, where they had the right to own property in their own name, train as warriors, and also divorce – taking from the marriage everything they had brought to it. Ranged against Brian and his allies are the might of the Viking world who will stop at nothing to destroy the upstart Irish king. The series will follow multiple perspectives: Irish, Viking, and Druid, and will culminate in the epic Battle of Clontarf.

Brian Boru was an 11th-century hero


Speaking of strong ladies from history, Ben Howard is set to make a faith-based historical movie ARISE based on a screenplay written by Paige Collins and Mark Freiburger. It will be the Biblical account of the only female warrior in the history of ancient Israel. The story follows a people who have undergone years of oppression at the hands of King Jabin of Canaan. Against this backdrop, an ordinary woman named Deborah is called by God to rise up and deliver an unexpected victory for the chosen people of Israel. The story will be set during the time of The Book of Judges.
The movie will follow Deborah from the Bible