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Yes,  happy 4th of July to all friends in USA! I wish you good health and optimism!

I do think it was radar with Oso, but we call it gay-dar.

The more I think about RA, the more depressed I get.  I thought I was handling it well.  I'm not sure I'll get over it. I feel like it has stymied all of my writing attempts.   

There go all those midnight fantasies.
Dear Genie, sorry to hear you accept it this way! But, in my view, you are writing about JT, and this character is still the same.

Luce I am glad you are not very much upset 😊
By the way Oso, wasn't that your built-in device called "gay radar"? LOL!

It's a typical English thing. They love absurdity.
Can't agree more. I've watched some but only of being curious and because of known actors being involved. LOL

As for the topic of the current discussion, I remember Oso has told us all years ago about what she had determined with her gay senser (not sure about the name of her device  :D ).
For me it really makes NO difference. I've had the same issue with my favorite singer, was a bit disappointed at first but after all I was not going to marry him, so I've never given that a thought since then. So, Luce, don't worry if that may be the truth, you are not going to marry him after all! LOL

It is so sad to learn about bad situation with contamination in Florida and California!
We are also far from being fine, plus you can never believe our official statistics.

Open discussion on anyhthing / Re: test of music
« on: June 04, 2020,  »
Don't know what it is. not available in my country :'(

Open discussion on anyhthing / Re: Virus
« on: June 04, 2020,  »
This year is really tough.
Luce I would like to share some rains with you! LOL!  But our weather is improving and the flooding in the country has turned out to be not totally because of rains. Today I've learned that it was due to water discharge from a dam in an adjacent area and that our road is passable now. So I can go to my country house. I only have to get an electronic pass to travel by car. LOL
Despite severe coronavirus situation we have a vote for a new Constitution scheduled for July 1. As far as I can understand, the main goal  of changing it is to reset the term of our leader's ruling to zero so that he could be elected again and rule forever. Many do not mind at all. So.
Oso, I am so sorry about your mom!  We had the same problem with my dad, so I know what it is like!
Genie I too got tired of my long hair (long for me :) ) and one day I just took a pair of scissors and cut my hair, but I don't recommend you follow my example! LOL!

Open discussion on anyhthing / Re: Virus
« on: June 02, 2020,  »
Hi everybody! We've been watching the launch of Crew Dragon and docking with the space station. That was impressive! Congratilations to all american friends!

We are still under confinement due to coronavirus.  I have not been to my country house yet. The weather is rather cold  for june and it is raining a lot. Looks like there will be no summer this year! Besides, due to the rains the small river near my country house has overflowed its banks and flooded the road and the water is high. So, we can't reach our country house at the moment due to this.

I've heard in the news about street riots in USA and even curfew in some places. Is it really very bad?

Misc Videos / Re: The Sound of Sirens
« on: May 19, 2020,  »
 :) The guys have done a great job!  :D
Especially this guy Raúl Irabién with his  version of Bohemian Rhapsody!
I can only imagine how much time and inspiration this work has required! And he is a talented performer too!  ;)

Dear Genie Happy Birthday!!!
You are the best!!!
Accept my sincere wishes of good health and many happy days in your life!!!

Open discussion on anyhthing / Re: Virus
« on: April 07, 2020,  »
Hello to everyone!
From the last days of March we are having the same situation in the city due to the virus, with social distancing, strong advice to stay home, getting out only for necessary shopping or for some medicines, with masks and golves on. And, like everywhere in the world, there are people who do not take it seriously enough!
To reduce the spread of the virus our leader has announced general vacations for everybody till april the 30th, with preservation of salaries. The bad news is that businesses don't know where to take this money from as they are closed.
I go out once in three or four days to get some food. Grocery stores are open and all life support services are working. The streets and empty, with few cars, the metro is functioning, but they say that the flow of passengers has got down by 80 % (though now it may be even lower, the information may be outdated).
Satistics says that every day in Moscow they register about 6 hundred new persons infected.
Some of my acquaintances has gone out of town and are staying in their country houses, but the temperatures are not high enough to live there with comfort.
I wish so much that all this nightmare finishes as soon as possible!!!

MAKING A TOUGH DECISION / Re: This isn't goodbye
« on: April 04, 2020,  »
Genie, it all sounds so sad!

Open discussion on anyhthing / Re: First Date
« on: February 16, 2020,  »

Richard Madden / Re: Man of the Year
« on: February 16, 2020,  »
 ;) He really deserves it!

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