Lady MacBeth (TV series)

 BBC Studios which will make LADY MACBETH TV series with the aim to shop it to some of the streaming or cable networks not BBC.
As ‘Deadline’ reports, it will tell the epic and violent tale of LADY MACBETH, when she was still Gruoch Ingen Boite, married to the Mormaer of Moray Gille Coemgain Mac Mail Brigti. The opening episode would show how Gruoch, who has strong beliefs in witchcraft, sees a premonition of the death of her own son at the hands of Macbeth so to protect him she takes it into her own hands to kill Macbeth. However, he was not there and she ends up killing his father after he attempted to rape her, as well as the rest of the family in the castle. Subsequently, her husband seeks permission from Malcolm, the King of Scotland, to kill Macbeth, who says yes but warns Macbeth who kills the husband. King Malcolm’s solution to stop the two families warring is for the pair to marry. The rest of the story would show how these two murderous, plotting, politically Machiavellian characters come together not trusting one another and not liking each other!