Leonardo Da Vinci TV Series


TV and movie world have never been overly original, so why should we be surprised that another epic TV saga on famous painter LEONARDO da Vinci is in works just a few years after legendary Da Vinci’s Demons. The new series will be produced by Frank Spotnitz who gave us Medici Masters of Florence and they already have the lead star: Poldark’s Aidan Turner will portray Italian Renaissance genius whose many creative talents included painting, sculpture, architecture, science, mathematics and engineering, starting from when he was a young man. The new series will give life to a young Leonardo and not the old man with a beard we all are used to see. He too had a first job, he too had a master… he too had frustrations and failures. Each episode will focus on one of da Vinci’s masterpieces, inventions or projects as a means of capturing the man behind the creative genius.

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