Medici (2) – The Magnificent


You probably remember that your spy’s favourite epic series last year was Medici: Masters of Florence! The first season was absolutely magnificent and it seems the second one could be, at least its name says so, the same: MEDICI: THE MAGNIFICENTis ready to start airing on Italian national broadcaster RAI October 23rd and we can hope it will air its English language version sometime this winter on NetflixUnlike the first season which followed Cosimo Medici in the amazing performance of Richard Madden, this one will focus on his grandsons Lorenzo, played by Daniel Sharman, and his brother Giuliano, played by Bradley James. The cast will also include Sarah Parish as their mother Lucrezia, Sean Bean as their enemy Jacopo de’ Pazzi, Raoul Bova as Pope Sixtus IV, Sebastian de Souza as Sandro Botticelli and Alessandra Mastronardi as Lucrezia Donati!

has the story set in 1470. Medici’s family power has been consolidated over time. Lorenzo is called to take his father’s place after an attempt on his life which reveals years of poor bank management from them. As new head of Medici’s family, he has to take care of his brother Giuliano and his sister Bianca. He marries Clarice Orsini, a noble woman from Rome, and his friendship with Botticelli gives life to Renaissance. His contrast with Pope Sixtus brings Florence to the most bloody moment of its History, the Pazzi conspiracy.
The second season starts October 23rd in Italy
Sarah Parish, Daniel Sharman and Bradley James are the Medicis


Netflix will air the English version probably this winter!

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