The new season will air on RAI this Autumn

Medici: The Magnificent was definitely a far cry from the marvellous first season Medici: Masters of Florence, having none of its great cast and masterful storytelling, as its lead star Daniel Sharman showed a rather shocking lack of acting chops, charisma and any kind of expression or even screen presence, but RAI‘s most successful international project is still getting the third season and we have first photos from the sets revealing not only a new longer hair look for Sharman’s Lorenzo Medici, but also Sanditon’s Rose Williams who is joining the season in the role of Caterina Sforza Riario, a historical figure known as the Renaissance lioness whose defiance and ruthlessness have made her a tyrant.

Rose Williams is joining the cast as Lady Sforza Riario

She was a daughter of the Duke of Milan and the wife of Girolamo Riario (Jack Roth), Pope Sixtus IV’s nephew. Reign‘s and Last Kingdom‘s Tobi Regbo is also joining the cast as painter and architect Peruzzi.



Daniel Sharman’s Lorenzo will be in his 40s in the series

will be arriving to RAI this Autumn, under that new title, and will probably air later on at Netflix too. The story will be set after the terrible Pazzi Conspiracy in which Giuliano Medici (Bradley James) lost his life. Lorenzo is tormented by the desire for revenge against Pope Sixtus IV (Raoul Bova), who authorized that bloody attack, and towards Count Riario, the last survivor among the conspirators. His beloved wife Clarice (Synnove Karlsen) tries to convince him to find peace with a compromise that would save both his soul and the city. He does not see much hope even after the discovery that Giuliano left a son, Giulio, who is welcomed into the family. Lorenzo is determined to save his family and Florence even at

Synnove Karlsen returns to the role of Lorenzo’s unloved wife Clarice

the price of losing his soul. As the bank’s situation becomes increasingly unstable, politics pushes Lorenzo to give up the ideals of the past and his relationship with his wife Clarice also suffers, especially after he meets beautiful lady Sforza. He also continues to finance the world of art, meeting

Toby Regbo will be the new friend of the Medicis, painter Peruzzi

the great artists such as Leonardo and Michelangelo. In affirming his ever-increasing power, however, Lorenzo clashes with an unexpected enemy, the Dominican friar Girolamo Savonarola (Francesco Montanari), who inflames the people of Florence with his sermons against the tyranny of the Medici.

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