Mr Thornton Takes a Wife – Part Ten

Chapter 10 – Margaret, my wife

With gentle care, John lowered Margaret to her feet and took a small step backwards.

“Let me look at you …”, he said in a husky voice that send shivers of pleasure down Margaret’s spine.

She returned his smouldering gaze with a wavering little smile, trying to hide the pricks of anxiety stirring her heart. This was the one moment she had longed for since John first kissed her.

A sharp painful stab of desire pierced her heart, when he placed his hands on her shoulders and caressed her neck and throat. Yet she also found herself afraid for what must come.

How must she to do this? She had but the barest idea of what was requested of a wife when alone with her husband in their bedchamber. Would she be able to please him? To give him pleasure, enough to make him return to her, every night? Would he sleep in her bed or would he retire into his old chamber after their union?

All those thoughts vanished, when John turned her so that he came to stand behind her. He began kissing her neck ever so softly, and she could feel his hands on the buttons of her gown, undoing them slowly. He kept feathering her skin with kisses from her neck down to each spot he uncovered until all the buttons were undone. His hands then moved upwards until they reached her shoulders again. Sweet warmth began building up in Margaret’s stomach, as John slowly peeled her gown down, over her shoulders and down her arms, until it slid onto the floor. He put his hands on her waist and lifted her out of the pool formed by the gown. He then repeated the undoing of the gown in that of her corset but, this time, his hands roved from her back to her breasts every time he undid a hook.

Margaret now shivered in mounting pleasure. The sensation of his hands on her breasts was so ravishingly delicious that her knees became weak all of a sudden.

When, at last, the corset undone and tossed away, he turned her again to face him.

“Love … sweet love of mine, you are so beautiful … “, he whispered. “Come, come to me …”

Margaret stopped his hands on the verge of lowering her chemisette.

“No, my love, wait …”, she pleaded, her voice breaking with desire.

She began to unravel the intricately knotted, gold cravat around his neck, while she gazed deep into those gorgeous blue-grey eyes of his. Then she opened the buttons of his waistcoat and shirt to uncover his magnificent chest. John gasped when she brushed his bare flesh in slow teasing strokes. She eased the shirt of his broad shoulders, caressing his arms all the way down.

How  strange, Margaret thought, that she knew all the necessary gestures and loved every single one of them. He was breathtakingly beautiful … this handsome husband of hers.

John stood motionless, his hands on her waist, his eyes never leaving hers.

When Margaret’s hands moved to his trousers and began opening them, he couldn’t contain the deep moan of longing any longer. He gasped fiercely when she touched his still covered manhood with shaking fingers. She wondered about that, shy all of a sudden.

“Please, Margaret, don’t stop … touch it, keep touching, free it, love …”

Overcome by sheer feminine happiness of having the power to make him beg at her, she pushed his trousers down and also his small clothes. In sudden awe, she gasped when she fully beheld her husband. Shy now, with careful gestures, she touched John and caressed his splendid manhood. He responded by lowering her chemisette over shoulders to free her breasts and cup them.

Margaret gave a shuddering moan and arched her body to be closer to him. His hands were already trying easing down her petticoat, lightly stroking her bottom.

In one sudden move John lifted her in to his arms and lowered her onto the open bed.

“I want to see you, my love, I want to look into your beautiful eyes while I worship you with my love.”

John’s mouth covered her own and at last, Margaret could answer his kiss without restraint. It was heaven. He kept kissing her again and again, every kiss arousing her more and more until the huge ball of desire within her chest and stomach was almost exploding. His hands roved over her body and hers over his.

She didn’t seem to manage reaching every part of him at once. She was desperate to explore his whole body and she couldn’t. Oh … his hands, they fired pure magic! His fingers cupped and caressed her breasts until she thought she would die of sheer desire. Then his mouth left hers and she gasped with sudden disappointment until … Oh God! His lips brushed her breasts now, touching them with ever so light kisses. His mouth encircled a nipple and … she violently shivered in incredible delight.

A heartbeat later he touched her where no one ever had … it was unbearably and totally pleasant. Flames of desire shot up when he caressed her womanly places and she pressed onto him, stroking his chest, his stomach, his thighs, his buttocks, his hard manhood.

Waves of heat washed over John from every spot of his burning body she stroked. She was so beautiful, so soft and warm, so eager to meet him. Now being fully aroused, she was ready for him. He knew he had to be careful when entering her, for she was a virgin. He eased her legs apart and lowered himself between her thighs, while he kept kissing and stroking her. She moaned and her hands were like flames on his skin, arousing him yet further.

He took one of her hands and guided it to his aroused member, not releasing her mouth for one second. She touched and caressed until he could barely hold himself back. He guided himself with one hand into her and stroked her while doing it. She gasped against his mouth but he refused to release her and whirled his tongue in her mouth.

Caressing her further he began to thrust inside her with gentle pushes, his heart rate speeding when he sensed her tighten around him. He kept thrusting and stroking and kissing until she followed his rhythm. His own arousal became now painful and yearning but he kept holding back. Margaret came in a shudder of delight and only then he allowed himself to let his release break free, devastated by its force, strong and fierce like a giant wave in which he drowned with pleasure and infinite wellbeing.

When the aftermath slowly rippled over him, he lowered himself until his body covered hers and let the sheer bliss fill him to the brim. They lay motionless for a long wonderful moment.

“Margaret, my wife … “

The words, as John’s baritone voice whispered them in her ear, filled her with a joy so immense and genuine that her eyes spilled with tears. Yes, her heart sang, yes, I am this wife in truth and he … he is my lord, my commander, my heart’s desire, my husband!

“Dear heart … are you well? You’re weeping? Why? Did I hurt you?”

“No, no, you didn’t hurt me, sweet John. I’m weeping with joy, is all. I was afraid, I did not know what to do or how to do it but … oh John, you were so gentle and loving.”

John rose himself on one elbow and brushed the dark curls from her face, as in reverence. Margaret’s beautiful blue eyes looked deep into his own.

“Did … did I please you?”, she asked shyly.

John kissed her long and fiercely.

“Sweet Margaret of mine, yes, you did! Of course, you did, have you not sensed my rapture?”

He began kissing her face now with uttermost gentleness, her eyes, nose, brow, cheeks and every kiss was like a little flame of pleasure on her glowing skin.

“My dear sweet heart … do you know that you are the first woman that … “

He hesitated,  overcome with shyness. Margaret stifled a smile and said. “That you’ve been with since long? I understand, John, you need not …”

He put his finger on her lips, silencing her.

“No, love, the first woman  I made love to, ever. You are my first and only lover, Margaret. I was as much a virgin as you were when we entered this chamber. There will never be another one but you, darling Margaret, I make this vow to you, now, during our wedding night.”

His mouth covered hers again in a gentle, soothing kiss.